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Have an old account here but I decided to start fresh since I forgot my password. Have not seen past season five so expect some old and possibly outdated stuff in my stories.



The Grand Galloping Gala! An event that six mares had looked forward to for a long time, only to be met with disappointment when their dreams failed to come true. But what if they had gotten everything they had wanted?

Well, that would leave poor Spike all alone for the rest of the night, with only bad vibes and Pony Joe to keep him company. That is, until a certain Princess makes her royal return....

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Came across this story & I'm glad you did my purple boy justice in it, especially with how he was treated on those first seasons of the show! Thanks for sharing! :moustache::heart:

Thanks so much for commenting! I've always been a huge Spike fan and my boy deserves all the love :moustache:

Hillbe #3 · Oct 6th, 2023 · · 1 ·

:raritystarry: Luna & Precious scales, Over my dead body!
:moustache: Luna says those terms are acceptable
:raritycry: Waaaaaaaaaa I'm going to die!
:moustache: She also said she can wait...
:facehoof: Spike....
:trollestia: Why not both?

Nice. I wonder if i can get anyone to take me to a donut shop now?

Rarity, you should be happy---you got your prince, just Spike got a Royal Princess Luna as a close friend that will probably trump your precious prince Blueblood. But jealous or not you should still support him.

It always irked me how Spike was treated during the early seasons. He deserved way more love than just being eh comic relief. but you did pretty well on this.

I swear, the writers of this site do Spike way better than the writers of the show.

If there's romance between Spike and Luna, it will totally trump Rarity and Blueblood

This is a very good one-shot. I like this ending of the Grand Galloping Gala then what was on the show.

Love it! You portrayed the characters well and it was a hilarious read!

Until I read this story, I never considered the fact that Luna has been gone for hundreds of years and was a little 'behind the times'. Maybe you can add onto this story by having Luna depend on Spike to bring her up to speed on various things in Canterlot or Ponyville.

That first season finale (among other things) has always been bothersome. Spike's only Gala goal was to spend the night with his friends, and they all left him in the dust as soon as they were done singing. We still don't even know if Twilight cared whether or not Spike was at Pony Joe's when she led the others there.

Also, coffee doesn't really sting your throat. Scotch does that. Coffee warms your gullet, soda tickles your mouth, and horchata verbs your noun.

Guess you missed that episode where the guy was a total jerk...And Fancy being a well you know...
So is Fanfiction , An art of infinite WTF and Amazing pieces

A cute little story! Very heartwarming. :rainbowkiss:

I know the canon where Bluebood is a jerk, but this is from this story, I know its AU, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Not just any doughnut shop! Gotta go now to Doughnut Joe's! Right?

:raritywink: :moustache:

I was expecting Luna to comfort Spike as well in this, but still she enjoyed herself. If this story proved anything, my idea for an alternate ending to "Owl's Well That Ends Well" should go into fruition hands down. Not only it will give Spike & his fans even more justice they rightfully deserves, we'll also get to see first hand how the MANE 6 like it when he's longer there to comfort or pick up after them anymore. I even mentioned that the R.S.'S themselves should be featured to as to help the MANE 6 realize the folly of their mistakes & treatment towards Spike & to show him that they'll will always be someone else out their to be close by when he needs it. Even the mention of T.W.'S brother being featured was brought into the idea to remember a memory the three of them had years back to remind that even though they treated Spike as a little brother they never once mentioned that to him. Here's the link for those wanting to take a peak: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/198187/the-accusation-fic-collection/thread/439742/question-15

That was one of the main points of Luna Eclipsed.

Hurrah for Spike non-abuse! Poor guy.

I agree with the sentiment that Spike definitely needed more love than he got.

As to this story, it's a nice fluffy one-shot piece, but I have a feeling that it could be more if the writer (and I mean ABSOLUTELY no disrespect with my critique) slowed things down as currently it kind of zips along like Spike is upset, Joe does his thing, Luna shows up, Spike shares a donut, they apparently have a grand old time, the end.

Also I'm a tad iffy on the GGG going well, Some of the girls IMO kind of set themselves up for failure in canon.
That being said, I've seen a couple clever work arounds in a number of stories.
For example, AJ could have gotten a letter to the Princess well ahead of time to get in with the catering staff (either directly or indirectly) instead of plopping what in terms of scale might as well been a lemonade stand at the presidential dinner. It's lucky she didn't get in trouble with the guards.

You should check out my comment. It has a link to an idea that might help correct what's mentioned & probably previous ones.

Agreed. Maybe a seasoned writer who's skilled in deep character exploration (like perhaps TheTeaTurtle in a few years, if they keep at it) could do a little more with this story.

Funny thing, I was initially going to go deeper into Spike and Luna's problems, but I got it in me that it would stretch out the story too much and people would see it as padding for some reason. With such a positive reception to this story though, and this thoughtful feedback, I won't let that brain worm hold me back next time. :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Just do your best to keep it as engaging and compelling as you're able.👍

Meanwhile, Fluttershy became curious of a strange statue found deep within the Castle gardens as she wandered with her animal friends... something was oddly compelling about the chimeric conglomerate...

very nice characterization, i’m totally sold on the pairing now (friendshipwise)

This is a good one if you like Luna and how different it was from her past.

I love seeing Spike and Luna interactions

Its really great to see

I recorded reading this for the audiobook version to come soon.
Quite a unique pairing.

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