Rainbow's dream/Rarity's nightmare

by Twilight_Scratch

First published

Sequel to Twilight's dream/Rainbow's nightmare. Now that Twilight and Rainbow are together, what will happen when they go on their first date. More importantly, what will happen when Rarity hears of what Rainbow has panned for said date

Sequel to Twilight's Dream/Rainbow's Nightmare. Twilight and Rainbow Dash have been together for a week now, but haven't been on a date yet. Because Twilight has been telling Rainbow that from her research 'couples go on a date around once a month to show that they want to learn more about each other', Rainbow gave in to Twilight and has decided to plan a date for them.
Only one problem: Rainbow has no clue what to do. This'll be fun.

Well, I finally did it! Sorry for the wait and the slightly rushed ending, but I was running out of ideas. I might go over this and Twilight's Dream/Rainbow's Nightmare in an effort to make them somewhat less rushed.

...Rarity, are you OK?

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"Come on, Twilight, you've asked me this for the last few days," Rainbow replied to her marefriend for the fifth time today, "and I've already told you that we already know about each other!"

"But it'll be romantic! And we get to learn! Learn, Dashie! What could be more fun?" Twilight countered, her eyes sparkling as she stressed the learning aspect of her argument

"I can list a few things that are more fun than learning" Rainbow muttered under her breath, remembering what happened when she was trying to revise for her Wonderbolts exam. I never want to see another highlighter again

Meanwhile, Twilight decided to use her ultimatum: a trick that had never failed her for the week that they had been together, something that Fluttershy would be proud of, something that could destroy Equestria if used incorrectly. Twilight pouted, her eyes shining with tears, whilst slowly scraping one hoof on the ground.

"Come on, Twilight, not this. Please"

Twilight continued to pout, slowly sitting on her haunches for added effect.

"N-No. I won't change my mind." Rainbow began to falter: she couldn't bear to see Twilight like this, even if she knew that it was a trick

Twilight then started to hide behind her mane

Rainbow caved in. "...Fine. We'll go on a date"

Twilight immediately leapt up and hugged her marefriend, all traces of sadness forgotten as she started to list the possibilities that they could do "YAY! This'll be a great opportunity for us to learn about each other, like a research paper! We can make notes on what we learn, maybe even document it for further research and future events! We could even..."

At this point, Rainbow had drowned out Twilight's voice as a single thought popped into her head and firmly lodged itself between her eyes. What have I gotten myself into?

Rainbow needed help.
As much as she didn't want to admit to anypony that she actually needed help with anything and that she actually could do it herself, she had no clue what to do for a date. Sure, she had ideas, but did sitting down on a cloud with a take away whilst reading the newest Daring Doo count as a date for Twilight? Who do I know who likes sappy stuff like what dates are like? Actually, who do I know that has even been on a date before? Somepony who'll be able to tell me what I need to do to make a perfect date? The answer struck her like lightning. Of course, Rarity reads enough romance novels to know what would be acceptable as a date! And she'll want to help, I'm sure of it! With this in mind, Rainbow took to the skies, flying to Carousel Boutique.

Rarity was just adding the finishing touches to a new dress that she had just made when she heard the tell-tale flaps of a Pegasus' wings beat, indicating that somepony was landing nearby. Soon enough, she heard the door open and the bell chime.

"Good afternoon, and welcome to Car-" Rarity began, but stopped when she saw who had walked in "Rainbow! I wasn't expecting you today."

"Yeah," Rainbow said sheepishly whilst rubbing the back of her head with her hooves, "I wouldn't normally say this, but I kinda need your help."

"I'm sorry darling, but you trailed off a bit at the end"

"I need your help"

"My help, darling? Why, whatever is the matter?" Rarity asked. Rainbow Dash never asked for help from anypony. What on Equestria could be wrong?

"Yeah, Twilight wants to go on a date," Rainbow admitted, "But you know all about this dating stuff, right? Can you help me plan out a date for me and Twilight?"

At this, Rarity's eyes sparkled. What could be better than preparing a date for a princess?

"Oh of course darling! I can plan out a date for you! Would you like to model for your dresses now or later?"

"Dresses? But this is a date for us. Why would we need dresses?" Rainbow asked, wondering just what Rarity had in mind.

"Yes, for your meal out in Canterlot, or course! You'll be the height of sophistication! The Princess and her marefriend out dining at the fanciest restaurant in Canterlot before heading out to walk to the very edges to enjoy the view from the mountain-side city..." Rarity trailed off, lost in her imagination, until Rainbow spoke again

"I was thinking of just reading a book with a take away, but this seems much fancier," Rarity's eye twitched at the thought of a take away as a romantic meal, "but are you sure she'll like it? She doesn't like being seen as someone new or different because she's a princess. Wouldn't this draw attention to the fact that she is one?"

"Oh, no! Not at all! No-one would know that she is a princess! You see, the dress would hide this neatly by covering her wings in a semi-breathable material so that she could have her wings covered..." Rarity's voice became an incoherent mumble as Rainbow began to think about what Twilight would like for a date.
What does Twilight enjoy doing? Well, she enjoys magic, learning, teaching, helping, being a good friend, UGH! She does so much, whereas I only fly and read. What could we both do that would be nice, but not over the top or something that she wouldn't enjoy? What do we both do that we enjoy... Rainbow looked around the room, trying to get some inspiration. As she looked around, her eyes landed on the bookshelf, and the answer hit her like a sonic rainboom to the face.

"BOOKS! That's it!" Rainbow shouted out, interrupting and confusing Rarity at the same time.

"Books, dear. How would books help Twilight understand more about you. You haven't written a book, have you?

"I know the perfect date! And it doesn't involve any of this fancy stuff!" Rainbow declared. Rarity, however, looked mortified

"B-But, what about the Canterlot Courting guide? You have to court a lady properly!" Rarity protested, but Rainbow had other ideas

"Eh, fancy smancy. Who cares about this guide? I've got a date to put together!" Rainbow shouted as she flew out the door

Rainbow had spend the best part of five hours getting everything ready, right down to the exact number of pages she's have to wait until she made her big move. She'd even made a checklist to keep track of everything I guess Twilight's rubbing off on me. About two hours ago, she'd left a note at the castle to inform Twilight of her plans:

Dear Twi:

You wanted a date, so here's one! It'll be at eight tonight. You don't need anything fancy.


It was informal, but then again, that was the main theme of the evening, much to Rarity's despair. Making sure that she had everything that she needed, she took off towards the castle.

------Time transition of about five minutes------

Rainbow landed on the crystalline step at the front of the castle's doors, shivering slightly due to the cold breeze the weather team had scheduled for tonight. Before she could even knock on the door, Twilight opened it.

"Rainbow! I'm ready for our date! So, where are we going? I've got two scrolls and a quill for making notes on the evening as it goes along and MMPH-"

Twilight was stopped mid-sentence by a cyan hoof pressed on her lips

"Easy there, Twi. You don't need any of that for where we're going. But first, would you mind if I came in? It's really cold out here!"

"Of course! Come in, I've a fire lit in the sitting room" Twilight said after removing the hoof from her lips and setting it gently on the ground. She then went into the kitchen and started the kettle to make two cups of tea. Meanwhile, Rainbow went to the sitting room and placed the book she had brought with her on the floor in front of the fire: the newest Daring Doo book. It was a miracle that she was able to get this before Twilight, but then again, Twilight was pretty distracted with the new scientific journal that she had got last week. She then lay down on the ground and waited for Twilight to come back.

A few minutes later, Twilight came into the room with two cups of tea levitating behind her. When she entered the room, she levitated one cup in front of Rainbow and sat down next to her. Taking a moment to get comfortable, she glanced at the book in front of her.

"How did you get this? I thought it was only released a few days ago!" Twilight exclaimed, amazed that she had just been out-booked.

"Heh, well you were pretty taken with that big science book that you got last week," Rainbow responded, making Twilight blush at the memory, " but I was wondering if you wanted to read it with me."

Twilight smiled warmly, setting her teacup down next to her, "I'd love to"

And that's what they did. Unbeknownst to Twilight, Rainbow was counting each page turn. When they'd gotten to forty-two page turns, Rainbow slowly extended a wing and wrapped it around Twilight. Leaning into Rainbow, Twilight looked up realized one important fact.

"Rainbow! I completely forgot about the date! We're going to be late!!"

For the second time, Rainbow placed her hoof on Twilight's lips. "Twilight, this is our date. I went to Rarity to try and work out what I could do as a date, and then it struck me: reading. I thought you'd like it as it was something that you enjoy doing anyway, but you were probably hoping for something better than this," Rainbow lowed her head, "I'm sorry. I knew I should have kept with Rarity's ide, but I didn't think that you'd MMPH-"

Twilight cut off her marefriend's insecurities by kissing her on the lips. She then nuzzled Rainbow under the chin and curled up under her wing.

"I love it, Rainbow. Just like I love you."