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This story is a sequel to Elementals of Harmony

A collection of stories set in the same Multiverse as Elementals of Harmony. Among other things, you will learn about Lyra's employers, how Equestria was made (really), and whether Luna snores.

A Friendship is Magic: the Gathering crossover, like its predecessor. Reading Elementals first is strongly recommended, as there will be spoilers.

Categories have been chosen in light of the wide range of tone.

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Magic pony cross over? PLEASE!

Read through it and i feel that there are too man outside references, it felt like you were pushing it. good story otherwise though!
on a side note i would put discord at 3RU for his mana cost. just me

Eight Pointed Star... I see what you did there.

380296 This is an offshoot of another story. I recommend you check out that one. References abound, but I think you'll still like it. It stars Ditzy Doo as something of a Crouching Derpy, Hidden Badass. :derpytongue2:

380433 Well, what else was I supposed to use for a dormant Element of Chaos? :trollestia:

I think that Discord should have a bit of Black mana to him.
The whole "Greed and Corruption" thing is Black's whole schtick, after all.

Discord changed into elements and celestia holds cunning? Others waiting in the wings to be claimed? THIS IS SUDDENLY RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. This better be more than a one shot or so help me I will reach thorough my computer and shake you going "Y U NO MAKE SEQUEL!"

I'm waiting to see what happened to Ditzy's husband myself. Well that and whether she can meet up with him on a regular basis now that she knows where he is.

Mmmmm... Not sure I like how Celestia is the element of cunning. I mean, I GUESS it fits, given how 'cunning' is the only way her actions in the pilot can be described... but she's never used her 'cunning' for anything short of the betterment of her subjects and not so much for personal gain.

That in mind, can her use of cunning really be considered a 'corrupted' virtue if she's never used it for anything befitting of corruption?

Agh... now you have me thinking. Y U do this to my brain?!

Also, How the hell can Pinkie be Discord's MOTHER?!

Mate, you just answered your own question. It's Pinkie. Asking any more questions will not end well.
Besides, Pinkie says that she'll be "living this story in a few thousand years" at the end of the last story, implying that she either time-traveled or is immortal.

Super Harmony Mane Six are pretty ridiculous. Like game breaking ridiculous. Like if it weren't for the fact that I know you are a good writer I would probably stop reading. Luckily I know you are smart and your story will be very awesome. Elements of Chaos are brilliant. Prince Blueblood totally gets Vanity. Gilda could probably get Mischief. Pretty interesting, can't wait for more.

Or, you know, she's a Planeswalker.
Like it was mentioned in the previous story? :derpytongue2:

Warning: Wall of text ahead.

380646 Discord is certainly black-red, but that duality nicely reflects his own. Red Discord is a wacky, trolling, Affably Evil character who does things purely for the lulz. Black Discord is a calculating genius using the clarity beyond madness to solidify his grip on power and undermine those who wish otherwise. The card represents Discord at the very peak of his whimsical inability to give a fuck, more interested in peeling apart his new "friend's" sanity and blindfolded mind control than actually helping with anything.

380883 Collection of stories. Collection. The odds of any particular one being continued are slim... unless you want to take up the gauntlet. :raritywink:

381953 Just as the Elements of Harmony don't have to be nice (see Laughter), the Elements of Discord don't have to be disruptive. As for Celestia's cunning? Consider how ponies, one step up the food chain from grass, are among the dominant cultures of the world, to the point where it is considered easier to move dragons than pony settlements. Meanwhile, there are at least three species of sapient carnivores who could but almost certainly don't prey upon or enslave those ponies. Sure, controlling the sun helps, but the fact that griffins, Diamond Dogs, and dragons haven't been scorched off the map suggests that politics was employed.

399120 To be fair, she did time-travel. Of course, that was also mentioned is the last story, albeit obliquely.

395553 Again, the next chapter will not be a direct continuation of this one. Also, in case it wasn't clear, the Mane Six exited God Mode once Harmony had come to a decision, and they aren't likely to bust it out at any point in the near future. It's not easy holding on to your sense of self while acting as an avatar of elemental harmony. Abuse of this power could lead to one or more ponies being... lost. :unsuresweetie:


I guess I don't exactly see how that applies in the context you presented it though. If anything that makes Celestia less worthy of the element of cunning in the manner you've described it, since she uses her cunning not for herself or even for her 'chosen race' but then obviously for the betterment of everybody, since as you said, the other three races haven't been scorched off the map. You described the context of the Elements of Discord as 'not so much vices but rather corrupted virtues.' But it can hardly be seen as a 'corrupted' virtue when her cunning is being used for the betterment of everybody on the planet, can it?

399616 That's kind of the point on this take on the "Elements of Discord" trope. They're like the Dark Side of the Force: Powerful, seductive, and easy to lose one's self in, but not automatically evil. Rather than concepts opposed to Harmony, they are Harmony taken to selfish excess, one note in the chord amplified until it drowns out the others. But by itself, a single Element is not exaggerated to an irredeemable degree. Celestia has the wisdom, perspective, and influence needed to embody Cunning while still advancing an agenda for the betterment of all.
Each Element of Discord is a disaster waiting to happen, but an avertable one. Charisma can champion noble causes. Vanity can be a motivation to improve oneself or to do good work (i.e. as a bolster to one's own self-esteem.) Mischief can lampoon the deserving and dispel a reign of terror. Ambition in the right hands is how revolutions are thrown and tyrants toppled. Chaos is essential for the very existence and continuing development of life.
Remember, in Chaos are all things, good and bad. Would it not be ridiculous for chaotic artifacts of such power to care only for their darkest expressions? To behave so predictably? Where would the fun be in that? :trollestia:

On a side note, thanks for bringing this up. I had this stuff kinda-sorta figured out in my head, but you've forced me to concretize it, and it's proving fun. :pinkiehappy:


Intriguing... You've obviously put a lot more thought into this than was immediately visible.
Well, now you've got me interested to see where the rest of this is going to go. I'm still a little iffy on Celestia's role as the Element of Cunning, but the way you describe it as well as the role of chaos and the other elements in those contexts is very clever.

Nikol Bolas is Discord's father, calling it now. Dracoequus kind of implies half-pony half-dragon.

I really liked Elementals of Harmony and it's good to see there will be more. You are one of the people who can successfully pull off 4th wall breaches, except for when Pinkie addresses being in a story from the inside, that's always cringeworthy. But the matagaming and references were cool.

I didn't like how Vanity is an element while all the others are totally positive qualities. Maybe if you renamed it to confidence/self-confidence or ego or egoism, which are positive at least from some point of view, like mischief - confidence self-explanatory, ego implies willpower, explicitly always looking for your own advantage in everything is often seen as smart and admirable in it's own way. Oh yeah, and laughter at other's misfortune is schadenfreude, I think it would sound cooled actually.

395553 I have to point out the text doesn't actually indicate that Super Harmony gives them any powers beyond pwning Discord harder. Like, at all.

Equestria does make sense now, doesn't it? No wonder she knows it was made!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I don't think Twilight has quite grasped the implications of Pinkie's story, or her brain would have already been broken. My brain broke like three times during this chapter:pinkiegasp:. Faust!Alicorn is best pony. Super awesome can't wait for the next part.

:pinkiecrazy: But if Pinkie made Lauren... and Lauren Faust is a human who made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but also the Alicorn version of God... Then Pinkie is God's father, which makes Lauren Faust Jesus... which means that Lauren Faust is the second coming of Christ! But in the end it means nothing because if Faust was made by Pinkie and that means that we are nothing more than Pinkie's delusion!

404357 While we're being treated to the full flashback, Pinkie is carefully filtering her retelling for the sake of her friends' continued sanity. Certain details, like Faust's true name, the unintentional nature of her creation, and precisely what Jhoira did to Teferi when he told her he was a father are being withheld for Ditzy and Twilight's protection. They're still getting the important information, just not those bits that would reduce anypony to a gibbering mess. Really, just knowing that Pinkie created Equestria is already pushing it.

404692 And this is why Pinkie is filtering her version. Sorry, Dusty. :twilightblush:


And now I am curious about those details. GYA!:fluttershbad:

I'll never get the answers though, in all likelyhood. :applecry:

Meh. I have other things to do. Like read about ponies.:pinkiehappy:

406375 I'm providing you with most of them, silly. You're reading the uncensored version. Well, except for what Jhoira did to Teferi. The less said about that, the better. :fluttershyouch:

Question is Pinkie pie in some sort a pre mending Planeswalker ?:rainbowhuh:

this would mean she would be much more stronger than she has shown yet

408504 She was before the Mending. :derpytongue2:

As Nicol Bolas has demonstrated, planeswalkers got nerfed after Teferi and company repaired time.

As in Baten Kaitos Malpercio?

413247 A cursed god of destruction, stitched together from the parts of numerous other beings.
See, Pinkie? I told you someone would get the reference.
:pinkiehappy: You get a gold star!

mmh interesting but i don't get the hole Sarkhan Vol not completely if i am correkt he was Sarkhan Vol

Well, that answers the questions "Where he got where he was" and "Why Ditzy can take him to meet Mother now" in the same sort of way I've come to expect. Also, the strength and special talents of Earth ponies come from the laws Faust established so DT is in for a nasty shock one day.

Very cute. Can't wait for more.

I nearly choked laughing at that book title. Well played sir.

If I were Sarkhan, being turned into a pony would drive me mad, too!

... Why didn't she just destroy the oblivion ring after prepping some nasty spells? A chill enchantment or two, maybe get ready to slap him with a curse of echoes and curse of the bloody tome?

435645 ...wat :rainbowhuh:

435927 It came to me one night and I made sure to write it down before I forgot. It just seemed to work so well given canon title trends.

436060 Mr. Vol's insanity is actually an occupational hazard of working for Nicol Bolas. He was ranting to himself and eating rats long before running up against Ungula's morphic field restrictions. Mind you, it certainly didn't help.

436638 You do know what happens when an O-Ring is destroyed before its first trigger resolves, right? (Answer: exiled forever)

Of course I know what happens when you work for Bolas: You don't see much Standard play. Wouldn't want to upstage the dragon, after all.

And it's even better to bounce the O-Ring in response to the trigger, so you can use it again.

437359 Ah, I forgot about some of the nasty stack tricks you can pull with ETB effects. I was just reading about something similar with fiend hunter last week, and should have made the connection.

So what about Grits? Are Grits more or less crazy than Cream of Wheat? What about Porridge... and Gruel? Cream of Rice? I'm really interested in this scale.


This... this nearly froze me in place when I read it.
There needs to be images for the ascendant forms of the elements of harmony, and then those images need to be used to make cards. Ditto to the elements of Discord.
It's actually scary how much this is similar to an idea I had... an agreement between discord and the elements of harmony at some point... existence requires chaos to make it interesting and worth living, just as order cannot exist without chaos.
Soo.... every so often, as a kind of holiday, Discord remakes equestria into the form of a videogame! varies by time, and includes AC, Mario universe, etc... and the mane 6/all of equestria have to beat the game to return the world to normal! No permanent damage to anyone... (discord himself said he doesn't physically hurt ponies or turn them to stone) so if someone gets a gameover they go into a frozen sleep state of somekind until the game is won, and life returns to normal!

In all honesty, I have to wonder why they didn't think of that in the first place. I was considering making a story of it... but quite frankly I found a problem.
Crossovers like that are everywhere, so there'd be nothing to make them stand out... and I don't have time to write 3 million stories.

As a writer, do you think I should make a group for that? Do the introstory myself and let members do their own entries? Make a little group for it?
Seriously, what do you think?

I think I need to wipe the vomitarium off of my cerebellum... forgive me.
Hey, at least it didn't explode or something.

Holy Cow that actually makes sense! Equestria is stuck in a temporal loop... my mind... all I can say now is:

438955 It's pinkie logic my friend... do not even attempt to delve into it. There are things humanity cannot fathom.

On another note... where are my elements of Discord? not that this incredible backstory-work on Ditzy, Dinky, Address Unknown, and Pinkie is distasteful... in truth it's really rather touching and I'm sure it's story building... I just loved the concept of those things a lot.

481558 I'll take these in stages:

1. I like the idea, certainly. I'd recommend beginning the intro story, mention in author's notes the desire to turn it into a collaboration, and seeing what kind of reaction it provokes. If there's enough support, start the group. If not, you have free reign to do with it what you will.

2. Thank you, thank you. /egostroke

3. The stories may have some degree of interconnectivity, but they're essentially one-shots. I honestly never intended to return to the Elements of Discord, but given the sheer amount of questions and speculation about them, I may have to. Perhaps in a story of their own. (Of course, if you want to do so, I certainly won't stop you...)

A Baten Kaitos reference? That, good sir, is awesome!


1) Then I'd better find a way to get started... I'll read some discord fics... maybe wait until the fic that inspired me is done, to get a base or something, then go from there.

2) You're welcome.

3) Challenge considered.

I do so want to see the Magic block set in Equestria. I fear, however, that the earth ponies would get the boring established creature type of "horse." Such an insult!

Ah. So that's how Equestria was made. Good to know.


Oh geez. Poor Pinkie.


If they made a Magic block set of Equestria I'd be sure to get a full playset of the whole block. As it is now I haven't seen much reason to play Magic but this would be a reason.

494430 While that set would never happen, I think April 1, 2013 would be a fine day to announce the fall Magic block as Equestria.

494096 No, that's how Pinkie Pie got her Cutie Mark. :pinkiehappy:

I definitely like troll Discord more than broken Discord. The way I got my friend to read the first part of this was asking him, "How attached are you to your sanity?" Anyway, keep up the good work.

Given what happened in the first chapter, it seems as if they might need the new hire fairly soon. I just hope that it doesn't spoil her reunion with her mother.

Combo with Curse of Death's Hold! Take that, Titans and Sphinxes!

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