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I love this so far, I look forward to more.:twilightsmile:

YES THIS IS LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

4087290 ah sweet, I did look to see if there was a group for Dangan Ronpa, but I was searching for it under that name, thanks very much :twilightsmile:

Yes got me hook so far. This should be good.

Seems more like whodunit than dangan ronpa to me..........fave.

looks good so far hopefully the trial goes well.

Wow, I should have been faster writing mine. I wanted to really break ground with it, then new Danganronpa stories start popping up left and right. Still, I'd rather have company than not, and this one looks like a fun read so far. My only recommendation is that you work on your grammar, and don't be so mopey in your author notes about how it's gonna turn out. Anyway, Fav'd!

WAAAGH! img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130705123453/danganronpa/images/thumb/4/43/2%28523%29.png/185px-2%28523%29.png T-Twilight? Impossible! Sh-she's supposed to be the hero! The hero!

On a lesser note, you misspelled Noble.

I only just now realized that 'Bullet Point" is just Danganronpa in English (up til now I always thought of it as 'bullet refutation' or 'bullet rebuttal'). I wonder if we'll finally get to see you-know-who once the trial happens...

Also, I noticed more minor errors and that the Mastermind's dialogue wasn't bold this time.

Last, my predictions: This case hasn't given us all the pieces yet, but I think we can rule out Trixie, Redheart, and Braeburn, plus obviously Pinkie. If it was someone Twilight trusted, it wouldn't have been Blueblood or Lightening Dust, plus a lot of characters she knew less well like Gizmo and Trenderhoof would be less likely (though not impossible). As for my own suspicions? The D. J. that isn't Vinyl ;)

Challenge accepted.
fuji: what's one more mystery?
Slim:is anyone gonna eat those?
Zoe: well.....at least he died in what he loved.
norm:hey don't i get-
Kim:Shut it norm!

Gee, wish you were doing that the first round. I hit the nail on the head, though my reasoning was a bit off. I figured 'who else would even come close to 'tartrazine,' which happens to be a common yellow food dye found in some cake mixes. Especially since yellow was such a recurring theme in that same vein.

4092625 Metrte: Wait didn't Kim also die?

Hmmm needs more Derpy...:derpytongue2:

4092731 fuji:why do you think she's mad at norm?!
Slim:seriously is anyone gonna eat those i had practically nothing to eat since the bus!?!
Zoe:i tried sharing my sandwich with you.
norm:nobody like vegimite!
Kim:what the idiot said!

You better use that image style at the end of each trial, It's a really great idea! :pinkiehappy: (BTW this fic is amazing so far.)

Oh man Twilight no! I wonder what Princeblueblood said to her?

What a great first case. You better use that Picture again in the next one.

Predictions on who will the five that will survive with Pinkie.

Prince Blueblood
Lighting dust

The execution was delicious! :pinkiecrazy:

Another one down. I got a good feeling that this should be Cloud kicker after how she tries to defend the girls. Also Blueblood might be sexually attractive to pinkie pie :derpyderp2:

Gizmo or blueblood and yes i will continue to suspect blueblood until either he dies or is revealed as the mastermind!

4104788 I kind of think he will be one that is cunning enough to survive. You always suspect the asshole to die quickly but yet they are smart enough to live a while. I mean if the dangan ronpa games tells me one thing is that. Byokuma and the gangster show that.

4104847 ........i still say he's the mastermind and if he isn't can he still be executed? PWEESE!

*Shudders* Ugh, I read A Tale of Two Cities, and ever since then the French Revolution just scares the crap out of me. Yet I'm completely fine with -and even enjoy- one on one cold blooded murder for personal reasons.

[b“I resent that accusation.”] That's your main error there,

the punishment for murder is only exile, but the punishment for treason is death. I didn't quite get that. I mean, I think I did, but I'm not 100% sure.

4104886 You, my friend, are not very genre savvy, are you? lol no offence, I'm just saying there's no freakin way he's the mastermind.

4104847 As for surviving though, I wouldn't say just yet that he's wearing plot armor... By which I mean this. His butt is most likely quite vulnerable.

4106728 i know he isn't i just said that hoping this works like whodunit and bluebloodd will be killed next.

4107154 Huh... He does need something to happen to him, I think.

4107266 see I'm not crazy we all want to kill blueblood:pinkiecrazy:

Whatever she’s hiding, I trust she’ll do the right thing, I won’t push her.

Is it possible that Coco Pommel did it? :pinkiegasp: That would be really unexpected. She seems to be really kind to everypony.

I bet it was Soarin. After all even the most innocent looking can be devious.

So I see. I think the culprit drug soarin using that as a cover up. But OMG I don't know if Cloudkicker would be it. But Coco! NO SHE IS TOO CUTE TO DIE!:fluttercry:

So the killer drugged sorin
busted out their window
and the victim made a trail of water trying to flee their attacker.........blueblood

I'm going to go with Cloudkicker. I'm on my phone, so I can't post my case, but that's who I'm going with.

4104714 I don't think Blueblood is sexually attractive to anyone :pinkiesick:

Dammit I was so close. I knew it had to be a pegisi but I never thought lighting dust would be it. Oh well. 4 down, 11 to go. Now its chapter 3 with the traditional double murder.

4128895 So sad that blueblood isn't the culprit:rainbowlaugh:

Still a couple I missed... Next time I'll go for 100%! :rainbowdetermined2:

Ha I knew it! But now I think he would be the unsuspect character to die in chapter 4 or Sorin or Vinyl.

Oh my, that's a curveball. We don't even know who's gone yet... :derpyderp2:

When I started, I assumed gizmo or maybe Soarin would be first.

But her?!

I will give you credit that I didn't see that coming at all, but seriously? I thought you'd save her for the endgame, for sure!

4133237 That is what I thought as well.

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