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Sometimes, we put on a mask to hide our true feelings. Sometimes, we end up wearing them for far too long and we forget who we are underneath, and we lose ourselves to the madness.

My name is Pink, and I am alone.

I found my mask at an early age, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I’ve hidden myself away, behind this wall I’ve made myself.

My entire life has been nothing but heartache and misfortune. I found solace in the bottom of a bottle, in sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, anything to fill in the empty spaces and block out the pain.

I used to think none of it was my fault, but now I’m not so sure. I’ve caught a glimpse through the cracks in the bricks that make up this wall, and I’m afraid.

I’m afraid that I was wrong.

I’m afraid to take off this mask and face the reproaching eyes of the world.

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.

All in all, you’re all just another brick in my wall.

~All chapters but the very last chapter of this story are finished. I made the decision to abandon this story with a heavy heart, but I have to move on from it. I have, however, posted everything I did write for the final chapter, as well as detailed notes to fill in the blanks. I consider this story completed now. Read this blog post for more info.

~Inspired and adapted from Pink Floyd's 1979 album, 'The Wall.'

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Interesting. I can't say I can see where this going, or what sort of plot it's showing, but the boat must keep on rowing. I guess. :/


You've never listened to 'The Wall', have you? Not trying to be mean or anything, but listen to that album, and you can pretty much guess where the story is headed.

Ponies and Floyd? Yes please :heart: :pinkiegasp:

I hate doing this since I hate correcting people about the smallest of things (unless they're complete dumbasses and deserve it, but you're not one of them :derpytongue2:), but you say at the end of your chapters that 'The Wall' is owned by Pink Floyd the band, and while that is sort of true, it's technically owned right now and has been since 1986 by Roger Waters, hence, why the tours he's doing right now are called "Roger Waters 'The Wall'", rather than "Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'".

Very true. It is owned by Roger, but the way I'm using it is not really who owns it, but rather all of them contributed to the ideas and story and songs in the album. It's there to make sure people don't think I'm trying to pass this story off as my own thing. Because its not. I'm just expanding on the story and changing the species to ponies. Both of which are hard.

I know I haven't commented for a while now, but I still love this story (fairly obvious as to why I would say). Anyways, you thought about submitting this to EQD? Cause it's sure as hell not getting the attention this story deserves. Seriously, I've tried reading many of the 'stories' they post, but none of them really caught my attention, would be cool if one actually made it on there that DID get my attention :derpytongue2:

I did in the very beginning of it, but the pre reader deemed it too obscure of a crossover. I may try again sometime later, when there's more chapters.

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I can't wait for the next chapter, knowing what's coming and all. :pinkiehappy:

Have I ever told you I love you? :pinkiecrazy:

Well, looking at your previous comments, no. No you have not.

Bah, was looking forward to reading this, but no time tonight. Tomorrow, then.

Gonna ask, though. Is this just based on the album, or the movie? If the latter, I'll have to rewatch it; been years...

(Anyone without a copy to listen to while reading, there are full versions of the album and recordings of various live performances on Youtube. Here's one of each)

It's more of a combination of both the movie and the album with some my own ideas. There are some elements from the movie, like when I combined 'What Shall We Do Now?' and 'Empty Spaces' into one chapter. But then, I didn't include either parts of 'When the Tigers Broke Free' because I felt the war themes would become repetitive. And then there are scenes like 'Goodbye Blue Sky' where the song is pretty ambiguous, so I just did whatever.

You should rewatch the movie anyway, because it's pretty awesome.



1640203 No, no. Not yet. It's far too soon for that.

Dear Celestia. This may be my favorite chapter of any single fiction ever written.

Comment posted by _NAME_ deleted Dec 24th, 2012

Seriously, how does this not have more views?

EDIT: Dem references. :trollestia:

Wow, dude, you're quite talented.

You were able to take a song that runs less then two minuets, and has only a few lines and turn it into a 5,000 word look into the mind of a pony slowly loosing his grip on reality.

Oh boy The Trial is going to be epic if this is any indication.

Oh my god this just keeps getting better and better........

Whoa...I have actual sympathy for Sir...........just wow dude this fanfiction is kicking so much ass...

This just keeps getting better......jesus dude.....it's amazing....

The Cavern? A pony with a hoarse voice singing a song about twisting and shouting?

You sir win the internet..

This........is one of the best chapters of fanfiction I've read ever....

Damn....we're nearing the end of side two......

Jesus christ....I can picture the Scarfe-like animation in my head.....

*wild estastatic clapping*

And that's what I think of act one.

Oh my god.....that was amazing....

oh and by the way....



Well then... I guess its safe to say you didn't really like the story.

Well, that opening with Mr. Butch was the single most freaky and terrifying piece of writing I've ever read....well done.

Also, why do I have a sickening feeling in the pit of me gut that that nice guard who saved Pink from the gorge was his father? Maybe it's just me.

Also, I really can't wait to see what you do with songs like Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell, Waiting for the Worms and The Trial.

Those are going to be freaking epic.

Yay, an update! Excellent job. I don't know why this doesn't have more likes and views...


Did I mention that I freaking love this story?

Also, I'm wondering how you're going to do Comfortably Numb or Bring the Boys Back Home or all of Side 4.

Again I ask, how has this gone criminally unnoticed? This is THE best Pink Floyd fic I've ever read.

That just scared the hell out of me. Gah! So many feels...

I’m really excited for the Canterlot concert; apparently the Princess herself is supposed to be going.

Now you're just teasing me, making me wait for 'In the Flesh'.

And now nothing is okay.....well played my friend.

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Comment posted by CheerDaLee deleted Feb 4th, 2013


You are really channeling your inner Rodger Waters.

Definely put a new spin on this album.

Oh my God, Pink Floyd's BEST ALBUM in my opinion:pinkiehappy::moustache:

Holy damn, this is dark. I'm glad this updated when it did. The sheer amount of character development in this is awe-inspiring. Yet another excellent chapter in this story, and I eagerly await the next installment.

“This is the Fletcher Memorial Psychiatric Institute, ‘ome for the incurable and Equestria’s crazies!”

BEST. REFERENCE. EVER. :twilightsmile:

This story is so insanely awesome.

Have you tried submittng it to EQD?

Also, I love all the little references. Pure gold.

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