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  • Reading History 406 stories These are things I've read for the benefit of finding it again later.
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  • Reading History 406 stories These are things I've read for the benefit of finding it again later.

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“... and we are absolutely, definitely, no questions asked, not going anywhere near Sunset Shimmer,” Adagio declared, concluding her presentation of The Plan with a flick of her wrist and a bold flourish of the chalk she’d been scrawling on the blackboard with. “Are we clear?”

“... but she’s a bitch, so I thought it’d be funny to screw with her and do exactly not that,” Aria explained to Sunset.

Originally conceptualized for the Uncommon Dazzlings Ships group’s SunAria month.

Preread by forbloodysummer.

Chapters (1)

The quiet nights are calming to all, the best time to have a relaxing skate. Two ponies meet on a cool night in the mid-Winter at the local ice rink which glows glossily under the starry night. A chance encounter or something more.

For Stardust... Merry Christmas <3
Note: story cancelled due to the fact relationship is over.
Art by:Cappifilk

Chapters (2)

Filly Trixie is doomed to serve Twilight for the rest of her mortal life due to an ancient law, join her on an adventure through pain, servitude, and foal abuse!

WARNING: This story contains physical and psychological abuse aimed at a small filly.

Preread and edited by my bestest friend LewdChapter!

Chapters (8)

The Sirens were defeated at the Battle of the bands, something that seemed impossible to them.

So what did they do after running off?

This was written based on a prompt from Ebon Quill, who wanted to see inner monologues of the Sirens post Battle.

Chapters (3)

One night stands are never easy. Someone always gets too attached.

To celebrate my return to the fanfic writing scene. I'm more than glad to be back.
Note: all characters presented are fully humanised

Update: I GOT FEATURED. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Thank all of you so much. This means the world to me. 3/14/18
Check it out here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70_Sf6p4CEk

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“At least I’ll be working alone.” Zack thought to himself as he rode the Friendship Express. He was on his way to Canterlot to help the princess set up for the Summer Sun Festival. He has helped build some of the sets before but he doesn’t come every year. Zack thought that this year was going to be as simple as the last year that he came. He had no idea that this year would be very different.

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You are a relatively new arrival to Ponyville, but you've made one friend there who's made all the difference. Now, she's coming over to exchange gifts and celebrate! Too bad you've forgotten to take down your mistletoe...

The fourth story in my December Christmas Carol writing project: this is based off...I dunno...Justin Bieber's 'Mistletoe', I guess? (I just thought this was a fun idea to write, sue me :P)

Be warned...there is PG content within! :rainbowwild:

Cover art by Skyline19

EDIT: Featured less than 6 hours after publishing, on 12/12/17!
EDIT: 2nd Place Featured 12/12/17!
EDIT: Now with an AUDIO READING from LotusMoon!

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Twilight Sparkle only wanted to go off-script in her Harvestfeast speech to talk about books — upending the Equestrian calendar wasn't the plan. But there's no stopping an idea whose time has come.

She and her friends just invented Black Friday.

Celestia help them all.

Written for the "Here at the End of All Things" Writeoff, and lightly edited for FIMFiction.

Cover art by karpet-shark.

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This story is a sequel to Backstage Affair

“Love is never easy and telling others who you love is harder. But if the one you love, loves you back they will stand resolute when you can't stand on your own.” by NMK

Twilight took a chance with fate after her trip to Manehatten. She decided to show up at Vinyl’s next performance and found that she could feel the beat of love. With the energetic DJ by her side Twilight felt her world fall into place. But after Two months of keeping it backstage it’s time to enter the centre stage spotlight.

Co-Author my wonderful sister Winter A.K.A Febnic16

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Home is where the heart is. But where exactly is your heart? Is it with your family? Or is it with the person you believe to be the one?
Silver Spoon faces these questions and more as complications at home lead to her life changing forever.

Not edited by my sister but personally reviewed by a good friend of ours.

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