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"I find ordinary ponies boring. Anyone who is an alien, a time traveler, or a magic-user, come see me! Otherwise, don't be a downer! That is all!" When Applejack heard the pink pony behind her say these words, she had no idea how she would become tangled up in strangeness beyond her imagination... or that she would learn that concepts like fun, laughter and friendship weren't childish daydreams after all. But will North High School's equine tornado destroy the world just as Applejack begins to see it in a new light?

(Cover art by Stardustchild01, used with permission.)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 39 )

This is going to be a wild ride. Consider me signed up for it!

I am watching this anime right now lol. perfect timing.

You ponified Haruhi... Celestia has mercy upon them all

this is great! now i must go and watch the anime. or what do you think i should start with? the anime or the manga?

What hast thou wrought!?


For expediency- the anime (since there are ten buttloads of chapters in print).

The first season should be watched twice, once in numerical order and once in broadcast order, for greatest effect.


The anime is the easiest to get into, if you can find a copy.

The manga is the weakest of the adaptations, but it has material the other versions don't (often very good, the more so in later volumes) and has the benefit of being entirely in chronological order. The other versions skip around.

The light novels were the first appearance of the story, and they have a richness (to my mind) the other versions can't match, but unless you're a Twilight-level bibliophile I'd suggest saving them for last.

I just loved the novels fun fact is why did you left out the topic about Kyon's name, I mean you could have put that to work like never stating AJ name openly :/ just an idea, and more so the love tension between Haruhi-Kyon-Nagato-Mikuru, will there be any of this on the fic?

Keep up the good work :yay:

"I just loved the novels fun fact is why did you left out the topic about Kyon's name, I mean you could have put that to work like never stating AJ name openly :/ just an idea,"

According to the Haruhi Wiki, in one of the novels that hasn't quite made it into print here in the states, it's hinted that Kyon's real name is a magnificent and imposing one that "doesn't suit him." That, plus the fact that Applejack has never minded being called AJ (and Kyon really, really hates his nickname), led me to decide not to include that bit.

"and more so the love tension between Haruhi-Kyon-Nagato-Mikuru, will there be any of this on the fic?"

No. All other reasons aside, Pinkie is not at all the jealous type (except when it's funny). The group will become friends, though- otherwise what's the point?

Keep up the good work :yay:

At least there was already a video to go along with this somewhat:

Too bad I beat you to the punch on this.

I'm surprised this English version of the song sounds this good :derpyderp1:.

Also, just got finished reading the chapters, and I like the story so far :pinkiehappy:. Keep up the good work.

2586846 I think my idea is different enough that there's room for both.

2586903 Yours is a fusion, mine's an actual crossover. In theroy a Fusion isn't the same as an actual crossover since you're just replacing the characters but having them act out the entire series rather than in a crossover said characters appear at a random interval in either universe and try to return to thier home dimension but not before the parties involved must do something to secure the safety of both worlds. :twilightsmile:

I went looking for cover art on dA, and I found this (no I'm not using it for the purpose):


You have done excellent work and I look forward to you rendition of the Endless eight arc if this fic continues on that long.

2612066 If I do it, it will be much shorter than the anime. (And there was much rejoicing.)

One scene occurs to me...

I was feeling somewhat uncomfortable at Twilight's stare. This was nothing new... when Twilight decided to stare, well, discomfort was as inevitable as apple pie on a Sunday.(To me, anyhow-- Granny had baked at least one ever week since she had turned eight, or so she says.)

"There is data you should be aware of."

Yay. Data. This could not be good.

"This data will make certain that probable future events will be easier to handle."

Okay... maybe data could be good. But I doubted it.

"There is a simple fact, a constant, variable in intensity from case to case. But a constant nonetheless."

I could have insisted that Twilight just up and tell me. I also knew-- now-- that that would be a mistake. Twilight always tells you what you need to know. Precisely.

"Everypony in this school is crazy."

Then again... I'd kind of figured that part out already.

Rainbow Dash is just having the time of her life, isn't she? All the upside of hanging out with Pinkie Pie, none of the headaches.

Oh man that total canon headfake!

I lol'd so hard!

Wrong club!

LOVING this story. Even in her bad moments, Pinkie Pie is at least ten times better than Haruhi! :pinkiehappy:

And having the contest be with the cooking club instead of the computer club, as well as Applejack's dawning realization about data loss, were perfect.

Welp! This is a real ride, in turns hilarious, touching, disturbing and then right back to hilarious again. Keep up the great work!

It's awesome like always good job my friend.

Maybe you could change this:

have built by hand

Just to stick to the pony theme and boy they cooking contest was brilliant!, and I expect Rarity ti be showing up shortly......:raritystarry:

2652030 I'll fix that hand slip soon.

And Rarity shows up first thing next chapter. Mysterious transfer unicorn is mysterious.

Awesome idea for the songs, and a bitchin' chapter!

I will follow this for as long as it takes to get to "F-F-Flutterbeeeeeeeamu"

Whoa. I think I'm starting to figure out why Pinkie chose Applejack, even if she doesn't consciously understand it herself... She's the checksum, the anchor, the Honest Observer of everything that goes on.

I feel sorry for Twilight. Yes, even though Fluttershy's concern that Pinkie Pie may unknowingly shred the time-space continuum like a cheap sweater at any moment should rank higher on the list of concerns. What does it say about a person that they're more concerned about a broken actually-a-copy not-really-a-pony sad little thing than about countless lives in the present and the future?

I should probably watch the original material, but I was a bit put off by its tendency to jump around in its chonology for no apparent reason.

I'm also a bit curious as to why Applejack's friends keep replying to what is apparently her internal monologues.

3251466 In the novels Kyon (whose role Applejack takes here) acts as the narrator, and he's less than careful about the proper use of quotation marks, especially with his snarky remarks. Any non-quoted response the narrator has to some statement or action by the other characters may or may not be out loud- but considering how often it gets a comeback from the other characters, you have to presume it's spoken, quotation marks or not.

I carried that convention over for this fanfic.

"You know," I said, "most normal people have to make their own fun. It won't just come to you, you know."

She said this to pinkie Pie.

To. Pinkie. Pie. :pinkiegasp:

This will escalate quickly :pinkiehappy:

Is this still alive, or am I hoping too hard for a miracle?

3893002 It's not dead; the main problem is, the next chapter requires THREE heartsongs, and they've all been giving me trouble. I finally got one done a couple months ago, but there are other writing things that I'm supposed to be doing, too...

3893341 Need any help? I can't promise that I'll help or do a good job, but I'm willing and currently able.

Why is Trixie as Asakura a no-brainer? Asakura was the most popular girl in the class and the nicest. The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't fit that in my mind.

4025641 Trixie became a no-brainer the instant I cast Twilight as Yuki.

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