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So the dogs had gotten rid of that whining, crying pony that drove them all up the walls. Everyone was happy, they got to be left alone and made sure to keep a wide berth from ponyfolk from now on. But then the most sacred thing a dog has got threatened. Their homes, their families, their pack. With everything at stake and an enemy that is way beyond what they have any hope of taking on they must make a deal with the devil, they must get Rarity's help.

But is the price for their pack's safety too high, even for them?

Knowing how vindictive Rarity can be, probably.

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Hmm, interesting... I like it.

Quite a good story. Didn't see many grammar mistakes and the length made me happy.

I'm a disgrace! To the elements of harmony, to all good ponyfolk and to all of Equestria!


also, we changelings do not live in hives and are closely allied with the diamond dog packs and the buffalo tribes

I've always liked the diamond dogs so this was a great read for me.:pinkiehappy:

Oddly enough I got a kitten just a few weeks ago, so yeah I guess.

Great work on this, though I'm not sure enslavement is all that harmless.:unsuresweetie:

3323272 Neither is devouring all ability for an entire nation to love but you don't see the changelings get ragged on for that. The diamond dogs were as ineffectual and bumbling as could be, like if Abbott and Constello became villains, that's what I meant with harmless.


I usually give some stories a hard time for that kind of thing, but it's a tricky thing to get into because we really don't have that much actual information.

In this story you gave the Diamond dogs a pretty damn good reason to have kidnapped Rarity in the episode, but bumbling or not without that reason they would be real villains, just like the changelings would be if not presented in the right light for that.

Just a matter of head canon.

Are we all cat people or something here?

Well, I do have seven cats... and a very confused long-haired Chihuahua... :pinkiehappy:

3323361 Yes there's my point. The Changelings, whose deeds were much worse, have been from day one depicted in often positive ways, while the Diamond Dogs, the three stooges of MLP villains, have only been depicted as a horde of slavering beasts or deceitful murderers. At least as far as I can tell they've never been depicted as anything more than monsters. I just think there's a lack of variety in the depictions. .

This was good. A bit weird, but good.

I love this. I remember reading a story that made reference to Rarity finding out that the diamond dogs needed the gems to buy food for the winter but no redemption was mentioned. This opens up a whole range of story ideas.
By the way I lost it at the comment about Blueblood scratching his tonsils with his own horn. That fits that twit to a t.

YES. I've been searching for a story like this since forever. You, sir, have made my day. And it's midnight here, so this is a good start.

Hey. You should make more. :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. I enjoyed the story, but I can't help but feel that at times just a little bit more depth wouldn't have hurt. I think you handled the dogs very well, but with the ponies a few scenes could have been a bit more fleshed out. When Rarity finally finds out why the dogs came to her, for example, there's is a great opportunity for some conflict and maybe even some bonding between her and the dogs, but instead it becomes just another whining joke. When she sees the dog clan, there is some description of clan family life, but it wouldn't have hurt to see more. Have Rarity spend some time being forced to see they are just other beings trying to get by before she starts digging, even if (to her) they are smelly and uncouth. Make her ride the guild train a bit more.

The whole thing with Shining is a bit sudden maybe, but the way you have Rover handle the situation is rather good.

The ending gives me mixed feelings. It is a good place to end the story. Continuing could be risky. It would have to be handled carefully, but the way you handle the dogs makes me think you could pull it off. The story definitely can be done as it is, but the idea of Rover trying to make sense of the situation and doing his best to improve the life of his clan in this strange opportunity that has been thrown upon him fills me with glee. Not to mention I am curious to see how you would have Celestia handle things.

On the one hand, the ending works just fine. Maybe it should be left at this point. Maybe continuing would only hurt the story. On the other hand, what could have been!

At any rate, very enjoyable story indeed. There are actually a couple of stories where Diamond Dogs are portrayed in a more positive light, but they are rare. And a lot of them should be avoided still.

Stories about the diamond dogs is very rare and you made a very good story about them.

Have my like and fav, you earned it!

This was really good! In fact, I think this could pass as an actual episode. Someone get Hasbro on the phone, seriously!

Rover meets Celestia...

That I gotta see. Might I impose on you?

(Sequel please!)

This was a good story, very entertaining. Characters are well portrayed. I would like to see a sequel to this someday, maybe the Mudpile's becoming a much larger clan?

Yes, yes, I know,” Rover said. “Dog politics are simpler, we just compare gem piles and beat each other up,” he groused. Rarity couldn't help but smile at this.“That WOULD solve a few things, wouldn't it?”

..... sad but true

well if we are cat peoples it's probably because
1) whatever happens all dogs go to heaven.
2) cats have nine lifes. witch mean nine time the strife

This was really good. Wow. :rainbowderp: Colour me impressed.

Dogs not complain so much now. Diamond Dogs be very helpful to Carousel Boutique later.

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