'I looked at the reflection, and the beast looked back.'

Viktoria had never seen the mirror before, now she wishes she had never examined it. With her body twisted into a strange and unsettling new shape she must become accustomed to her new equine form before finding a way home, and along the way also return her body to normal. Her body betrays her with each movement, muscle memory working against her. Will the newly encountered Flitter and Cloudchaser be able to help her?

Even with the new addition of wings to grant her flight and escape, Viktoria has never felt more confined.

'Others see me for what I am. I only wish for them to see me for who I am.'

( Thanks go to AkuOreo for such a lovely cover art! )

( Also, seems to have a Tv tropes page in the making! )

Chapters (6)

When Cheerilee asks her students to write an essay on their greatest hero, there's only one stallion Rumble can write about. That is none other than the stallion who's loved, protected, and cared for him the most. The one who's been there when nopony else has. The one who guides him, provides for him, and leaves big horseshoes for him to fill someday.

Takes place before "Wonderbolt Academy".

Thanks to Skeeter The Lurker, Holo, iloveportalz0r, Vexy, and TheApexSovereign for editing.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Now with a French translation by inglobwetrust!

Rated Everyone.

Chapters (1)

When Rainbow Dash makes some changes to the Ponyville Weather Crew's weekly team meetings and implements a snack duty rotation, a certain clutzy pegasus finds herself with some major problems -- The main one being the fact that she can't cook to save her life.

With her scheduled snack date fast approaching, poor Derpy has no clue what do, other than fail miserably and get laughed at, as per usual.

Fortunately, it's Thunderlane to the rescue!

Author's note:

This is my first ever finished Pony-fic and I'm excited about it. However, I'm the only one who proofed it, so if you find any mistakes or errors, please don't be shy about telling me! I love comments in any form.

Also, this did not start its life as a shipfic...But somehow became one anyway.

Anywho, enjoy!

Chapters (2)

Thunderlane has a date with Blossomforth, and that left Rumble all on his lonesome. Luckily, Flitter and Cloudchaser were nice enough to offer to foalsit him for the night.

Being bored out of his mind, Rumble issues a challenge. Cloudchaser will let him watch a scary movie, if she loses to him in Jenga...

Inspired by this wonderful art by: Xieril

Chapters (1)

Rumble has a special gift for Scootaloo's birthday. Now he just has to tell her about it.

Edited by Noble Thought

Cover art: Child's Love by IslaMilenaria

Chapters (1)


[2nd-Person Fic starring you and Rainbow Dash]

Having turned away from the spotlight, you preferred to distance yourself from fame and popularity. Instead, you chose to live a simple life away from the crowds and fortune. But when you meet a multicolored mare with an unusual request, can you find it in yourself to go for the gold again?

A/N: Okay, this is going to make very little sense at first, but just bear with me.

So I've been playing a ton of Kid Icarus: Uprising lately. It is hella fun, and Sakurai did an amazing job at revitalizing the series. It has easily stolen the spot of "favorite 3DS title" in my heart, and I can't put it down.

So you're probably wondering, "what does Kody's videogame preferences have anything to do with a romance story involving Rainbow Dash?" Well, everything, actually.

A friend of mine noticed my new addiction to this title. He knows I write about ponies, and as such, he jokingly made a bet with me saying that I should write a story in which I use music from said game in every chapter. I shrugged it off and ignored it at first, but I went and started to listen to the soundtrack. Somehow, I developed a plan and storyline from doing so. Now, this story won't reflect the events or storyline from this title. It is entirely original.

The rules I was given are simple:
1. The music must come from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
2. At least one song must be used in each chapter. More than one song is viable.
3. The same song may not be used more than once.
4. Remixes or fan-made renditions of songs are not allowed.
5. The song must be used in a way that enhances the reading experience. I can't just toss a song in and say 'mission accomplished.' It must complement the events and make sense.

Now, I know what you are thinking, and yes. This is really weird. But hey, it worked, and this story was born as a result.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that some of the songs used in the story are blocked in certain countries. As much as I would love to get this fixed, I'm afraid I don't have much of a way around this. If this affects you, I apologize deeply.

ANOTHER EDIT: Since Youtube is such a fickle thing when it comes to copyrighted music, a link may end up leading to a broken video. If this is the case for any of the songs, please let me know via PM so I can fix it ASAP. Thanks!

This is how it works. When you get to a bit of blue text such as this, that's a link to the song. Open it in a new tab and continue reading as the music plays. Simple. When you get to some red, underlined text, that is the cue to stop the music. Sometimes, that cue may not be there, and the song is meant to play until the end of the chapter. Songs don't carry over to other chapters, however.

The music is not required for the reading experience. It is entirely optional. Well, for you it is.

I hope you enjoy my nerd-ery!

Artwork by celebi-yoshi of dA.

Chapters (9)

Pinkie's been an apprentice baker ever since she moved in with the Cakes, and part of that is because she hasn't completed her master piece: the dish which will prove she's worthy of the unamended title. For her, that's a soufflé. Something she's never been able to successfully bake.

With the Cakes out of town and the bakery closed for a day, Pinkie has a chance to spend her time in trying to take that final step. And perhaps somewhere before the end of her failures, she'll learn something about why doing so was important --

-- or if it was ever really important at all.

(This story takes place one week before the start of Triptych.)

Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.

Has a reading by KwirkyJ. Listen as desired.

Now with author Patreon page.

Chapters (1)

Blossomforth and her friends are just wrapping up a nice day at the amusement park, and stop by the souvenir shop on their way out. Blossom comes across a conundrum.

Written for One-Shotober.

Chapters (2)

Cynical noble who hates everything.
Royal guard with big potential and a lot to learn.
Big, simple farmer with heart of gold.
Crazy self proclaimed time traveler.
Hotblooded, always second weather manager.
Expert lover and clumsy celebrity flier.

These six stallions will have to band together and discover true power of Elements of Harmony and Friendship to save Equestria from everlasting night.
New NEW cover art provided by ScarletCommenter.

Now has a TV Tropes page!

Chapters (23)

Imagine, if you will, that Twilight Sparkle never met Princess Celestia.

Pretty original premise, right?

Well, how about instead of somepony predictable, a different pony took the entrance exam... and passed!

This is about Zecora, a zebra on vacation who stumbled into the wrong room and changed her fate forever.

Chapters (3)
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