• Published 9th Jul 2012
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Turbulence - Kody910

[2nd Person] A popular Cloudsdale game. What could go wrong?

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Chapter Two

Wind flowing through your mane, you casually glide through the air to your destination.

After your strange encounter with one Rainbow Dash, you contemplated her request for most of yesterday. You were still uneasy about this whole thing, but for whatever reason, she was really relying on you. You couldn't help but wonder if you were her only ally in this, or if she had garnered a small army for her mission.

Still, you wondered if there was something more to this than her desire to see Thunderlane fall from grace. Perhaps she had just fooled you into thinking it was because she wanted to see him have a change of heart. Though she did look genuinely excited when you agreed to help her...

You still were unsure of what to make of this whole thing. You had spent so much time pondering it, that you barely had time to look over the signup sheet you were given. It said something about three fields, some basic rules, and other things. After you had filled out everything, you went straight to bed. Even if you weren't so excited about this whole thing, might as well make the best of it, right?

Either way, you figured you would try your best to help her. Clutching the signup sheet in your teeth, you settled on a quick glide to the city in the sky. You had only been flying for about ten minutes, and you were already able to see the city coming into view now.

Fast approaching your destination, you steadily slow yourself to a casual pace and simply admire the city. It had been years since you last visited Cloudsdale, and that was to meet up with visiting relatives. You hadn't come here out of your own volition in ages.

Looking around, you see most of the city had been unchanged. Large, stone columns and delicate cloud structures were all around, and pegasai were quickly bustling to and fro. Beautiful, rainbow falls were drizzling from fountains and other peripherals here and there. In the town square, one particular fountain graced the entire surrounding area with a dazzling array of colors billowing from its top.

There were a few new buildings that you didn't recognize from your last visit, but for the most part, the city was unchanged. It didn't look like there were any drastic changes to its basic layout or anything.

Trotting forward, you set your new destination for the Great Hall. Or, as you liked to call it, the Not-so-Great Hall. You had paid a visit to it the last time you were in Cloudsdale. Though the outside looked promising, the inside was anything but. Columns were rundown, the ceiling was sagging, the floor tiles were cracked and missing, so on. Even the windows were dirty, and the chandeliers looked ready to shatter at any moment. And the amount of garbage lying around was simply ridiculous. Needless to say, you weren't impressed.

It didn't matter. You were certain that this competition wouldn't be held inside the Hall itself. There's no way that could work. But with that knowledge, you were curious. Where exactly would this game be taking place? You figured your questions would be answered soon enough. They might have been answered earlier if you had actually taken the time to read that sheet. Oh well, what can ya do?

After a few minutes of walking, you came upon the (Not-so) Great Hall. The Hall had been around ever since Cloudsdale was founded decades ago. As such, it is considered a sort of landmark for the civilians, and is often used to organize large events or gatherings, such as Turbulence Tag, apparently. The outside looks no different than when you last visited, so you fear for the worst as far as how the inside must look.

The exterior of the building doesn't look bad, per se, but it could use touching up. Several large, stone columns surround the entrance, which is led to by a series of small stairs. Pegasai were flying about, in and out of the entrance. Some of those entering were carrying their own forms, similar to the one you have.

Making a quick flight up to the entrance, you push the door open and let yourself inside.

Strange. Your jaw muscles seem to have ceased functioning properly, and your paper is on the floor now.

"...Holy crap."

To say the interior has been improved upon would be an extreme understatement. Everything about this place has been revamped! The stone pillars no longer look like they're about to buckle, and stood very strong. The ceiling was decorated with paintings similar to those of Renaissance painters. The floor was like one, giant mirror, and its glossy finish reflected everything. You could see your face on it!

Up above, the windows were decorated mosaics, which displayed famous ponies from Cloudsdale, the princesses, and more. Each of them must have been made up of thousands of slates of glass. All around, small information booths equipped with the most up-to-date technologies were being manned by ponies, guiding and directing visitors and civilians alike. The entire building had been revitalized since you had last been here.

Needless to say, you were impressed.


A familiar voice to your left catches your attention. Snapping out of your stupor, you look over and find a familiar rainbow-colored mare walking toward you. She had something tucked under her wing.

"Uh, yeah! When did this place..."

"About a year ago. A bunch of ponies were complaining that the Great Hall, well...it kinda sucked. So the Mayor of Cloudsdale decided to run a little project to fix the place up!" Rainbow says.

"...Not bad." You reply simply.

"Yeah, I used to hate this place. It was so...bleh." She says, sticking her tongue out for effect.

"Yeah, I visited this place a few years ago. Wasn't pretty." Craning your head around, you look at all the sights. "I gotta say, they did a pretty good job at it!"

"I'll say!" She replies, perky as ever. "I can't believe how cool this place is now!"

"Yeah..." You look down and pick up your sheet. "So, where do we drop these things off?"

"Oh, follow me! I'll take you there!" She begins to trot forward, and you follow suit.

On some of the walls, schedules for meetups and events were listed with appropriate times. Ponies were examining the schedules and bustling all around, carrying papers, chatting it up, giving directions, and the like. The building was rather barren on your initial visit, so to see it so revitalized made you happy. A landmark like this should actually deserve to be considered a landmark. Whatever that mayor did, he did it right.

Rainbow led you over to a stand being run by two ponies, a mare and a stallion. "Hey, we need to get this guy registered for the competition!" She says for you.

"Alright, do you have your papers?" The mare asks nicely. You give her your signup form. "Now, let's see here..." She takes a few moments to scrutinize the paper. She utters words and phrases under her breath as she examines, such as 'okay' and 'looks good.' After a short period, she looks up. "Alright, looks clear to me! Give him his flag!" With that, she takes a stamp and plants it on your paper, leaving a mark resembling two wings.

The stallion dips his head into a box near the booth and pulls out a rolled up piece of purple fabric. Handing it to you, you take it a place it under your wing, giving him your thanks. With that, Rainbow beckoned you to follow her.

"Awesome! We're all set!" Rainbow says excitedly.

"So Rainbow, tell me." You start. She looks at you expectantly. "Just how many ponies are we going up against?"

"Oh, I dunno, like, a few hundred, or something." She says, not even sounding nervous.

"Wait, what!?" You exclaim.

"Chillax, it's no big deal. I mean, you got me!" She puts a hoof to her chest as she says that.

"Y-Yeah, but how exactly are we going to survive an onslaught of that many ponies, if we even get to being one of the last ponies remaining?"

"We just gotta play it smart." She says coolly. "There'll be some serious flyers out there, so keep your wits up!"

"Hey, hey, if it ain't Rainbow Dash!" A voice calls from behind the two of you.

"Oh, great." Dash says, an annoyed look on her face. [url=]"It's him."

Turning around in unison, you're greeted by a dark-grey pegasus with an ice-colored mane and tail. His mane was done up in a sort of mohawk fashion. His Cutie Mark depicted a stormcloud, and he looked at the two of you with an amused look in his golden eyes. Behind him are two light-purple mares who look to be siblings.

"Fancy meeting you here!" He says, giving a rather cocky glare to the two of you. He runs his eyes up and down you. "Who's your boyfriend?"

You feel your cheeks heat up at the word 'boyfriend.' "He's just here to compete in Turbulence Tag, Thunderlane. What do you want?"

"Nothing, I just want to see who's gonna attempt to break my record." He says while nonchalantly looking at his own hoof.

"Jeez, no one cares about your stupid record, Thunderlane!" Dash looks like she's beginning to grow furious.

"Then why so mad?" He asks teasingly.

"Because you can't shut up about it!" Dash groans slightly.

"Psh, you're just jealous because I have something you don't. Admit it." He doesn't even look at her as he speaks.

"Uh, who's the one and only one who did the first Sonic Rainboom?"

"Beginner's luck." He responds quickly, still not looking at her.

"What is your deal!? Ever since you got that record, you think you're better than everypony else!" She looks ready to sock him into next week.

"Only because I am."

Dash growls slightly, then lowers her head. Her voice calms slightly. "I'm gonna break that record, Thunderlane. When I do, maybe you'll learn something..."

"Hah! Good luck with that! I'm the best there is!" With that, Thunderlane begins to walk away, laughing all the while. The mares following him do the same.

Looking over to Dash, you can see she is furious. Letting out a snort, she lowers her head again. "Wow..." You start. "You weren't kidding. That guy really is a jerk."

"I know...he used to be so cool. I don't know what happened..." She sounds distraught.

"Yeah...But I think I do." You reply.

"What do you mean?" She asks, looking up to you.

"...Nothing." Looking around, you see several ponies filing out to the back exit of the building. Almost all of them were carrying or wearing flags similar to the one you had. "I'm guessing we need to head out there?"

She perks up slightly. "Oh, right! The game's about to begin! C'mon, this way!" With that, she quickly trots over to the exit you following close behind.

Now that you've met your prime competitor, you suddenly feel like you need to win this more than ever. If he has the same blindness that he did back then...Perhaps winning was your only option.

This is gonna be a long day...