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I have fallen so far behind, I'm still writing about ideas I had in Season 3.


Fifteen years. We all aged over the past fifteen years, the Apple Family and Winona and I; especially Winona. And for another fifteen years I thought I'd be blessed with her company. But then the cancer took its hold.

That's when I realized: sometimes the hardest thing is not letting go, but pulling the trigger.

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This is the most beautiful and saddest thing I ever read! But I had to experience the same thing that happened, though. This is well done. Good job!

Johnny Cash- 'Hurt' you deserve this :')

My God! That was truly a heart wrenching story. :fluttershysad::fluttershysad:
Your writing is amazing for me to even feel so sad. Well done. :pinkiehappy:

Oh my god the feels!:raritycry: Bravo sir, bravo.

2896910>>2896894>>2896892 I'm happy you all enjoyed it. I thought it might have been to short considering fleshing out Applejack's reaction to an event. But I didn't want to overbear the audience with, what I thought would be, really cliche sadness.

2896922 I know what it's like to lose a beloved family pet, both cats and dogs. One cat we raised from a kitten lived for 20 years.

I wasn't really very sad for me; it was too short. It was still a good story, though! :pinkiehappy:

2896981 This story is actually a literal 'ponified' version of me putting down my dog. I've never held a gun since then. I'll have to get over it one day. Story writing helps.

2896993 My mom had to choose to put this cocker spaniel to sleep after her back went out.

I am glad you found an outlet through the art of writing fan fiction.

I have started writing fan fiction for the MLP: FiM since May 2013 and I came up with 4 stories (two are an origin story and a sequel).

thanx you ass i spend 36 years and thousands of dollars at tattoo parlours and gyms to make myself an overlarge angry heartless bastard and you go and ruin it.
hope your happy


have an upvote.

2897015 That has got to be one of the funniest :rainbowlaugh: responses I've ever seen. Well done, sir. Have a moustache :moustache:

2897026 i try to entertain as well as express appreciation.
still hate you though.

whats worse is im a fucking cat person.
hate dogs.

poor winona * sniffle* i have to belt sand my tats off now. no longer tough enough.
my tattooist is gonna be pissed.

2897051 And your responses keep getting better!

Putting this on my read later list now. I'm putting my dog down soon, and I was going to write an Applejack/Winona story once I was able to come to terms with it. Maybe I won't have to.

2897112 Sorry for ridding you of the opportunity. Looking at your stories, I see you have a great track record for sad fics. Once you do read this story though, i hope you enjoy it.

2896993 I know how it feels. Our dog had gotten rabies. (Golden retriever... awesome dog. Had her for six years. Her name was Molly. (Dad named her...)

Well Molly had been moping around and even whining every so often. I tried to play fetch with her, which she freaking loves, but she just walked away slowly. I thought that maybe she didn't feel well. Little did I know, I couldn't be more right. I wish I wasn't.

I came home before my dad, which he doesn't get home until 5PM. The first thing I did was call out to Molly. She didn't come. She always comes running. I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head that something was very wrong. We have a back door with a dog flap and I assumed that she was outside and somehow didn't hear me. I walk to the window to see... to see Molly standing over the corpse of her two year old pup, Sammy. I was mortified. Terrified. Frozen. What's worse is that she was very close to the window and I could see her muzzle. She was foaming. It was all to clear what I had to do. I just didn't want to do it. Molly had suffered some minor wounds too, probably from Sammy. I went and grabbed the 22. rifle and loaded it. I can remember my hands were trembling but i still went through with it. I decided to go around and not through the back door. She was too close and I didn't want to contract rabies. I went around and poked the gun over the fence. Molly looked up and started growling. She wasn not herself, of that I can assure you. The dog I had raised ever since she was a just a pup was now in my crosshairs. I had bonded with that dog. One could say... I loved that dog.

I aimed for the head... and pulled the trigger.

Yeah, I know how you feel. It sucks...:fluttercry:

2897143 This was two years ago.

Burying your dog is never easy...

:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritycry::raritydespair::raritydespair::applecry: its to much sad

2897143 wow. I feel so sorry for you........ I remember when my hamster died.....:applecry:

alright ponyphiles out there i will not be the only 220lbs muscled male biker growing a damn vagina.
spread the word. this needs make featured.
i will NOT go down alone.
come hell our high water ill take a few with me boyo.
plus this is better than roughly oh half of what is featured at the moment.

2897196 I got over it slowly but all's fine in the end. Life goes on.

2897207 im glad you are ok :twilightsheepish:

2897206 This story, last I checked, is at the top of the 'Popular Stories' list... SOON!

I put down my dog Starfish a while ago I still miss her.:raritydespair: you are an asshole for bringing up those emotions.

i just blog posted this so my mighty army of 5 followers shall rally forth.......crap i suck.
but still my minute squadron of 5 follower......ah screw it. hope it gets you a few more though

That was an amazing story :fluttercry:
Reminded me when we had to put down the dog we had since I was 4... :raritycry:

2896922 Gonna read later, I don't know if I can handle this story now. A few days ago we had to put our boxer Buckley to sleep, and he had cancer in his gums that had spread to his digestive tract.

As someone who had both his favorite pets euthanized because of cancer (one of which I stayed to witness the passing) , I say fuck you for making me remember them fondly.
When that little bastard cat went limp in front of my eyes, fuck.
I know that stupid pain. Have an upvote and a fave to make it go away.

Mother*ucker. I've not even read the f*cking story yet, and I wanna cry. You. Are. Evil.

Yes, I knew it. Thank you so much. I'm gonna go to bed and cry myself to sleep. now.

God fuck you fuck you! I was about to go to bed, and felt like roaming the 'new stories' list, and this is what I get? God DAMNIT, I'll never get this sadness out of my mind. You've ruined my entire night!

Ugh. Have an up-vote for making me miss every dog I've had to put down. You're a horrible person.

2897312>>2897574>>2897782>>2898166 You all express the greatness about a well-written narrative: not only does it evoke an emotional response in the reader, it makes the reader relate the story to an event in their life.

Thanks for your encouragement and support!

2898212 Also, you get a follow from me, because I hate you so much.

One thing I despise though: people who dislike and don't comment about what they didn't like! ARGHHH :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Big Mac's hoofwriting was instantly recognizable.

Since they write with their mouths... wouldn't it be mouthwriting? Me and over-analyzing.
Finally read it and memories of Sammy and Molly just came back with a vengeance. God damnit... now I feel like crying. :fluttercry:

You have no idea what this story did to me, and how it effects me :fluttercry:

Hmm...this is very feels filled. I added it to the other folder in Twilight's Library.

Fantastic story, loved it! Well, as much as one can love a story about losing a best friend.

Having had to do the same thing with my dog after he was bitten by a snake (yes, it is true, everything in Australia tries to kill you!); this story was heartbreaking, but wonderful.

Kudos, and have a thumb and favorite from me.

What was a great story but you mad me very sad :fluttercry: :applecry: that being said nice job on writing a great story.

2898389 I still won't forgive you for making me rember Starfish, I buried her out by the lake me and her use to walk together.

I was at a friend's house the day they mercifully "put him down". I only new the little fella for about a day and I could still feel the sadness in that house at his passing. Good story, I only wish there was more indecision when she whipped out the pistol. Though I could see why there wasn't.

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful:ajsleepy:

Many tears sheded while reading this story :fluttercry: Very well made! :pinkiehappy:

This was A very sad story why did Winona have to die whyyyyyy!!! Oh we'll that's life I guess better than her suffering. Just like old yeller is that where u got the idea

2907459 No. This story is a reflection, both physically and mentally, of me having to put down my dog.

2896892 Click the link to this comment for a Johnny Cash song. It is a fucking awesome song

-The Good Doctor

Raven: You gave your best friend a merciful death..... That is what you have done.......

Dr. X: ......... Tips his hat and holds it in front of his chest in mourning and respect, closing his eyes that are hidden behind his blackout shades A moment of silence to remember Winona, a great friend and loyal companion of the Apple Family.................

Very well done. Have a like.
Not enough? Have a Moustache too. :moustache:

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