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Rover, The diamond dog, finally gets to do what every pups dream is in the dens, to play in the snow. He also learns just how generous a certain white unicorn filly can be as well.

Christmas Story set in the Youngeverse
Sad Tag is for Bittersweet feels towards the end. (you have been warned, I am not responsible for death by feels)

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*sniff sniff* ahh god I need a moment:fluttercry:

Dammit I need a loooong moment to adjust to these feels you give me.:moustache:

3680118 3679537 ... can you take a moment for me too?
I was like this :applecry: writing from the hot cocoa scene to the end.

P.S. Glad you enjoyed the story, means a lot to me:twilightsmile:

Omigosh! I love how rarity says mum. It's just so cute!

Love the story.


Yeah... going to need a new heart.... you fucker.

I'd call that confusing.
:ajsmug: Oh well, others probably understood it.


Bittersweet because Rover is the leader of the Diamond Dogs from Dog And Pony Show. Though I suppose it isn't too bad in that aspect, the story said that the Diamond Dogs don't consider gems valuable so the ones she received in that episode weren't especially important for them

Phew, for a second I thought the hot cocoa scene was going to go a lot differently. But yeah, it's the irony of the situation that makes this sadder than it's actually written.
Also, worthless gems? Isn't that what they were searching for the entire episode? Did Rover figure out that ponies value them or something? I kind of want to know what caused that shift.

this is a great little story. :pinkiehappy:

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