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This story is a sequel to Twilight's dream/Rainbow's nightmare

Sequel to Twilight's Dream/Rainbow's Nightmare. Twilight and Rainbow Dash have been together for a week now, but haven't been on a date yet. Because Twilight has been telling Rainbow that from her research 'couples go on a date around once a month to show that they want to learn more about each other', Rainbow gave in to Twilight and has decided to plan a date for them.
Only one problem: Rainbow has no clue what to do. This'll be fun.

Well, I finally did it! Sorry for the wait and the slightly rushed ending, but I was running out of ideas. I might go over this and Twilight's Dream/Rainbow's Nightmare in an effort to make them somewhat less rushed.

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Twilight wakes up one morning in her Castle after having the weirdest dream. What happens when Rainbow Dash comes over and makes Twilight realize that her dream is starting to come true. Will she embrace it, go crazy, or share the dream with Rainbow. Let's hope none of the above.

This is my first ever story. I've proofread and read quite a few, but I've been inspired by the works of Cyber Clash, Maxxxxxx and Diamond Dead to make my own. I've picked up my keyboard, smashed it against the wall for a couple of hours to make words and then sorted through these words to make this. Hopefully, you'll like it. Hopefully.

Chapters (1)