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This story is a sequel to Twilight's dream/Rainbow's nightmare

Sequel to Twilight's Dream/Rainbow's Nightmare. Twilight and Rainbow Dash have been together for a week now, but haven't been on a date yet. Because Twilight has been telling Rainbow that from her research 'couples go on a date around once a month to show that they want to learn more about each other', Rainbow gave in to Twilight and has decided to plan a date for them.
Only one problem: Rainbow has no clue what to do. This'll be fun.

Well, I finally did it! Sorry for the wait and the slightly rushed ending, but I was running out of ideas. I might go over this and Twilight's Dream/Rainbow's Nightmare in an effort to make them somewhat less rushed.

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That was rather cute. Well done sir/madam
Also if you use Google-Doc to write you'r story then it saves itself all the time, just a little tip of advise use it if you want. (it also notes spelling for you if you got a problem with that)

Daww. Very sweet story, very much enjoyed it.
There are a few very minor issues I'd like to point out, though.

"Books, dear. How would book help Twilight understand more about you. You haven't written a book, have you?

A few issues in the second sentence here. I'd suggest replacing "book" with "books" and putting a question mark at the end, like this:

"Books, dear? How would books help Twilight understand more about you? You haven't written a book, have you?

She's even made a checklist to keep track of everything I guess Twilight's rubbing off on me.

Needs a period after the "everything". Also it should be "she'd", not "she's", since the story is written in past tense.

"Heh, well you [i[were pretty taken with that big science book that you got last week," Rainbow responded, making Twilight blush at the memory, " but I was wondering if you wanted to read it with me."

I think you just need to get rid of that random "[i[" thing, which I'm guessing is a mistyped italics tag or something. In which case you should probably also fix that.

4599971 The big issue with Google Docs is that it doesn't always transfer quite right over to FIMFic, especially if you have any sort of formatting in it. It's fixable, but sometimes there'll be errors that slip through the cracks.

4599971 I normally use Word Online to write or to proof read for others (but I can't proof read for myself) but I wrote this one in FiMFiction's editor just because I'd already written most of it there. Next time, I'll write in Word Online and import it.

4600084 Thanks! I'll get these sorted as quick as I can. Also, I'm used to HTML, and BB is fairly different. I prefer using <i> </i> to just because the tags are more obvious.
Yeah, I do miss a couple of things, but I suppose that's why getting a proof reader is useful. I do proof read, but you can't do it for yourself.

4602182 quick question how is <i> more obvious than [ i ]? Unless you're speaking about XML/HTML/XHTML then it's not much of a difference.

4602624 It's just how used you are to typing [] rather then <>. Also, sometimes I get forums that screw up BB code, so I try HTML more.

4602664 I guess that makes since, though I can see why it would be more obvious if you use it but I thought there was some other reason

4602671 Pretty much, I'm used to writing <> style tags whereas [] tags are newer to me. I also find that distinguishing < from > is easier than [ from ]

4602624 I'm used to writing <> style tags whereas [] tags are newer to me. I also find that distinguishing < from > is easier than [ from ]

4603050 why is there a double comment?

4603176 I was trying to unknownbore as well, but evidently I messed that up.

Good slice of life
I was hoping for Rainbow to come up with a third idea rather than reusing her first one.

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