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It has been over five months since Starswirl the Bearded had vanished from his laboratory in the Castle of the Two Sisters, and Princess Celestia has all but given up hope of ever finding him again.

That is why, when the wizard's famed pupil, Clover the Clever, comes in with new information regarding his disappearance, Celestia is overjoyed at the chance that she may get to see her oldest friend once more.

Only, instead of giving a location, Clover recounts the story of how she first met the legendary wizard, and how it was also the very last time that Starswirl ever saw her.

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Interesting stuff so far. Not too much to comment on, save that I'll be tracking this with interest.

What were Celestia and Luna doing during the time of the Windigos?


All we know for certain is that, at some point, Celestia and Luna imprisoned Discord in stone, and that at some point Clover and the other Founders asked the two alicorns to rule over Equestria. We don't know which one of those events happened before or after the other.

I like to think that they defeated Discord, allowing the ponies to form their own governments and rule over themselves, and garnered a great deal of trust and respect in the process. They then left the ponies to their own devices and went off somewhere else. This of course then led to a great deal of distrust and anger between the three tribes, and then the Wendigos came.

Meanwhile though, I like to think that Celestia, Luna, and Starswirl were travelling around the world for a while, exploring new lands, forming friendships, helping others, defeating monsters, and generally just learning all that they could. It was only after the Founders defeated the Wendigos and founded Equestria that they decided to come back and rule over the country.

This was a really good chapter. I really love the voice you developed for Starswirl.

Great story. Still don't like Alicorns, but I like how much they really made them feel like people. Despite Starswirl's faults, his fate is still pretty sad, to see everything, but to never interact again with the world. Wonderful story that answers many nagging questions.

I liked this story. There was a lot of headcanon-y stuff going on, but it's one of the better ones I've read in a long time. Keep it up!

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