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I'm one who like to express his thoughts and opinions on certain episodes that many didn't approve of and like to create controversy to both stir up certain topics and keep things interesting good/bad

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This story is a sequel to I'm your son too

Hi, my name is Spike. I don't have any friends. Or a mom or dad... But I swear that's gonna change one day. One day, I'm gonna have a family bigger than Applejack's one day. And I'll have more than Twilight or the others ever had! I'll have a wife and kids. I'll have a step-mom and step-dad that I call mom and dad. And there will be so many friends who my kids call uncle and aunt I'll make Pinkie look like a hermit living under a rock!

You really think you can find peole who want you?

This is a fan sequel to I'm your son too with permission from the author. It diverts at chapter 14.

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This story is a sequel to The Glue of Harmony

It is now 2 days after Spike, with the help of his new friend, Shooting Star defeated Timor and became the glue of harmony. Twilight and her friends have come back from the crystal empire and things seem to return to normal for spike.

But no more than 2 weeks later, a new foe pops up, and he is much more powerful than Timor was. In finding this out, Spike gains a new friend in the process, but I think this new friend may be hiding something, and it may change how equestria sees the past, forever.

Note: It is absolutely crucial that you read "The Glue of Harmony" if you want to know what is going on.

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Twilight and her friends were invited to celebrate Hearths Warming at the Crystal Empire, abandoning Spike in the process. Spike is sad and wonders what he should do. Then, bad things start to happen around Ponyville and the Everfree Forest. Can spike with the help of a new friend of his stop these bad things before it hurts everyone in Equestria?

Edit: Cover art for this story is by PureExxtacy They're awesome at cover art.

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Spike had watched his friends grow and developed into awesome protectors, defenders, and achieving the impossible through the Magic of Friendship. Spike hears, reads, and watches Twilight's progression of being Celestia's pupil to Princess of Friendship. He's watching her friend accomplishing many goals while he remains a servant with no purpose in life.

Spike has no goals, no motivation, nothing worth fighting for. Just wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. He has his moments with Twilight and the gang, however, he wasn't going anywhere. Just remaining in a shadow, pondering the days of his existence until he read a comic book that changes his whole dynamic of thinking. After being a die-hard fan of a character he relates too, he decides to strive for the new purpose he wants to achieve; become someone he can be proud of.

So, this is the tales of Spike's ascension to become something greater that he would have ever imagine.

This story got featured: 1/18/24 - 1/19/24 - 1/20/24, 1/22/24, 2/11/24, 5/1/24 - 5/2/24, - 5/3/24, 5/13/24 - 5/14/24, 6/5/24, 6/7/24 - 6/8/24 - 6/9/24, 6/11/24

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The Grand Galloping Gala! An event that six mares had looked forward to for a long time, only to be met with disappointment when their dreams failed to come true. But what if they had gotten everything they had wanted?

Well, that would leave poor Spike all alone for the rest of the night, with only bad vibes and Pony Joe to keep him company. That is, until a certain Princess makes her royal return....

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Feeling discontent with his life, Spike wishes upon a star to go somewhere where he can find what his purpose is , Meanwhile in a land far far a way from Equestria in a land called Nibel, The spirit tree is desperate to find someone who can help save the forest. When he reaches out across the world he sees spike wishing to go somewhere where he can find meaning, and it sees potential in him, he uses what little power he has to summon Spike to Nibel. Spike wakes up in a dark forest confused on where he was, after exploring a bit he encounters a spirit by the name of Ori, after seeing a light from a large tree restore her and save his life from injury, Spike himself feels something awaken inside him as well. From there they team up to try to save the forest from destruction while Spike goes on an emotional journey that will change his life.

Cover art belongs to DaichiDraws on DeviantArt

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Spike never thought he would meet his Birth parents, he always thought he would have his questions not answered. But during Dragon Quest instead of meeting Garble and his crew he meets someone he never thought he would meet.

Art cover belongs to QueenCold on DeviantArt all rights reserved

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After Rarity says something that breaks his heart, Spike snaps and storms out of her boutique. Leaving Rarity confused by the last words he said before he left. Discord appears and decides takes her on a little trip through time to show her how Spike really feels about her.

This story takes place during the events of Simple Ways and after the events of Twilight's Kingdom.

Edit: Cover art by dm29
Edit: Featured 8/1/14

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Based on Durgan’s This Day Should’ve Just Been Perfect.

Everyone’s written about Alternate Universe fics regarding Canterlot Wedding, but what if the Love Spell was still successful and banished the Changelings?

But still, in the aftermath, something was heavily damaged, and no one can hope to ever put it back together.

CW but Twilight cuts ties with her friends and teacher.

This Day Should’ve Just Been Perfect here-https://fimfetch.net/story/92033/this-day-should-have-been-just-perfect/0#2

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Featured: 3/17/17

Ignorance is never bliss and it can cost you. Their ignorance almost cost us Equestria. But I saw the signs, I saw the enemy. But no one would listen. My so called "Friends" never stuck by my side as I tried to warn them of the threat to our very lives loomed over us. Instead they sided with her. Yet, whenever I can't be bothered to help them they always assume the worst or I'm just a bad friend. I'm done being a pawn, I'm done with these friendship lessons. I'm done with Equestria.

And that's how it started. A journey not for the faint of heart. A journey about duty and honor, love and friendship, Victory and defeat. In a world's darkest hour she will rise to help four friends reclaim their home. Let's get started.

Final Fantasy 15/MLP Crossover

(Just so people know I don't own either Final Fantasy 15 or My Little Pony. All rights go to there respective owners.)

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