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This looks like a good story.

somehow i read that the title was "The mexican inside the colt"

You know, other than the protagonist ogling the girls and using profanities in Button's body, I don't understand how the story will be mature. Or will the guy grow up in Button's body before the mature content appear? I'm not criticizing the story, btw, as I think its pretty original. It's just that I don't see how the sex part is going to influence the story since the protagonist is trapped in the body of a preteen. If this commentary is offending, then I apologize. BTW, how often will this story update? I'm asking the last question due to your work in Butterscotch's story.

For the mature content, a lot of sexual stuff is going to happen in the next few chapters. That and I prefer mature rating, since I can just write whatever I feel like without the constraint of the 'everyone' or 'teen'.

Both stories have different timeframes for me to write. You can be sure that one or the other will be out before Saturday or Sunday, unless I have something coming up.

I'll give a warning out at the end of each chapter, if I can't get the chapters out on time.

2 questions,1) Is Button's real(fan based) mind the little boy did it die and this guy take his place? 2) will this guy ever in the fic tell anyone the truth of who he is?

Trying to answer your questions might end up spoiling the story for you.
Chapter 2 should enlighten you on some of the events that will transpire to the protagonist. Though I will not go right out and explain his entire situation in one go.
Just a warning, it's going to get a little weird in the next few chapters, but remember 'what kid wouldn't'.

4058533 fair enough though I think I would have been better off say "will these questions be answered in the fic"

It's Mrs Mash, not Ms Mash

The title got my hopes up and dashed them.

Hmm, nnnnnnnice!
I lost it at the first paragraph, damn, dis good!
But it also needs a porrfreading, it has many mistakes: if you need any, I'm willing to help you, Mr. Author!
I have a question though. When will you continue it?


Should be out on the weekend.

Do you need help with it?
I mean, I'm a seasoned pre/proof-reader, I want to help!
Even with fixing the first chapter~!


Sure, but can you pm me on how to do this, cause I've never really done this before.

Again sorry about the errors, had to do this on my iPad, and with my computer up and running I should have the edited chapter 1 up soon.

To the PM-obile!
(Oh GOD that was terrible!:facehoof: )

you know if button mash is actually successful at making magic usable for non unicorns wouldn't he become an alicorn as he would of invented a new kind of magic which is the same thing twilight managed.

Great, this guy is making Button awesome. Gotta love Button's Mom's suspicious attitude towards her son:rainbowlaugh:.

Well, this is certantly one of the better anthro stories I've seen on here. I'm curious about this guy's past, but I'm sure that t will come out in the fic.

Hmm, this seems familiar.... oh wait, I proofread it!
The lack of typos and grammar problems is because of me, if any problems remain, contact me!


I bet luna would love this guys dreams,

4087146 She'll probably take a look and then slowly back away mumbling 'there's always one isn't there'.:rainbowlaugh:

Hey, I have a few questions regarding the story. How old is Button's body? Do the girls at school dress provocatively like DT and SP? Will this story affect the updated of Princess Butterscotch? Anyway, great chapter as always.

He should be in his mid teens, basically he will hit puberty in a couple years, but what fun is waiting.:pinkiehappy:
The ponies are all dressed provocatively by the characters standards, but I will go over that in later chapters.
Butterscotch should be updated tomorrow. Like I said, 'sunday at the latest.'

this is fic is getting weird with the incest, it feels random and out of place despite button being a different person right now:applejackunsure:

I really love how Button handled his mom/Colgate thing. Does his mother being happy about being considered attractive by her son be a plot device or a joke?

Her reaction to Button is a major plot device, both the attractive part and the fact that she wasn't majorly bothered with what he did during dinner.

Nothing extreme is going to happen between the two, other than the awkward moments. I am not the type of person that would go down that story killing path.

I got a few questions but I don't know if they would spoil the story. Are Mrs. Mash & Colgate a couple/friends with benefits? Does Mrs. Mash sees other ponies besides Colgate? Where is Mr. Mash/Button's dad and how does he feel about his wife/possible ex wife dating? Why did those two thought it was a brilliant idea to do it in the living room when it was possible for even the original Button Mash to walk in on them?

That's just, like, your opinion man!

The situation with Button's dad, will be mentioned in a later chapter.
I will hint, why they did it in the living room in the next chapter, and more on a later chapter. Though I am trying to put a scene together that might help with that question, but it sounds rushed.

When you say that you'll be busy the next couple of weeks and that the chapter will update on Saturday/Sunday, does that mean that the next chapter will be in this weekend or the weekend in the couple of weeks? Sorry for the irritating question, I just wanted to be sure.

I try to have a story out every week. If your asking about PB, I am almost done with it. Though that will be it until next weekend.

I am a third of the way through with this story. So yeah, there will be an update for this as well.

4104264 oh good! i like how it was already going but the incest derails it for me

i hope you'd show more of his genius in later chapters:twilightsmile:
4104730 yes its, its not like im shoving it down anyone's throat or anything

Good, because das rape. Which happens to be one of my many, many fetishes.

Comment posted by Moongaze14 deleted Mar 20th, 2014
Comment posted by Moongaze14 deleted Mar 20th, 2014

Hey, I forgot to ask. What's the name of Button's mom? All I know is that it starts with an M but Colgate didn't finish the name.

I suddenly got the half assed idea that whats -his -name and the new kid should become 1930's style gangsters.

Button seems to be attractive despite his age. I got a couple of question was the original Button naturally ripped or did the exercise of the human sculpted his Equestrian body quicker than normal? Also, what is the age of consent for Equestrian ponies because I find it weird that Rarity feels attracted to Button's body despite being the same age as Sweetie Belle? Anyway, this is a great chapter and I hope that the next one comes soon.

The sweet nectar of Arabia is never to be underestimated.

I did not want to make intentiional, but yes I took the inspiration for the scene from the game.


This guy got balls of steel nuff said.

Wow, another chapter of this story along with PB. You just made my day. BTW, will Button's mom return soon? I love the awkward interaction between her and Button. Also, you practically turned Button into the coolest teen in Ponyville. Good Job.

:rainbowlaugh: It took both princesses to take one colt! fucking beautiful!:rainbowlaugh:

“I-is that how you address a Princess?!?” Again she shouted, nearly deafening me.

“Or… what?” Luna asked, looking towards the white mare.
“I scream really loud… and you explain to the ponies of this town why you have a naked colt on your lap and wrecked house.”

Damn. This guy prides himself highly if he thinks he can top the RCV.
That or pones have selective hearing.

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