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May the floss be with you.

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I read it all in AppleJack's voice... Holy cow :fluttercry:

Update please? Oh my gosh that was awesome!

I like your writing style ! The events were described in great detail, and i could feel like i was actually there.
Very well written !

Wait wasn't this fic posted before? but it never got finished. either way its a good start depressing though.

No, I only wrote this recently. This past week recently.

Ah ok then. sorry about that i mistaken the title for another story but the words were switched around.:scootangel:

Okay, now where's my cookie

*takes bite then hands cookie*

Here ya go!

2880720 YOU ASS! :flutterrage:

Oh that was... nice I dunno fuck.:applejackunsure:

Why thank you :ajsmug:

Man. My zombie story sucks in comparison. Love it! Keep it up!
Reminds me of some movie, or game, or something. Either Gears of War, or...
SHAWN OF THE DEAD! That's it! Reminds me a lot of Shawn of the Dead!
Bloody good story, no pun intended!

Oh man I haven't watched Shawn of the Dead in years. I need to get my hands on that soon and rewatch it

Well darn it. You've started it in media res. Now I have to finish the chapter.

Yeah. Now you have to reference it with "You've got red on you" at some point in your story! I did! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm, want a lemon ricotta cookie?

Nice. It has that properly spooky and terrifying feel that all good zombie stories have. Especially if the zombie (zompony?) coming through the door is who I think it is...a good mix of World War Z and The Road. And you killed Derpy's foal right off? Damn! :derpyderp2:Well done, and yeah, you need to write some more.

My only critique would be that it sounds a little too formal for Applejack. I ended up reading it more in Rarity's voice.

Hmmmm... interesting. I need an update!

Yeah, I'm on vacation currently so the motivation to actually sit down and type? Low. Don't worry though, I want to write the ending to this so I have to get the motivation to write a second chapter at some point


I think the reason they put changelings on the show was so they could avoid the zombies but still I like this just no zombies :)

EDIT: dang autocorrect messed this one up let me fix it...

I like zombies better and I think changlings are a little too different from zombies anyways. Plus Spike has before mentioned zombies so they at least have the stories of zombies in Equestria

True, true I just think zombies are too common of a hazard so I've come to dislike when they are used in a bad situation but I still love this story though!

2922682 and since magic exists necromancy probably exists to

Y'know, I thought zombies were kind of passe.

Then I read this.

....WOW. Truly madly deeply creepy.

Really well narrated :ajsmug:

Hey, I liked it! You put yourself down too often. You could have just asked for me to give a read. You did but I was thinking of something completely different, you know. It's not that bad. Bring on the zombies!

Its not really that scary, but I'm looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

So more soon?
Yay! This story is good, it isn't very scary. But I guess it makes you think. Also I was listening to "Don't Mess With Me" by Temposhark. So it fit the mood. Sorta.

Shame that this is cancelled. I was really getting into it.

It was a pretty good story! The fact that it mentioned an important cough reminds of the creepypasta, The Cough. It's quite short, but interesting, dark, and sad.

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