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The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don.

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Marble Pie: The quietest of the Pie siblings. Really, that's all anypony can attribute to the mare, and she knows it. After overhearing some choice words from her family, Marble decides it's time to do something about it. It's time to go out and find her strength, to be strong for her family. Pinkie and Maud both succeeded when they left the farm, so why can't she?

A journey to Ponyville brings her to a literal legend of strength, the Pillar Rockhoof himself. Marble knows that through his teachings, she's sure she can become strong, strong enough to do...well. She's sure he can help her figure that out too! They'll all see! Limestone, Igneous, Maud and Pinkie; they'll all see Marble can become somepony great! What Marble isn't prepared for, though, is the truth Rockhoof helps her to unearth about herself. And what it truly means to be strong.

Pre-read by Sockpuppet and Raleigh! An entry for the May 2021 Original Pairings contest! Artwork by Flusanix!

Featured 5-18-2021, same day! You're far too kind to me, thank you!
Edit 6-3-2021: 2nd Place in May 2021 Original Pairings!

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While waiting for Ocellus so they could spend the day around Canterlot, Smolder decides to kill some time by browsing one of Rarity's boutiques. Unfortunately for her, the boutique in Canterlot is run by a store manager who is very eager to find the right dress for the young orange dragon.

Written for the May Pairing Contest 2021.

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The wise who feared the coming dark strove hard to make their world an ark. But then the dark had grace to give: they couldn't flee, but could yet live.

Winner of the category "BEST WRITER WITH <500 FOLLOWERS" in the 2021 April Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest.

Many thanks to Admiral Biscuit for prereading.

Temporary note: minor edits to a few sentences to make them easier to understand correctly are planned, but in the interest of fair judging no changes will be made to the published version of this story until after the contest results are announced. EDIT: to be made once opportunity permits.

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After three hundred years in the beautiful simulation of Equestria, architect Teque has crossed the three-dimensional rubicon and built his first tesseract house. What he finds inside will change the way he understands his world--but he won’t make it out in one piece.

Now comes with a playlist! Check out some original music inspired by the story!

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest!

Part of the Friendship is Optimal universe. Contains major references to the source material. Reading it first is highly recommended.

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Sirens eat by channeling magical energy through their gems.
The Rainbooms broke the Dazzlings' gems.

...well, who needs food, anyways?

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During her engagement to Shining Armor Princess Cadance makes a new friend, the pegasus businessmare Chrysanthemum Crown. Beautiful, confident, and full of surprises, the two strike up a rapport that brings light to both their lives.

During the preparation for the Invasion of Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis finds herself deep in the good graces of the pony Princess she will replace. And the more she gets to know her, the more she understands why Cadance is the Princess of Love.

Third Place Winner in the Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord Contest
Cover Art by Lopoddity

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This story is a prequel to Injuring Eternity.

Life is like a train ride, don't you think, dearest? The tracks have been set, destination picked and the ticket is well in hoof. What a shame that so many, myself included, are so focused on the destination that they fail to realize a universal truth.

Destinations will change, trains will be caught and missed, but there will always be somepony willing to journey with you—so long as you let them.

Thanks to the amazing lilfunkman for the gorgeous cover art.

Now with a russian translation!

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Equestrian culture loves cutie marks. Filly Starlight Glimmer hates them and never wants one. So, she leaves Equestria.

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Austraeoh.

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