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I like writing stories and I love MLP:FiM. So I decided to write some fan fiction about it!

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After her former student left Equestria, Luna, a Queen in all but name, is looking for a new student and an Element of Magic.

While having tea with her niece, Princess Amo Crisalide or Chrysalis she gets that student.

Co-written with Rainbow_Dash_4_real

Made for Princess Luna vs. Solar Flare group.

Edited by Rainbowdarth

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In the magical land of Equestria, two sisters controlled both the sun and the moon. The elder sister known as Celestia shone the sun upon the land. Ponies would play and bask in the sunlight. The younger sister, Luna, raised the moon and painted the sky to become a gorgeous night. While most ponies would sleep and gather their rest, some would look up to the stars and watch in awe.

On one faithful day, the elder sister became corrupt with power and threatened to bring sunlight upon Equestria forever. But the younger one could not reason with her, for she had become a powerful mare of darkness: Nightmare Star. With no other choice, the young Luna gathered the most powerful magic in all of ponydom: the Elements of Harmony. Using the power of the Elements, Luna reluctantly banished her sister into the sun.

Shortly after her older sister's banishment, the ponies of her kingdom rose up in resistance and waged a terrible civil war. The war ultimately ended in a ravaged land that was inhospitable to ponykind. They were forced to live underground ever since.

Now, nearly 1000 years later, Luna has foreseen the end of her sister's banishment is coming to and end. When that day finally comes, the fate of the world will hang in the balance. It is up to her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, to help save Equestria from the end of all things.

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This story is a sequel to The Pieces Lie Where They Fell

Second in the Pieces-verse. The new Bearers have won the day, but the war is not over. Now, even as they and others deal with the aftermath of their victory and complications old and new in their respective lives, a dangerous new threat to Equestria lurks, awaiting for the right moment to strike.

This is again being co-written by Anon and myself, so any credit given should be to the both of us.

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Long ago, tragedy struck Equestria with the deaths of the Princesses and Element Bearers. A thousand years have passed since that day, and the powers of Harmony are calling out for a new generation of Bearers, who must come together in order to bring balance back to the world.

First story in the Pieces Universe

Edited and contributions by Anone Mouse Jr , co-writer.

And we have a Tv Tropes page!

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Discord has won. Everyone in the human world is under his dominion, save for Sunset Shimmer whom he saved for last.

Today the world, tomorrow Equestria.

Big thanks to Winston, Grand_Moff_Pony, and xgfhj18 for edits. (sorry xgfhj18, I don't know your fimfiction name)

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Season 5 Finale-related.
So many realities. So many horrible futures. But in yet another alternate timeline, Twilight finds herself in the Golden Oak Library with the Princess of Friendship: Sunset Shimmer. Rather than the awful futures she's seen before, she now finds herself in a timeline that actually seems nice. But that means she has a tough decision to make...

-Awesome cover art used with permission from the amazingly talented Huussii (Teemu Husso).
-Based on an idea from Silver Quill.
-Featured as of 12/8/15! Thank you to all the readers!
-Editors: GenerousGhibli and E3gner

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Twilight is a hammer in want of a nail. Sunset would rather a good screw.

A dramedy.

A commission for Shogoki. Proofread by MrNumbers, Octavia Harmony, and Themaskedferret. Special thanks to Selbi.

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Project dropped. See blog or PM for details.

In this world, there exist ponies with special abilities to manipulate objects and transform one object into another. These ponies are known as alchemists. However, the process comes with a cost; the basic law of alchemy states that in order to gain something, you must sacrifice something of equal value.

Twilight Sparkle is one such alchemist, her talents renowned across the land. In an accident several years ago, she nearly lost her older brother, Shining Armor, due to a transmutation gone horribly wrong. Twilight's quick thinking allowed her to contain her brother's soul in his suit of armor, but only by paying a great price in exchange.

Now, to get back what they've lost, the siblings embark on a journey to find the elusive Alicorn Amulet, which is fabled to enhance the powers of alchemy...and bypass the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

An adaptation of MLP and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, inspired by Argodaemon's exemplary video.
Rated for moderate violence, themes of mortality, and some language.
Written by Leoshi. Collaboration with Twilight is the BEST, proofread by Spirit Seer.
Previous pre-reading courtesy of Zo, Harmsy, and Famous.

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