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I have fallen so far behind, I'm still writing about ideas I had in Season 3.

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"Why are you late?" questioned Applejack. Her countenance continued to wrinkle in worry.

"Because this is not an appointment, Applejack. There were others close to you that required my attention," responded Death

Others close to you that required my attention. Disbelief roiled inside Applejack. Her entire body turned hot, then cold, then hot again. Anger rose within her, so great it seared the breath from her lungs. She turned to Death screaming, "Who did you take th—" That's when she saw it.

Sweet Apple Acres was on fire.


Thanks to Killsy for proofreading. Also, thanks to CalamityB31 on deviantART for the cover art. Make sure to check out his work.

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Fifteen years. We all aged over the past fifteen years, the Apple Family and Winona and I; especially Winona. And for another fifteen years I thought I'd be blessed with her company. But then the cancer took its hold.

That's when I realized: sometimes the hardest thing is not letting go, but pulling the trigger.

Chapters (1)