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(Date: Sept 7, 2016, around 7:00 PM: I'M SORRY, DID I JUST GET FEATURED BY UPDATING A STORY THAT'S BEEN DEAD FOR MORE THAN YEAR, WHAT? How. Seriously, how? No offense, but I had hoped it had gotten so when I was more active. Oh well.

Edit: 9/7/2016, almost 9 PM: Aaaand I'm no longer featured. BACK IN MY DAY I'D STILL BE ON THERE. All jokes and salt aside, I'm glad I at least made it on that list once, even for a short while.)

It started out as another test for another one of Bill's projects, and the talented Pokemon Trainer and Bill's friend, Stephen, has volunteered to help with the test.
Bill's new invention? A teleport station. The experiment was made so that Stephen would travel from Cerulean to One Island and back.
There is, however, one problem.
Bill plugged in some numbers that accidentally teleported Stephen somewhere nowhere near One Island.
Stephen wakes up in a world of magic and talking ponies, and an oncoming storm.
Will our protagonist be able to quell the darkness that holds Equestria?

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3258987 I need more of your wonderfully amazing story BronyDJ!:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: Please kick writer's block in the face!:rainbowwild:

I'm a sucker for a good pokemon story also


is this before season three?

No, seeing as Twilight is already Alicorn. Don't worry, all will be explained in due time.

Thanks so much! Don't worry, once I settle into my Senior year, everything will come through eventually.

It would be most amusing if Volta was a Zebstrika. Or if one of them was a Rapidash.

Possibles (IMO)

Volta- Zebstrika/Magnezone/Ampharos/Electrode/Galvantula
Patrician- no freaking clue
Tempest- Fearow/Skarmory/Pidgeot/... some others.
Reaper- ... Dusknoir/Lampent/Chandelure
(Lampent would fit better symbolically since it actively seeks the souls of the departed)

I'm wondering how the pokemon are getting their personalities swapped in the same way Discord did to the elements. I suppose I will find out eventually.

Volta is a Pikachu! I can feel it! Or maybe it's evolved form. I can't guess the others.

Awesome, Bill's friend has the same name as me!

Love this fic!!! :D, but hope he just doesnt trust the ponies when he meets them they shouldn't be trusted he should be wary of them always

Working on Chapter 5 and beyond as we speak.
Technically I'm multitasking, jumping between this and my Film Studies homework.
Don't worry, it'll be out soon!

And why is that?
Of course, he'd be suspicious, they've been following him all this time. It's very rude to stalk someone.

3291906 because when he does meet celestia, her twilight and the rest will ask him personal question and try to get into his business as the ponies always do and will probably ask why he's here are how he got their as well as various questions about his world and his life which would benefit them in no way especially to a thousand year old being, why would they care in the first place? normally someone wouldn't see anything wrong with this unless they were naturally suspicious of others motivations, and my natural thought process is in return for sending him back/staying their she'll want a favor in return or will need help with something or ask him if its alright for twilight to study him and his pokemon possibly looking for any weakness they can exploit in case things are out of their favor are if they believe he's a threat to which I would have to flat-out refuse unless they wish to tell me their weaknesses.

And then she'll probably say something about not hurting her little ponies in a threatening manner to which I wouldn't take sitting down and get back in her face.

I love the story :D its freakin beast!!! just be wary of anything out of the ordinary such as said aforementioned questions are acts.

You sir just summed up many repetitive themes in many, many HumanInEquestria fanfics.
Don't worry, I'll have all of that sorted out when the story gets there!

Did I mention that I've been writing this fanfic right off the top of my head?
Trust me, I'll think of something great for it.

3292135 finally someone else who understands!.

And this is off the top of your head? Wish I could thing of awesome stuff like this. I'm jelly dude!

Thanks, man!
I've read a loooot of the fanfics on here, and I happen to be a fan of HiE. So, I think I'll be able to spice things up a bit.
Don't be jelly, dude. Just keep practicing writing. This idea was just a stroke of luck that just happened to pop into my head.

Found this story randomly today. I'm glad I did. You don't get very many Pokemon crossovers on this site. And most (I said most) are crappy. This one is... it's not the best, but it sure as hell isn't the kind of fic where everything goes perfectly (it seems like it now, but you need him to get his Pokemon back. Please don't make everyone be all happy sunshine friends and whatnot when they finally meet) and turns a lot of people away because of gary stu/mary sue qualities.

Of course everything should go perfectly for the protagonist, silly :pinkiesmile:
What's the point of trying to write a decent story if you're gonna gary stu everything?
Stephen isn't perfect, and I'll be able to mix in some unexpected things now and again. This won't be another typical HiE.

3292198Well of course it isn't a typical HiE. It's a PTiE (Pokemon Trainer in Equestria):rainbowlaugh:. Jokes aside, I've been meaning to write my own Pokemon crossover for a while now. Somewhat similar situation to this (In that a technological accident causes teleportation to Equestria), and one of your Pokemon is the same as mine. Hey, if it's not too much trouble, could you tell me what you think of my story concept (I'll PM you it if you're okay with it)?

I don't exactly see myself as an expert at writing this kind of fanfiction, it's my first ever crossover.
But if you really think I can help you, by all means, PM me the story. It's no trouble at all.

The only flashback I have read is tempest because of obvious reasons

This is turning into an excellent story. Keep up the good work! Also, nice use of the origin story, it was how Ash and his Charmander met right?

That's right! Going back to the good old days.
Thanks for reading!-

Can't wait to hear him explaining the wonderful world of Pokemon. I wonder if Pinkie is going to try and sneak into a Poke Ball. :pinkiegasp: Maybe use one to throw out to decorate with. :pinkiegasp:

That.... is an interesting idea. I love Pinkie, but I have no idea how I should make her interact with Stephen.

Really? Just like that he gets knocked out. You could have letten his pokemon come out and protect him atleast. When you see your own 'master' get knocked out cold it tends to create alot of trouble for the party that did that.

He returned Nova back to her Pokeball.
Also, his other Pokemon weren't fully healed. They were given either a status heal, a super potion, or both.
Keep in mind these 6 are lvl 100, and a super potion don't cut it.
Also, he didn't want trouble, he did NOT want his Pokemon to come out to start a big battle with the ponies.

Yea, they wont be learning or getting anything from him anytime soon and I mean when he's conscious. But basically don't trust them don't tell the squat.

3319466, Knowing how Pinkie shatters the 4th wall all the time,:pinkiecrazy: having her do something crazy and unexpected with the pokeballs is what she is born to do. :pinkiehappy:

Keep on writing. Don't hold us in suspence tool long,:rainbowderp: if thats ok with you. :fluttershysad:

We'll see. I'm working on the next chapter as we speak.

Good grief! What is it with Luna and overreacting? I swear, that aspect of luna is EVERYWHERE!!!!

How would you react if you saw some strange, potentially dangerous creature approaching your friends?
I'd intervene in some way, even if it means getting in a fight.

Funny, I played Oliver Twist in a play in 6th grade.
Don't worry! I'm working on the next chapters, and they'll update in no time!

one question, where are the other element bearers?

Patrician's origin story is the same as how Ash got his Charmander back in Kanto. Also, Arcanine isn't a legendary Pokemon.

Not with them obviously. Let the story play out, you'll figure it out soon.

I LOVE IT!!! Finally a human who speaks his mind and knows what he's doing!

Finally a human that isn't a pansy, he spoke his mind.

FINALLY! THE WORLD HAS FINALLY BECOME CORRECT! A HUMAN WHO WILL NOT ONLY SPEAK HIS MIND, BUT ALSO HE DOESN'T TRUST THE PONIES RIGHT AWAY! HAHA!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::moustache::twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiehappy::moustache::twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiehappy:

I would have reacted in the same way after being imprisoned for no apparent reason.
So good job author.

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