Doctor Whooves: When Universes Collide

by Draconaquest

Cannon in front...

The Doctor stepped out of the lift, and into the console room. Oddly enough, there were no Daleks there. The Doctor raised an eyebrow, and walked up to the console. He fiddled with the controls, though they did nothing.

"I've locked the controls," a voice behind the Doctor said, "they'll only respond to me."

The Doctor whipped around, to see Omega standing in the top step of the stairs. His hands were behind him, and his face looked smug. But, worst of all, he looked exactly like the Doctor.

"Why are you doing this?" The Doctor asked.

"Oh, it's relatively simple," Omega said, walking down the stairs, "I'm getting my revenge."

"On who?"

"On you." Omega said, now standing directly in front of the Doctor.

"Then why destroy Earth and Gaea?" the Doctor asked.

Omega smiled and walked past the Doctor toward the console. "These planets seem to be your most beloved. Earth is anyway, and Gaea is where your companions are from, so it only seemed fitting to use those planets. Besides, if I destroy these planets, I get to watch you suffer."

"Okay, but, how-"

"No, Doctor, my question next." Omega said cutting off the Doctor. "Who is..." Omega pressed a few buttons on the console, "this?" An image of the Equestrian Doctor appeared on the large monitor behind the console.

"He's the Equestrian version of me." the Doctor explained. "He's just like me. In almost every way. My question now: I get how you combined the planets into one, but, here's what I don't get; Why do people on the planet keep switching species? That's not natural, that's manipulative."

"Thaumetric energy." Omega replied, "I simply adjust the amount in the air, and you switch species. It can be quite fun." Whilst the Doctor stared at Omega with utter contempt, Omega unveiled his next question, "Next question, how good are you at dueling, Doctor? As in swords?"

"I've done my fair share. I once fought off a Cyberman with a cutlass." the Doctor replied.

"Good." Omega said, walking up into his office. Hesitantly, the Doctor followed him, and entered Omega's office.

Omega was holding a large sword, with black trim at the end. "Have you ever seen this sword before, Doctor?" Omega asked, yet didn't wait for a response, "It's a replica of Narsil, the sword used by Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings, or a replica at least. It's solid steel, and surprisingly weightless. The perfect sword." He gestured to a case next to the entrance. "There's a sword in there too, if you'd like to grab it."

Reluctantly, the Doctor opened the case, and pulled out a similar sword, slightly smaller, and with blue detail on the hilt. "Do you recognize that one?"

"Glamdring." the Doctor said, holding up the sword. "Wielded by Gandalf. Known as the Foe-Hammer in the language of the Goblins."

"Wonderful!" Omega exclaimed. "You know your books!"

"As do you, but, Narsil was wielded by the king of Gondor in the ancient times. When the sword was re-forged in the third age, it was renamed Anduril." The Doctor explained.

"Very good, Doctor." Omega said, flatly. "Now you say you've had your fair share of dueling?"

"That's right." The Doctor replied.

"Good." Omega raised his sword, "Then, defend yourself."

"What?" The Doctor managed to ask, before Omega lunged at him, his sword in hand. The Doctor raised his sword, and it clanged against his adversary's. The Doctor pushed Omega back, and then ran into the console room, and then turned back around, keeping Omega in sights.

Omega fought against the Doctor, as their swords clanged against each other, filling the room with noise.

The console next to Twilight exploded. "Dalek!" she shouted.

"Follow me!" the Equestrian Doctor shouted, running down the hallway, "We're almost there." The four charged down the hallway, the occasional laser bolt whizzing past them. "A few more meters!"

The four slammed against a metal door, which the Doctor quickly used his sonic screwdriver to open. The four rushed in, and the sight they were greeted with made them stop in their tracks.

The nuclear storm drive was only about twenty feet away from them, and it was blazing with fury, the orange light coating the room. "Oh s-"

"EXTERMINATE!!!" The Doctor quickly ran over to the door and sealed it. "Alright, how do you shut down a nuclear storm drive?" the Doctor asked.

"How are we supposed to know?" Princess Twilight replied, just before the entire ship shook violently to the side.

"ARG!!!" The Doctor shrieked, as the ship shook, and removed his sword from the TARDIS console, and prepared for Omega's attack. Sure enough, Omega slashed at the Doctor, but the Doctor slammed his own saber against Omega's and pushed Omega back.

"How about we make this a little more interesting, Doctor?" Omega asked, and rushed over to the console and began pressing buttons. "Canterlot? Let's go to Canterlot."

"No!" The Doctor shrieked, but he and Omega had teleported away.

The ship returned to level, and the Doctor rushed over to a console. "Let's try and shut this down." He used his screwdriver to gain access to the mainframe.


"Doctor..." Princess Twilight stuttered. The Doctor swung around, and the sight he was greeted by made him stop in his track. A huge Dalek was approaching from the shadows. Instead of the standard blue light in the eye stalk, this one's shone a deep red.

"LIFE FORMS DETECTED! EXTERMINATE!!!!" Dalek Scorpius cleared the shadows. It was almost entirely black, with purple in the hemispheres. The dome lights matched the red of the eye stalk, and flashed powerfully when ever it spoke. Rather than the plunger, Dalek Scorpius's arm featured a powerful claw. "I AM GENERAL DALEK SCORPIUS! SUBMIT OR BE EXTERMINATED!!! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!!

"Duck!" The Doctor shouted, and the four dove behind consoles, as Dalek Scorpius shot at them, a red laser rather than the usual blue. "We need to stop it! I have to get to the console and turn off the storm drive! Can you three possibly try and destroy it?"

"How?!" Sunset shouted, "That thing's huge! It'll make mince meat out of us!"

"You have magic!" The Doctor explained, "Even in your human forms, you have magic! Use it to your advantage! Hurry!" The Doctor came up, and started pressing buttons at rapid speed on the console.

"Alright, let's do this!" Princess Twilight said, "We have the most powerful magic of all! The magic of friendship!"

"FRIENDSHIP IS IRRELIVANT! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!!!" Dalek Scorpius shouted, firing at them.

"Oh yeah?" Sunset asked. "Well, I know we can defeat you! Because we have each other!" Just then, Sunset began to glow. Pony ears sprouted from her head, and her hair extended to form a tail. "Yes!"

"Come on!" Princess Twilight said, "Let's take down this pepper pot!" And just like Sunset, Princess Twilight sprouted pony ears, and her hair formed a tail, but she also had wings.

Twilight was still hiding. "I'll try and figure out how to disable it's power systems!"

"Alright," Princess Twilight said, "Let's show this Dalek the Magic of Friendship."