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Many years ago, a major disaster rocked Equestria and left it a much different place than before. Rarity, years after her last real adventure, is now a lonely, bitter mare racked with trauma from her past. Her life changes course from its tailspin downward when she meets a young Diamond Dog and a chance to finally move on with her life.

Special thanks to Deep for all his help and reviews. LoneUnicornWriter for help in editing my scribble and Rhawkas For his help editing the first chapter.
Don't know who did the cover art. If you know make sure to tell me. Thanks a bunch.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 22 )

Okay, now I'm curious. About what happened to Equestria, about Pan and who he is, about what happened to Rarity and what made her so cynical. I'm curious about everything. Consider me keeping an eye on this.

I love it. The way the characters are edone its so perfect! I look forward to the future monseur.


I'm glad you both found it interesting!

The way you break the character into something so oppose to what it is while simultaneously adding relaism to make it appear possible. Brilliant!

Can't wait for the next update!:raritywink:

How do I know this story won't die after only one chapter?

Well, I do Have the rest of the story completed on google docs. Just need to look over it for any last mistakes and I plan on updates every monday but if it really worries you, you could just wait till its marked complete or something.

You know you could ask if they have the story complete before thinking it could die, right?:unsuresweetie:

Oh Rarity... Your poor girl. Something tells me Spot is just what you need.

No wonder she's so set in reverse, no sane person takes loss that large lying down.....

Absolutely adorable chapter.

“He’s one of them Diamond Dog’s, right? I read about them in a magazine once. He ain’t gonna ruin my upholstery is he? I heard how they can get.”

Rarity’s jaw dropped at the nerve of the driver’s words. Spot curled up into a ball, not looking at anything but the floor.

Energy crackled off of Rarity’s horn and her form visibly darkened. Her eyes became slitted like that of a cat.

“How about you get driving or your car seats will be the least of your worries.” The driver could feel the hate in her words.

“N-No problem, Ma’am, where to?”

Damn good adoptive parent, Rarity is.

I really like the bittersweet moment of events past. When you go on to grand adventures and then shift to the life of the mundane, you tend to be bitter.

Well done on the first chapter. You have my attention.

Jesus fucking Christ...

Wow, you read fast!

I'm pretty nervous about this chapter. Sorry if it was too much.

What can I say, I love this story?

And yeah, this chapter was a bit much but in a good way. Quite unnerving really.

Will Sweetie Belle be alright in this story?
Most authors don't have the story all written out in Google docs or whatever before they post it.

You'll have to read to find out, but I will say that this isn't a Sweetie Belle story.

So the world just ended?

- Pretty dissappointing imo.

Sorry you feel that way. I would like to point it that I still have a chapter left for this story and my already mentioned sequel plans so who knows what or what sticks, you know?

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