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'A.K. Yearling' pays a visit to one of her new friends, Twilight Sparkle, to give her an early edition of the first book in her new series. However before Twilight dives in she has some questions for her favourite author.

To hell with it, I was never going to finish this story anyway, so rather than just mark it as cancelled I simply unpublished the first part of the actual story and turned it into a Slice of Life... although now the title is less suitable.

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I thought it was good. Not top notch, but still good. Here's a happy Pinkie Pie as a prize! :pinkiehappy:

3602961 Thanks, it's nice to know that someone's actually reading my stuff for a change

I really like this story! In fact, it pretty much saves Daring Don't for me! :yay:

I mean, the 800 years of darkness made the episode fall apart, but the way you explain it in this story helps make it a little more bearable! Great job!

I want to see the rest of this. :pinkiehappy:


It was actually 800 years of heat, and Celestia might not have been able to stop it, or in fact care about a valley so far away from the heart of Equestria.

Who knows, the rings could have cast a spell that formed a greenhouse effect over the entire valley. That's my headcanon.

Copied from pepperpunk's comment here:

The second video could have come up with a better explanation for the "What would have caused the 800 years of heat" if the author had listened more carefully to Twilight and Dashie's nerd talk (yes, it was actually important and not just random rambling!)

The radiant shield of rasdon maintains a temperate climate in the Tenochitlan basin, but it is vulnerable to the dark enchantment of the rings of scorcherro which Ahuizotl was assembling to do something unspecified to it... not to destroy it (since the effect was limited to 800 years, it would be permanent if the shield was destroyed), but to affect it in some way that would cause extreme heat.

Now, being that far north, destroying the shield of rasdon wouldn't result in scorching heat, in fact probably the opposite would occur since on the map it is quite close to vanhoover and the igloos.

Therefore.... the likely end result that was intended by Ahuizotl from deployment of the rings was to either reverse or amplify the effect of the shield of rasdon (depending on whether it currently heats up or cools the basin.. I'd say it heats it up), causing it to act like either a magnifying glass or a giant (but localized) magical greenhouse.

This is all explained in the episode itself, no sun manipulation is involved.. If Ahuizotl had succeeded, Celestia wouldn't be able to turn off the heat that the basin was getting without putting the rest of Equestria into darkness as well, since lowering the sun would be the only option. Essentially, a new localized desert would have been created in the northwest of Equestria.

Hopefully that helps people's headcanons recover a bit, it can be explained! :p

Anyway, fun story! I quite enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

The barrel roll is flying in a helix-y shape, and it's used to slow down; I think you mean aileron roll

You can refer to Sonic Spectrum as Spectrum instead

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