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There is a ton of mail in Canterlot. What are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to do? At Cadence's suggestion, they do the only logical thing: answer it with the help of Equestria's two premier jokesters, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Join them on their quest to answer strange questions, eat snacks, and make many inappropriate jokes along the way.

Written for the purposes of:
a) to help with my depression
b) get a lighthearted, funny, episodic fanfic up on FIMFiction
c) give Respawn Inbox the semi-crossover it deserves
d) Mr. Sark is best pony

To ask a question to the hosts, go here. Any questions not at this post will be rejected outright. Make sure to read the rules, too.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 50 )

A little rough around the edges, as tends to happen when settling into the groove of new ideas, but definitely has some potential. The second pass through the "fuckton" joke was laugh-out-loud funny.

I think one good possibility here is to develop the chemistry of your co-hosts. Take their bantering and develop character out of it. The best part of the letters is going to be the way it gives you the chance to play them off of each other.

Dear Princesses,

What's your most embarrassing moment?



can the reviewers send in questions?

3298290 If, by reviewers, you mean readers, then yes, of course. But I cannot promise that it will be used. And, if by reviewers, you do not mean readers, then further clarification will be required in order for me to formulate a complete answer.

Felt like using my vocabulary there. Dunno why.

3302956 yup i meant reviewers as in readers

3303032 Yeah, feel free to use the story comments to ask some questions. I have some secret criteria for questions to see if they're good to be asked. For example, the question in Horizon's comment passed the criteria, so I'll use it sometime soon. So ask away! :pinkiehappy:

3304304 so we can treat this like a tumblr blog only with more restrictions?

3305425 You can treat it like a Tumblr blog in the sense that you can ask a question and you might get an answer.

3305538 cool just checking
anyway a question: have you ever been caught in a awkward/compromising position?


have you ever been caught in a awkward/compromising position?

I'm sorry, but I cannot answer your question at this time. Twilight and I have both agreed that we will never discuss the laundry incident EVER AGAIN.

Eternally yours,

Princess Celestia

3363450 It involved whips, chains and corsets. Tee hee hee.

Do I really have to write out your giggling?


3363532 Luna! The Laundry Incident is on the Official List of Things We No Longer Discuss, along with That One Time in Appleloosa and Why We are No Longer Allowed in Stalliongrad Anymore.
Princess Celestia

I don't get paid enough for this.

3363543 luna if you tell me more you would have another reason as to why your my fav princess

3363550 I shall leave that for our intrepid correspondent to tell. He was bravely there for the entire episode and could tell it much funnier than I could.

Princess Luna

PS Ask my sister about the Crumpet Incident some time. It's hilarious.

3370991 *snickers* the crumpet incident? hehe... hehe... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

3372838 Its something I made up in response to the 'have you ever been caught in a awkward/compromising position' question. I sometimes do things like that if I think it will be funny or to see where other people go with it. You may ignore it if you like.

I added sex and gore as tags here, because this most recent chapter kinda got like that. Now is a great time to ask your Halloween-themed questions!

3395158 Oh, yeah. That part kinda wrote itself, know what I mean?

Hey Aj what if Applebloom's wasn't apple related

3395495 If you want your question to be answered, make sure to do it here.

:ajsleepy: snore huh what its already over darn i wanted to see that

Comment posted by doorcf deleted Nov 5th, 2013

3435880 Make sure to put it in the blog post here. Otherwise, it probably won't get answered.

I was in the chapter :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Mine too! *scoops up bits and jingles them in claws*

These question and answer sessions are hilarious!

1.) A question for Rainbow Dash and Rarity, if you could be any of the other ponies in the Mane Six, which one would you pick and why?

3529759 Make sure you comment on the blog post in the story description, or your question won't be answered.

Also, glad to see you're enjoying the story!

3529759 Also, make sure to favorite the story so you're notified when it updates, unless you feel like digging through the backlogs of update info.

Is this the crumpet incedent involving the doctor a pot of fresh tea and the sonic screwdriver?

my question is for RD, what is the worst and best prank you played on a princess/princesses and what happened?

Hey razalon can i have three million bits for a real estate investment?

3530113 Make sure you ask it on the blog post in the description, and make sure you favorite so you're notified when the story updates.

Comment posted by i_heart_oc deleted Dec 11th, 2013

Dear Luna,
What did you do to pass the time on the moon?
Dear Celestia,
You and your sister are awesome.

3613556 Please leave questions for the hosts on the blog post linked in the description. Otherwise, your question will not get answered.

3613556 Also, make sure to favorite the story, so you're alerted when a new chapter is up.

...I still think Rarity is a wasted marshmallow..:ajsmug:

question: if you could have discord's powers, what would be the first 10 things you'd do?
for me, I have powers greater than discord but if i could...
10 nap
9 eat a ton of sweets and not care about weight
8 troll
7 tease the royal guards in an empty sexual way
6 bother the hell out of celestia
5 create a portal to the human world and bring lyra heartstrings with me (Lyra:YIPPEEEEEE!)
4 play World of equis with luna for ten hours straight
3 argue with several different parts of my personality
2 do "that's what she said" all day
1 and number one on the list, do something random and not give a b:yay:k
... wait, most of that is what fat ass:trollestia: does all day... huh

DONT. EVER. MENTION. THAT. i still can't eat chocolate chip pancakes... and those were my favorite...

356706How about i don't tell the c.p.d. that you have income from a questionable source? Nah, I'm kidding you get a plasma pistol in three months of funding act now and we'll throw in a brand new shiv! it shoots lazers like a dilek also with a extra $50 million we can also make it sound like one call now!

I'm sad this fic is dead I was really looking forward to the Luna and Celestia chapter:fluttershysad:

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