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The Notebook


What else can be said. When a opinion goes untold, when sadness consumes. Who is there to fall to if something happens? If someone gets hurt and the explosion is too loud do they still make a audible sound releasing there pain. If forced into a love that you think is one sided or non exsistant does it hurt? Why not find out.

(For the Straight Shipping group OC-tober contest.)

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I liked it. thank you for the read. :twilightsmile:


Your welcome. I've actually had this stored in a doc for somewhere near a month now.


Yeah i know what you mean. Since all i do is work draw and type now i have lie 9 stories stored somewhere in a folder. i would post them but i don't have an editor, nor internet... and I leave the house a lot, my dad kinda disowned me ever since he caught wind of me being a Brony.

Sorry for the pity party.


Nah it's cool. My mom is a bit... Narrow minded lets say that.


My mom is hella cool with the thought.... but she lives in Alabama. lol

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