King Sombra’s dark influence was obliterated by the Crystal Heart, and the villain is well and truly dead. But when he attempts to steal the afterlife of an innocent victim, a human spirit is left hurtling towards Equestria, where this unfortunate soul is revived into the only vessel available: the reconstituted body of King Sombra himself.

Thus, a cheerfully oblivious alien is crammed into the form of the most evil and malicious being Equestria has ever known. Not that Shining Armor and Cadence know this, of course. As far as they are concerned, the King is back and he’s lost his fricking mind.

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The plan, he thought, was perfect. Instead of returning to the mortal world as a shade of his former self, King Sombra would transmute his soul into the body of his greatest foe, using her influence and power to destroy Equestria from the inside and take vengeance on the Princesses that stole his beloved empire.

There's just one problem: after her fight with Tirek, Twilight Sparkle changed her address. This turns out to be a much bigger problem than Sombra thought. A Dinky-Doo-sized problem, to be precise.

5th-place finalist in the More Most Dangerous Game contest.

Cover art crudely Photoshopped by me from this and this. I am art and so can you.

Reading by Neighrator Pony

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Now with a dramatic reading by AShadowOfCygnus!

The name that makes ponies everywhere tremble.
The name that is the definition of cruelty.
The name that strikes fear into the hearts of all that hear it.
And that's really all that anypony can say. Ponies everywhere wonder what really goes on inside the head of the legendary crystal tyrant. What dreams and thoughts of malice could possibly sustain such cruelty?

What actually goes on inside Sombra's head might surprise everypony...

A big thanks to the amazing Mickeymonster for letting me use the cover art. Check it out here!

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A three arced story that begins slowly as partially Comedy and Slice of life and rotates more towards Adventure and Dark in later chapters.

Some school fillies have to deal with school crushes. Others with bullies. Sometimes they have to deal with both. But no filly has ever had to deal with an Evil Tyrant being bound to their shadow and have the power to control their every action. This, of course, seems to be no big deal for Sweetie Belle who seems to even enjoy the stallion's company. Though the feelings aren't mutual. The small filly reminds the old king too much of a filly he used to know... Though it's strange the only place he'd seen her before are in these strange dreams of his. Recollections of a past he can't remember.

Perhaps Sweetie Belle will awake in him that version of himself before he was a Tyrant. Before he was labeled evil. A time from when he was a father. Perhaps she will help him forgive.

First featured on 9/4/2014!

The cover art was sketched by me and colored by the very talented Midnight Sonare

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When a familiar presence enters the free Crystal Empire, the scattered remains of King Sombra begin to take shape once more...

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Life is full of surprises. That is a known fact. However, you always expect some kind of minor surprise, like your train arriving a little too late, or your ice-cream having vanilla taste rather than strawberry. But sometimes, life will give you surprises you could never predict. For Fluttershy, it was three little foals. But not her own foals, or even orphans. Three little foals that used to be her and her friends' most fearsome and dreaded foes.

Sombra, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon.

Will Fluttershy's nerves survive this onslaught of misadventures? Will she keep the three villains hidden? Will she even become friends with them? Why do I sound like a narrator to a bad criminal drama? Don't think or try to answer those questions, just go ahead and read!

Edited by: MessoriaAQ, Cerulean Voice, Gidget_TheGear, Twilight Fashion

Cover art by amazing Missangest!

Cover art got featured on Drawfriend in EqD!
The story itself got proudly rejected by EqD!

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If there's one thing that King Sombra misses most, it's being inside his old Empire. Sadly, both Shining Armor and Princess Cadence currently rule there in his stead.

Now if only there was a proper way around those two idiots.

Original artwork by Keriwi1: HERE!

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While Pinkie is walking around Ponyville with Sombra, who she is tasked to watch over until he is reformed, she sees a pony has recently moved into Ponyville without her previous knowledge. So, Pinkie does the only thing she sees fit- she greets the pony with a crazy amount of confetti and cake batter. In doing so, she ruins his clothes and has to take him shopping at Carousel Boutique.

This is a spin-off of RainbowBob's Feeling Pinkie Mean, the first SombraPie story to grace this site. Give proper credit where needed and go favorite his series, and a follow wouldn't hurt, either.

Sequel: The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie

Proofreading: Authora97~

(New) coverart by: SnowCrystal802(fimfic)(deviantart)

Other fanart found here!

Now with an audio reading!

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When Sombra, ex-ruler of the Crystal Empire, is discovered alive and well, Twilight has her hooves full keeping the tyrannical king in check. Instead of the original plan of throwing him in a dungeon or banishing him to Tartarus, Celestia decides to go with the plan that worked out well enough for Discord.

To reform Sombra.

Pinkie takes the job, and gets right to work in helping Sombra become a better pony. Will Sombra finally change from his old, wicked ways and reform? Or will he instead strangle the annoying, pink menace known as Pinkie Pie?

Thanks to the awesomely talented Mickeymonster for letting me use his art! Check him out for even more spectacular artwork!

Chapters (11)

Set in the 'Youngverse'.

As Canterlot hosts the annual Christmas day party, Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, Sombra and Discord begin their preparations for their annual sleep over.

Towards their bedtime, Discord suggests they all stay up as late as they can in order to see Santa Claus.

After their parents say goodnight to them, they put their plan into action. But just how long can they stay awake for?

Alternative universe tag for the sake of Christmas setting over Hearth's warming.

Part of the 'When They Were Young' Series, inspired by the cover art by the awesome GiantMosquito! Go show some love.

Thanks to my pre-reader DVAN56! Edited version to come!


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