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I am a writer dabbling in many genres. I only write what I love, and can only hope for others to love it the same. This is usually no the case.

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So, how about female spike (spines) with male spike? I have not seen that done. A first time straight to the point none-hymen (Why would a dragon have a hymen?) screw!

What is with the clothes? Are they anthro?

not one for foalcon in any way. but i like this, its funny, and clopworthy, well done

:rainbowderp: That was just....well it was different and good keep up the work :moustache:

Good grief! This chapter had a lot of orgasms! Scootaloo's cock should've been reduced to jelly by the end of the story.

All in all, though, a great read. :raritywink:


I am interested in your request, though I request more information, in order to give me a better idea of how to go about it. Perhaps give me a set-up or plot point to go around. Something like that.


Yes, they are anthro. I would think the anthro tag in the description, plus the mention of hands, would suffice as an explanation! :trollestia:


Sorry, like I said, in order for the plot to work, they had to technically be foals. I thought that at least making them teenagers would make it less... wrong, but yeah... :twilightblush:

3095819 Hmm. I'll try. Lets see... Twilight gets into possession of an old mirror found in the castle of the two sisters. Spike ends up having to clean it of all the dirt and dust that has accumulated. (stuck with the chores as usual...) While cleaning the mirror spike notices something very peculiar; The mirror doesn't invert the world like it should. When the mirror is perfectly clean he starts to inspect it closely (By inspect I mean completely posing) .
He notices how different his reflection looks when moving his right hand it seems as if his left hand moves. While inspecting himself and doing poses in the mirror :moustache: he starts to talk to himself saying things like "you like what you see?" and "looking good!". :facehoof: While fascinating about his "charming body" he swears he hears a strange distorted version of his voice coming from the mirror. He looks the mirror over and says "hello?" to his "reflection" and hears a slightly higher voice say hello as well. Startled he replies "Ah! the mirror talked!". He starts to inspect his "reflection" more closely, which is hard when it moves the other way than you! He tells his reflection "ok, you go left and I go right ok?" Which his reflection says the same... "Screw this!"
They both go to the middle of the mirror and start to push on it (Like that'll do anyth-) and to their shock they feel their clawed hands go through it. When that happens they both lock eye's and say "Ha, I knew you were an imposter!" And proceed to try to pull the other into their side of the mirror. Spike wins because of his pudgy-ness...:trollestia:
Anyways, they both fall onto each other and notice to their shock that they are not as similar as they thought. They both smell (How, I do not know. this is a lizard thing right? With their lizard... tongues?) Each other and know immediately that the one across from them is indeed another dragon... of opposite gender.:twilightblush: Now this is where they both figure out they are themselves, but different genders and both look immediately to the others crotch. Spike guesses him being male is the reason he 'overpowered his other' into his side and not hers. In reality he's just pudgy. Well, it's kind of self explanatory what happens next, but I will give some basis. They both ask to check out their bodies, they notice that their privates look the same (Well until the reality of being under a female dragon gets him, exited) and that's when his (Single penis) comes out of his slit (lizard privates are weird). Both flushed, spike try's to make an excuse but the female dragon comes to the rescue (same thing is happening to her, although less noticeable.) by saying, "Uh, so that's what I would look like as a male... cool." (kind of breaking the ice... kind of) Feeling somewhat aroused: twilightblush: herself she try's to change the topic by saying, "Dusk will freak once he finds out about this! I mean, a whole new world!" She looks back at spike and says, "I'm spines what's your name?" Spike just stares. She shakes him to his senses. "oh uh sorry, I'm spike. Your really pretty." He immediately gets red and clamps his mouth shut sputtering nonsense. She has never been told she was pretty by anyone other than Elusive and Dusk... She gets an idea. "Hey uh, spike right? I think we should examine our differences more closely, don't you think? For dusk and, and your dusk I mean!" She says the last part while stuttering and blushing.:twilightblush: Well the rest is self explanatory. Although now I feel like making this into a story on it's own... Nah. A few things to notice; Neither of them have had any sexual experience before, they both are very curious (come on, they were raised by Twilight/dusk.), Spines doesn't have a hymen so no massive amount of pain, they "explore" each other first, the sex is not brutal or rough but slow and steady, Spines has multiple orgasms and spike only has one in the end, and finally if you can could you do it in third person? I would type more, but If I did I might as well make it into my own story!
So the rest is up to you (No anal though! In this anus's smell bad because waste goes out of them, strange right? How could crap make an anus smell like shit?). DAMN! I didn't realize how long this was... I would write this into my own story if I had Microsoft Word, but it's not to be... Oh and I completely made up the plot as I went along, so don't mind the strangeness. If you need anything cleared up just tell me!:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Tomsketchit deleted Aug 24th, 2013

I did not expect you to get that thorough with it...
Well, I'll definitely give it a shot. It's not like I've got nothing to work with here! :raritywink:
Oh, quick questions just for clarification.
Because you mention pudginess in male Spike, do you mean they are both 'baby' dragons like on the show, or older and he just retained the pudginess?
And would this be anthro or normal? (Probably doesn't matter because dragons, just thought it would be helpful to know for referencing ponies.)

Oh, and there are a few requests ahead of you, plus I'm entering a time when I will have little free time, so I cannot promise it will be ready any time soon.
Thank you!

3096681 I didn't expect to get that thorough either...

Anyways, Pudginess because they are both babies and sense spines is female she is slightly skinnier, (just for simplistic sake).

It would be normal. I don't really like anthro that much...:twilightsheepish:

I don't mind the time it takes. Take as long as you need!:twilightsmile: It would be nice if it was a decent length (At least 5k words).

3096449 Oh and btw what you do not like in clop fics is exactly what I do not like! I will never understand scat or foot fetishes...:pinkiesick:

3096738 Oh and I forgot to mention. If you do go through with the idea please no blowjobs, it's not really something I think someone would do on their first sexual encounter...:twilightsheepish: Oh but Cunnulingus (I know I botched that word) is fine as long as it is realistic because of their age (I imagine spike being about 12-15). I had my first sexual experience at a young age like that and I know for a fact that most people that young don't really go for oral play.

Okay, let me just ensure I've got this right.
Spike meets Spine. They chat, get turned on by each other, and decide to do it with one another (which if you think about it technically makes it masturbation... y'know, since they're doing themselves...).
Also, regular ponies, and vanilla sex.

Not bad. Kind of disappointed it wasn't as long as the first chapter but it was still good.

Yeah... the request gave very specific details about what it wanted... namely that it was to be Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh doing anal, preferably with lots of cum. If I had just stuck to that and hadn't added in the other things, this would have been even shorter. I just wasn't given that big of a thing to work with, so I did what I could.

3238535 Well, thanks for doing what you could. Though I would like to see more Big Mac in the future, if that's not too much trouble. :eeyup:

You said no scat, but what about fart?

That counts in my opinion. This is clop. I see nothing clop worthy about flatulence. Sorry, but that's that.

I see. Well, that's it from me then. :rainbowlaugh: I have a huge fart fetish, I clop to gassipons vids on youtube every night.

How about Twilight turns Pinkie Pie into a two-dicked futa with huge balls? Whenever she climaxes, she cums several gallons each time!

Hmm... Alright, suppose I could give that a shot. That would definitely be... interesting, and something I haven't tried before...
Challenge accepted.

On second thought, sorry, but no thanks. I can't get myself to wrap my head around that. Sorry.

What about a story about Pinkie Pie being fucked by her sisters, Inkie and Blinkie. Like her sisters being futa and screwing her brains out at the same time.

I know your description says you have 2 other requests, but I'm just throwing this idea out there.

Hmm... that would be an interesting idea... I am a little hesitant since her sisters' personalities haven't been explored much on the show, meaning that I have no idea how to write them, but this is definitely something doable.

3254696 The only thing we have to go on for Pinkie's family is that they aren't against here parties since she got her cutie mark on the rock farm from throwing them a party and they seemed to enjoy it. I would say just right it however you feel is comfortable to you, or however you picture them, if you do end up doing this.

Also, on a side note, if you do this story can it not be anthro? I don't have anything against it I just don't really like it.

Of course! I do non-anthro stories.
So yeah, I'll see what I can do.

I'd really like to see some Changeling x Celestia stuff.

Right now I'm a bit bogged down, have a few requests that are unfinished along with other fics that need work. I might take you up on that later though.

Of course, if I were to do this, I'd have to ask for further details. While I can work with vague ideas (e.g., first story in the compilation) I do prefer to have a general direction to head in.

Chrysalis captures Celestia, then Celestia fucks her guard in an effort to get free?

Hmm... I'll see about it once I can get around to it. Which would probably be awhile. About three other requests, plus the fic I'm working on now (which is looking to be a LONG one-shot), means you're gonna have quite a wait.

:pinkiegasp:she is still being domonaint:rainbowkiss:

Old habits die hard!

Not that Mac minded much. He was fine with her being dominant, he just wanted to FEEL like he was in control!

do rainbow dash with a gangbang of all the wonderbolts ( anal, vag, DP, mouth, Hoofjob, all of it.)

Sorry, I'm not taking any more requests at this time. I have too many unfinished as is.

And even still, I'm frankly not too fond of that idea.

Nightmare moon(Luna in a disguise) dominatrix to submissive Twilight, 'Nightmare' constantly calling her 'slave', and 'slut', 'cunt', 'whore', and 'bitch'. with Twilight calling Nightie' 'Mistress'.

alternatively, if you want, novelize This

Two things. One, that idea sounds like something I'd rather not write. And Two, read the bold text in the bottom of the description.

Wow. I am so happy you made this! Even though it was short (really, anything less than 10k is short to me) I loved it regardless. I hope it works out for Spike and Spines in the end.

3453758 uh, isn't there a lot of Nightmare Moon/ Twilight dominatrix out there already?

Glad you liked it! Sorry if it wasn't as long as you had hoped, I tried to put out as much as I could. Probably doesn't help that I wrote it all in one night. :twilightsheepish:
Anyway, thanks! It was fun to write!

Hi. So about your request:
I'm sorry. I can't do it. I tried, but I just can't come up with anything good for it. No matter how I try to think about it, it either comes out crappy and/or rapey (I avoid rape).
I'm sorry to have to turn down this request like this.

Since I am not taking new requests at the time, if you'd like to make a new request it will have to wait. I'm still bogged down with all of my stories as is.

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