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(Date: Sept 7, 2016, around 7:00 PM: I'M SORRY, DID I JUST GET FEATURED BY UPDATING A STORY THAT'S BEEN DEAD FOR MORE THAN YEAR, WHAT? How. Seriously, how? No offense, but I had hoped it had gotten so when I was more active. Oh well.

Edit: 9/7/2016, almost 9 PM: Aaaand I'm no longer featured. BACK IN MY DAY I'D STILL BE ON THERE. All jokes and salt aside, I'm glad I at least made it on that list once, even for a short while.)

It started out as another test for another one of Bill's projects, and the talented Pokemon Trainer and Bill's friend, Stephen, has volunteered to help with the test.
Bill's new invention? A teleport station. The experiment was made so that Stephen would travel from Cerulean to One Island and back.
There is, however, one problem.
Bill plugged in some numbers that accidentally teleported Stephen somewhere nowhere near One Island.
Stephen wakes up in a world of magic and talking ponies, and an oncoming storm.
Will our protagonist be able to quell the darkness that holds Equestria?

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