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Rarity tells the story of how she went on an adventure, made new friends and enemies, and ultimately became a hero that would go down in history.

I got sick of not having a cover image, so I just stuck the blank map in there until I can sort some real art out.

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The diaries kept by the citizens of Ponyville tell a dark tale, a tale of mistrust and of murder, of the time when a mysterious mare was discovered near the Everfree Forest with no memory of who she was or where she came from... and proceeded to bring chaos to the once peaceful town.

Crossover with 'Town of Salem', playing the game or having any prior knowledge of it is not require to read and understand this story.

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Rainbow Dash is all set to meet Scootaloo's parents for the first time, after all she's been her honorary big sister for like a year now and hasn't seen head nor tail of them, Why is that? How bad could they be?

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'A.K. Yearling' pays a visit to one of her new friends, Twilight Sparkle, to give her an early edition of the first book in her new series. However before Twilight dives in she has some questions for her favourite author.

To hell with it, I was never going to finish this story anyway, so rather than just mark it as cancelled I simply unpublished the first part of the actual story and turned it into a Slice of Life... although now the title is less suitable.

Cover Image belongs to WillDrawForFood1 apparently

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