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"Dash gasped, sounding affronted, and smacked Appledash right in the ass."


Might want to fix that.:twilightblush:

Nothing like a good bit of AppleDash to end a long day. Like and fav since it was funny and hot at the same time.

Really great story that's been sitting in my 'read later' for quite some time. Glad I finally got round to reading it!

Although, in the part

taken aback by the force she thrusted with, a force that was almost painful. The thought of Dash ravaging her likes this was

, 'aback' should be 'back', and 'likes' should be 'like'.

4671271 "Taken aback" is correct, but "likes" certainly wasn't, so thank you for pointing that out.

Short but so sweet, loved that it had content and fun ! Great job !

Haha! that was funny yet had lots of... well... ya know.:twilightsheepish:

That was awesome ... Could you possibly do another chapter or a "squeal" where Applejack is doing Rainbow Dash with the strap on? Haven't seen many stories where AJ is doing Dash

*Dies in Virgin*

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