• Published 8th Jul 2015
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Doctor Whooves: When Universes Collide - Draconaquest

Omega has crossed Gaea with Earth, creating an unstable planet, and only the Doctor can stop it. But, this time, it will take two sets of elements of harmony, as well as a second Doctor.

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Chaos Rains Supreme

Ponyville was in turmoil. The sky has turned a deep purple, almost black, with bright lavender lightning crackling around the land. Everypony was running for their lives, even though it was no use. Buildings were ablaze, revealing a bright orange light zooming around the town. And Princess Twilight Sparkle was right in the middle of the panic, along with her six friends, trying to tell everypony to calm down.

"You must calm down, everypony, please..." Twilight was hit in the side by a running stallion causing her to fall.

"What in tarnation is even going on?!" Applejack shouted, over the noise, helping Twilight up.

"I don't know, but I'm willing to bet it has something to do with the Doctor." Twilight replied, also shouting.

"Well, what do we do?!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Evacuate the town!" Twilight decided. "Rainbow Dash, get your flyers together, and get ponies out of town. Applejack, go home and get your family together, and if possible, use your herding abilities to get some of the crowd out of Ponyville. Fluttershy, find your critters and get them out of here. Rarity, get Sweetie Belle and help out families. Pinkie Pie, just, do something to help out ponies!"

Each of the ponies ran of to their designated position, as another pony trampled Twilight down to the ground. She felt a hoof on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a pony with a brown coat, and darker brown mane. He wore a brown pinstripe suit, with a white shirt, and green tie. "Your Majesty," he said, "you might want to come with me." He pulled her up, and ran off.

Twilight flew up, and flew toward the Doctor, in saw the TARDIS a few meter away. She saw the Doctor insert the key, and open the door, and Twilight quickly flew in, and was suddenly surprised. She already knew the TARDIS was bigger on the inside, but, the color seemed wrong. The walls were a dark bronze, and the floor was a deep greyish blue. The console was grey, and the light from it shone a light blue, rather then the teal Twilight had seen earlier.

"The interior..." Twilight said.

"Yes, bigger on the inside, I know." The Doctor said.

"The color's wrong."

"What are you talking about?" The Doctor asked, who was busy looking at the monitor on the opposite side of the console.

"You changed the color. It used to be a yellowish brown, and the light from the console was teal, not blue."

"What?" The Doctor asked, clearly confused. "It never looked like that before, and even if it did, how would you know? I've never shown you this before."


"TARDIS SIGNAL DETECTED!" A Dalek said, on the console room on Omega's TARDIS.

"What?" Omega asked. "Is it the Doctor's TARDIS?" He looked over to the Doctor, who was lying on the floor trapped inside a force field.


"How is that unable to verify?" Omega asked.


"Show me." Omega said, looking up at the large display monitor. An image of the Doctor's TARDIS in Ponyville appeared. "Now show me the TARDIS in storage compartment two zero six, but, keep the current image up as well. Another image appeared on the monitor, along with the corresponding image.

"So, there's two of them..." Omega mumbled. He turned to the Doctor, and kneeled down to face him. "Which TARDIS is yours?"

"The one on the ship." The Doctor replied, not moving.

"Then, what is that?" Omega asked, pointing toward the display monitor.

The Doctor shifted, looking at the monitor, and was surprised by the other TARDIS in the same shape as the his own. "I don't know."

"ARGH!!!" Omega growled. "Teleport him to the brig!"

A teleport field enveloped the Doctor, and he disappeared within it. "What is that?" Omega asked himself.

"How do you know about me?" The Doctor asked.

"I traveled with you, remember?" Twilight said.

"I'm sorry, the only pony I've traveled with was Ditzy, and she left me to take care of her sister, so..."

"You don't remember me? Or Sunset?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I know who you are," the Doctor said, "mainly due to the fact that you're the princess of friendship, but, I don't know anyone named Sunset. I'm sorry, but I don't know you."

Twilight leaned on one on the rails. "Well, um...do you at least know what's going on?"

"You wouldn't understand." The Doctor said.

"Yes, I would."

"This world has been fused with another." The Doctor explained. "Gaea has been pressed against another planet, causing mass chaos. There's two planets combined."

There was a flash of light, and then Twilight looked down, and saw hands and feet rather than hooves. "What the...?"

"There's something special about these two planets," The Doctor said, leaning over the console, now in human form. "But, I haven't studied both. I don't know what to do."

"But, you always do." Twilight pleaded.

"Maybe, the man you're talking about is a different version, but, not me." The Doctor said, and looked over. "But, I will help you in anyway I can."

"Where do we start?" Twilight asked.

"We need to figure out what's happening."

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