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Where's the Updates? · 1:26am Oct 11th, 2017

I've posted this onto my FFnet profile, but I mas as well post it here.
For those few of you who've been wondering about my updates:

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I'm Writing Again? · 11:17pm Sep 7th, 2016

I'm only going to be trying to finish "Equestria, I Choose You!"
I'm no longer a part of the current Brony fandom, and that story doesn't require me to make reference to the current season. All of it is from around Season 3-4 anyway. I really just don't want my most successful story on her to just die.
Hope you enjoy me giving super long waits between chapters again.

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Fanfiction · 3:51pm Jul 15th, 2016

I'm no longer active as a writer on here. I mainly just read docs here. I'm much more active on fanfiction.net under the username BleachCadelina. I write RWBY and Shokugeki no Soma fanfictions, and maybe more to come. Hope to see you there!

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Cancelled. For Now. · 2:49am Feb 15th, 2016

I haven't been an active member of the brony fandom since the end of Season 4, and the show doesn't exactly incite the same spark of ideas and passion as it did years ago. Trust me, I watch my beloved G4 ponies over any cartoon series today, but it won't really be as exciting for me as it was 2012-2014. Also, I have no idea what to do with my stores; as I've said before, I had been writing all of them as I went, so I had no set plan for them.

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Hiatus Announcement · 9:34pm Aug 18th, 2015

Hey everyone! College is coming back to rear its ugly head, which means my free time will be gone.
I've been trying to work on the stories, but get stopped every time by a family event or, more often, Writer's Block.
Since college work will be eating up most of my time, I need to call for a hiatus from writing for a while. I'll be on to read on the site, maybe work on another start of a chapter, but that's it

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Update! · 3:20am May 1st, 2015

BronyDJ here, and I just wanted to apologize for the whole wait on this fic. I've recently been super busy with the overwhelming college work and the inability to adult. These are forcing me to take an unofficial hiatus, though I will still be on this site to read on a regular basis. Feel free to still comment or send OCs, etc. I promise I will get this fic, and my other stories, updated soon. This is my most successful fanfic so far; I'm not gonna let my fans down!

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Cancel of Three Best Friends · 5:14am Aug 17th, 2014

After much, much thought, I have come to the conclusion that I will be cancelling the story, "Three Best Friends & Their Journey in Equestria." It was my first fic, it was also quite the... eh fic. I have no idea where to go with it, I have lost all motivation to continue it. This is just a notice before I delete it forever. Thanks to those who did like and favorite it.

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OMG YAAAAY · 9:44pm Oct 2nd, 2013


Honestly though. I haven't written anything MLP related in a long time, and the stories that I've been trying to work on keep being put on hold due to personal issues and school, and writer's block in general.

I'm honestly surprised at the reception of Equestria, I Choose You! I never had a big following, and now that people have found my new fic and are enjoying it, it makes me feel really glad I came back to write stuff.

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Opinion on this new "Gallon Smashing" Trend · 8:30am Feb 22nd, 2013

As you might have seen, there is a new trend going around, trying to build up popularity. If you haven't heard/seen the video, it's basically going to any supermarket and taking two full gallon containers of milk/water/juice/etc and smashing the on the ground, whilst the "smasher" make it look like he slipped or fell hard on the ground because of the spilled liquids.
My opinion?

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Well... · 7:50am Feb 19th, 2013

Tried out that new story idea.
Of course, it tanked. It always sounds better in my head. So, out of pure discouragement for the story, I deleted it. Guess I'll just try to work on Ink Flow and Three Best Friends a bit I guess. My insomnia+ADD do not go well. I can't find time to focus on my fics when everyone at home keeps making me do stuff. Also, fucking high school. Anyway, I'll keep my ideas on Word next time, an work on the slightly better fics of mine.

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