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Centre Stage Romance - Erina Tail Yellow

Doubts cloud Twilight’s mind but with the love of her life, Vinyl, at her side she’ll find the voice that she never had.

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Chapter 2: The Beat of Royalty

Chapter 2
The Beat of Royalty

A cool autumn breeze gently blew down the ever busy streets of Canterlot. The slight chill that the breeze brought forced couples closer together, to share in the warmth of one another.

“I want to jump off bridge.” Vinyl stated quietly as she turned to Twilight.

Twilight looked back at her disgruntled marefriend “Come it’s not that bad. The worst that could happen is that you get banished to the moon for a thousand years.”

“Oh Yeah that’s real comforting babe.” Vinyl moved a hoof to adjust her glasses but instead smacked herself in the face. “Still better than a dress.” She muttered.

“One day Vinyl I’ll get you in a dress. That aside shall we go over the list?” Twilight asked as she started to walk towards The Canterlot Castle once more.

As they drew closer to the castle the sunlight only grew stronger; which caused Vinyl to think back to her missing shades once again. “People usually think red eyes are strange. Is anyone staring?!” Vinyl shaded her eyes with a foreleg. As she walked forward nervously. “Once more wouldn’t hurt... I guess.”

Twilight nodded and with a quick spell a well rolled scroll appeared “Lets start from the top shall we. One. Always address the royal sisters sister with their titles. Two. Never make mention of Celestia’s rear or obsession with cake, nor are you to talk about Luna becoming or the event that lead to The Nightmare Moon Incident.”

“Duly noted. Goddess! The sun is bright! How have you withstood this for your entire life?!” Vinyl growled.

Twilight stopped mid stride and turned to face Vinyl “Well before I was princess of friendship I was the student of Celestia... The Herald of the Sun. You get used to it.” Twilight moved closer to Vinyl and whispered in her ear “Just between you and and me Celestia is the best snuggle buddy on cold winter nights. She’s so fluffy and warm.”

“OKAY! You can stop. If you continue you may just ruin our snuggling.” Vinyl said quickly.

Twilight’s ears pinned down and as she dropped her head with slight tears in her eyes. “I didn’t mean it that way. Our snuggle sessions are special. It's just when I was going through a really rough time and Celestia was there to help me.”

“Babe…. Twi look I’m sorry. I just I got defensive about something stu- I mean uhhh… Just look Twi I love you. I just really want you to myself so I can show you how much I love you.” By this point Vinyl had Twilight in a tight embrace. She punctuated her sentence with a deep passionate kiss. “All better?” Vinyl asked smugly.

Twilight felt her lips meet Vinyl’s as the pain and sadness the memory of that night had brought about was washed away. Instead a simple warm thumping that in of itself was a beat that followed it’s own path. This very beat that had shown Twilight she could find love. Twilight closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss. When they parted she looked into those red orbs that stole her heart. “Yes.” Twilight whispered. She then turned to get back on track to the castle, with Vinyl walking along side her and the list to be read.

A gray colored pony stood silent as she watched a purple pony and a White pony embrace in a loving tender kiss. ”This can not be true.” they thought to themselves as they turned away from the seen.

“And they won’t think my eyes are a weird colour.” Vinyl fretted.

Twilight looked behind her as she pushed open a door to the small private dining hall of The Royal Sisters. “Have you ever seen any of the ponies I’m introducing you to. If they think that your eye colour is weird they should look at.. Their… own…fuck” Twilight stopped as she realised that she had said this as she walked into the room. Glares from across the table hit Twilight all at once. “Heh...heh… I said something stupid didn’t I.”

Celestia dropped her glare and gave a hearty laugh. “Nothing could possibly offend me after being alive as long as I have.” She laughed again.

“I however do feel slightly hurt. To know you would talk about me behind my back. Twilight how could you?” Discord said feigning actually being insulted.

They all shared a brief laugh at Discord’s expense. He began to sink into the floor out of minor embarrassment. “Insulted. If we are to recall properly you thought that… Who was it again? Thought they wer-” Luna was cut off.

“Not a step further.” Discord panted as his entire body began to turn red with embarrassment.

“Wait... I want to know now.” Twilight pressed.

Luna continued despite Discord’s demand. “Well Twilight you’ve met this pony. You had a great clash with them once.”

Twilight looked to Vinyl for help. Vinyl shrugged as if I know anything about this!. Unfortunately a simple shrug can only portray so much.

Twilight turned back to the rest of the table. “Chrysalis?”

Luna’s hoof smacked into her face. “More power crazed.”

Twilight took another stab in the dark. “Sunset Shimmer?”

Luna had a puzzled look on her face. “I don’t even know her.” She glanced at Celestia.

“Not quite right.” Celestia said.

“That’s it I’m out of guesses.” Twilight threw her hooves up in frustration.

“Twilight, it was Sombra.” As Luna said the name Discord’s body fell apart and flowed away to find hiding places within the room.

“Luna you’ve gone far enough!” Celestia said forcefully as she stamped a hoof angrily on the table.

“Oh come now Sister.” Luna grinned mischievously. “We all know you love what happened.”

Celestia began to say something but decided against it. Twilight took this as an opportunity to press Luna for more information. “So?”

“Well the story’s quite simple, really.” Luna answered. “Just after Discord was released Celestia took the time to inform him of all your most impressive accomplishments.”

Twilight nodded. “I’d imagine in order to make me an alicorn Celestia would have to hold an audience with some of the most powerful beings in Equestria.”

“Oh. No you’ve got that bit wrong.” Luna smiled. “She just likes bragging.”

“She’s like a proud parent.” Discord added.

“Anyways.” Luna went back to story telling and Discord once again dispersed into the various nooks and crannies of the room. “Well upon talking about your encounter with our fair King of Shadows Discord happened happened to not be paying quite enough attention.”Luna giggled at her own memory of the event. “Discord heard only the name of your foe and said ‘Sounds like some smokin’ hot mare.’ Those were his exact words.” Luna finished the story by falling out of her chair in a fit of laughter.

Celestia sighed heavily. “You really shouldn’t have finished that.”

Luna only shrugged only after she had righted herself. In reply Discord reformed behind Luna to smack her firmly in the back of the head. “Ow! Tia! Discord hit me!” Luna whined while Discord laughed.

Celestia sighed even deeper. “Moving on, children. So Twilight why don’t you tell us who’s asleep next to you.”

Twilight simply rolled her eyes as she looked at Vinyl asleep in her chair. “This is, Vinyl.” She was marginally frustrated but couldn’t give in to her anger. She took a deep breath and spoke. “Well I was suppose to introduce my marefriend to you but it appears she chose to FALL ASLEEP!.” Vinyl didn’t budge. “Shoot, I thought that would wake her up.”

Celestia let out a hearty laughed and then gave Discord a smug glance. He sighed as he snapped his claws and two bits appeared in front of her. “You were betting!?” Twilight shouted to which Vinyl partially woke up to.

“Of course we were betting. I can’t believe you didn’t marry your entire library.” Discord said flippantly.

“Ugh! You are… just... Ugh!!” Twilight shouted. “ Vinyl help me out here.” She asked as she tapped Vinyl’s head urgently.

“Huh” Vinyl was surprised. She had gotten lost at some point during the royal in-joking and had just kind of drifted off. She looked up at Twilight trying to piece together what had just happened. As she looked around something caught in the edge of Vinyl’s vision and she looked back. “You look familiar.” She said as she ignored her own predicament for a second to stare intently at Luna.

“Vinyl! That’s not helpful!” Twilight shouted in a whisper but, she continued to stare at Luna. “I am so sorry she’s normally uhhh… much more ummm… You know what she’s normally like this.” Twilight admitted.

Vinyl seemed intent on figuring out why Luna looked oddly familiar to her. “You’ve probably seen one of our public appearances. After all we are a princess.” Luna said quickly.

Vinyl moved her hoof in dismissal. “Nah nah that’s not it. I know who you are. But I’ve seen a pony with strikingly similar features at nearly all of my Canterlot shows.”

The world seemed to fall way as Luna and Vinyl struck intense stares at one another, like to samurais each looking for a single flaw for which to strike at. Luna saw an opening and slashed “How do you remember one face out of a crowd hundreds? From what we’ve heard those so-called shows are messes of colour and sound. Nopony can tell what’s going on.” Luna argued.

Vinyl only seemed to concentrate harder. “I hardly know even most of the regulars but this mare is the life of my shows. If she stopped showing up they probably wouldn’t be half as much fun.” Vinyl dropped her gaze. “If only I could remember her name.” She shrugged.

“Thou really think that highly of us! We shall continue to attend!” Luna’s smile dropped as she heard her own mistake.

Vinyl laughed heartily. “I knew it was you Winter Gale. Turns out the life of my shows is a princess. That’s pretty rad.”

Twilight and Celestia stared on in amazement and anger respectively. “Did you know about this?” Twilight whispered to Celestia.

“Not a clue.” Celestia whispered back. A tiny flame licked at the centre of her pupils as she listened to her sister and the DJ continue speaking.

“So were you at my show about two months ago?” Vinyl asked.

“Actually we were.” Luna said excitedly.

“So you’ll remember then when I threw on that extra long mix and disappeared for awhile.” Vinyl said slyly.

“Yes?” Luna seemed afraid but hit it under a thin veil of intrigue.

“Well that’s when I was in the back-” Vinyl began.

“No we are quite fine without further detail.” Luna urged.

“Oh yeah. I guess I got a little carried away.” Vinyl chuckled.

Twilight proceeded to give Vinyl an annoyed glance. “You think.” she scoffed.

An awkward silence descended upon the room as Twilight turned away from her marefriend. Luna reached to comfort the disgruntled mare but Celestia held her back. “Now is not the time.” She said.

A moment later a pair of servants entered the room carrying tea. They stopped by each of the ponies leaving behind a cup. Celestia leaned forward and began pouring tea in everypony’s cups. “Sooo… Who all have you told?” Celestia broke in.

“We are obviously the first being that I am obviously her favourite friend.” Discord bragged.

“You’re actually the second group I’ve told.” Twilight said solemnly.

“Who was the first?!” Discord said as he slammed on the table.

Twilight went to answer but Vinyl leaned in front of her. “The first were her close friends and you weren’t around for anyone to tell you.” Vinyl said aggressively.

Twilight wanted to seem shocked but felt overwhelmed with joy at such a defense. “I can take it from here.” She whispered. “Discord, Pinkie looked for you but after about fifteen minutes of trying she returned to the castle and told me she was missing one. We fully intended for you to be there.” Twilight ended her statement with a warm smile.

Discord held his heart in his hands as it melted. “Oh. So kind. Remind me to thank Miss Pie for looking for me in the first place.”

“How did you two happen to meet?” Luna asked.

“I’ll give the abridged version. While trying to fix the map-” Twilight started.

“The Map! What happened to the map?!” Celestia yelled as she pulled off the perfect spit take.

“N-nothing princess… at least not anymore.” Twilight shuddered as the events that lead to the breaking of the map flashed before her eyes.

“Tia we must we concern ourselves with that this very moment?” Luna asked. “I do so wish to hear the end of Twilight’s story.” She pleaded.

“Fine. But Twilight you should be expecting a formal visit from us at a later date to inspect this issue with the map.” Celestia conceited.

Twilight nodded and made to finish her story. “So while Starlight and I were trying to fix the map Pinkie interrupted . She went on about her Pinkie Sense predicting something super important.”

“And later that night she met up with me and I stole a kiss. I gave her a ticket to my next Canterlot show and well-” Vinyl sighed wistfully. “-that night was some of the most fun I’d had during or after a show in ages.” Vinyl said happily as she nuzzled a blushing Twilight.

“And I think I’m happier now than when I first discovered The Magic of Friendship.” Twilight gave a wide smile.

Silence once again overtook the table. Although it wasn’t long before Luna stood “I wish to speak with Vinyl Scratch.” Twilight and Vinyl both rose. “Only Vinyl, and in private as well.”

Vinyl was once again shocked to hear her name and glanced at Twilight for an explanation. All she received in response was a shrug and an affirming smile. Vinyl slowly and hesitantly made her way out of the room with Luna.

“Do you know what that was about?” Twilight worried.

“That is for Luna to tell you in her own time. If she is talking to Vinyl about what I believe her to be talking about that is.” Celestia conceded.

“I guess I’ll be on my way then.” Discord announced.

“Wait. Why?” Twilight asked.

“Oh I was only here to see if I lost my bet. I lost, I payed up, and now I’m off.” Discord summed up.

They watched as Discord simply faded out of existence as he walked onward. “I will never understand him.” Twilight said jokingly.

“Yes. Chaotic at heart that’ll never changed.” Celestia smiled. “ So Twilight I must ask you something.”

“Go ahead.” Twilight stated.

“Are you-” Celestia was cut off by a yawn from the doorway that lead to her room.

“Tia.” The voice was soft and it’s statement was punctuated by another high pitched squeaky yawn. “Could you have Morning Tranquility make some green tea?”

Celestia’s expression dropped from peaceful ruler to embarrassed hostess as a butter coloured pegasus mare with a slightly disheveled pale rose mane walked in while rubbing her eye. As she moved closer to the alabaster pony that now had a light dusting of rose upon her, that only deepened as said mare snuggled under the taller one’s wing. The butter mare let out a sigh of content as she leaned against Celestia. “Tia why did you leave the bed so early?” She let out a low whine.

“Now is not the time my sweet Sonnenblume.” Celestia whispered cautiously.

Yellow… Pegasus… Pinkish Mane… soft-spoken… Sonnen- Twilight thought. “Eureka. FLUTTERSHY! You’re… and you are … together.’ Twilight finished weakly. “When? How? Why? What?”

“Oh… Oh my!” Fluttershy was no longer in a morning daze. “I had no idea you’d be here this early.”

“Dear it’s ten thirty.” Celestia reminded.

“But it’s saturday.” Fluttershy whined. “I want snuggles.”

“My questions still have not been answered.” Twilight fretted.

“It’s a bit of a long story.” Celestia replied coyly.

“How long?” Twilight inquired.

“Do you have any other plans today?” Fluttershy asked Twilight.

Twilight thought for a brief moment. “Nothing really. At least not that that I can think of.”

“Well it started a little before I sent you…” Celestia cleared her throat. “Before I sent you to Ponyville.” She clarified.

“Three years! You’re kidding right.” Twilight was flabbergasted. “How did I not notice sooner?!” She smacked herself in the face with a hoof.

“Well you never asked.” Fluttershy deadpanned.

Twilight once again found her hoof in front of her face. She let out a sigh of frustration as she lowered her hoof “Just... from the beginning.”

“Well it all started on the tuesday before-” Celestia began.

Even though a slight chill hung in the air The Royal Garden held its majestic beauty. In the very center was the heart or the Zenith. Considered by most to be the most breathtaking part of the gardens. The Zenith itself had four path ways each one a point of a compass. As one approached the Zenith a well trimmed hedge that was followed by a simple yet delicate stream that ran the inner circle of said hedges. The four paths that lead into the the heart of the gardens converged at a simple gazebo. From the gazebo one could enjoy the the four sections of flowers.The flowers that grew in quarters of the circle each representing one of the four princesses, not just some run of the mill flowers but, some of the some oldest, rarest in the world. Beauty that was once said to warm the coldest hearts, quell the most ferocious storms to the gentlest of winds, stop wars that would have consumed the very world. But all of this could not stop the pain that one of the princesses felt in her heart.

Vinyl was the first to break the silence of her and Luna’s walk to the garden. “So why did you wanna talk?” Vinyl asked.

“We have questions.” Luna said curtly as she stopped abruptly at the heart of the garden.

Vinyl noticed Luna was slightly frustrated. “Are you okay?’ Vinyl asked cautiously.

“We are fine.” Luna said through clenched teeth.

“Soooooo... if you’ve got questions ask away.” Vinyl said nonchalantly. Silence was her only response. “Okay then. If you’re not going to talk I’m just gonna go back to Twi.”

“NO!” Luna stamped her forehooves and her eyes glowed white.The air stopped and the flowing water for a mere moment was at a total stand still. The world around them was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. “We have not told thou that thee can leave!”

Vinyl was shocked to say the least. “What is your problem?!” Vinyl shouted.

Luna stood stoic for several seconds before nearly collapsing. “She was supposed to be ours.” Luna whispered something barely even audible.

To Vinyl it sounded as though a slight breeze had brushed passed her ear, rather than Luna saying anything. Vinyl had no idea how to react to such an outburst. She heard Luna begin to cry; it was gentle and once again nearly inaudible. Against her better instincts Vinyl moved closer and reached out to comfort Luna. “I guess I should ask again. Are you okay?” Vinyl gave her a gentle smile.

Luna looked up with tears still in her eyes. “We’ll be okay. I am sorry you had to witness that.” Luna coughed lightly. “I should not let my emotions get the better of me.”

“Look I don’t really know what that was about but I’d like to know so I can help you out.” Vinyl smiled softly.

“I can see why she loves you.” Luna began to stand. Then she chuckled. “Silly isn’t it?”

“What is?” Vinyl was confused.

“I was trying to use subtle hints.” Luna laughed again. “And I thought-” She stopped.

“Thought that Twilight would pick up on them?” Vinyl examined.

Luna felt her chin drop “How did you guess?”

“I’m not quite as dumb as I look.” There was a pause. “Winter.” Vinyl said smugly.

“I never thought you were stupid. But I am however intrigued as to how you pulled her away from her studies?” Luna inquired.

“Firstly Twilight and Pinkie will tell you it’s fate. One believes that and the other’s lying for me.” Vinyl smirked. “It’s hard having a crush on a princess. You can’t really do much about it. Except for when you have connections. I told Pinkie ahead of time that in order to make a move I needed Twilight at one of my shows.” Vinyl chuckled a little. “Pinkie’s really good at deception. So with a little pushing she got Twilight to one of my Manehattan gigs. And the rest is history.”

Luna thought it over for a few seconds. “Makes sense that you could only win her heart with deceit.”

“All’s fair in love and war.” Vinyl shot Luna devious smirk. “Shame you never got up the courage to say anything.” She chuckled darkly.

Luna blinked. “Touché music mare.” She smiled. “You’re nearly as quick witted as the cellist that plays for The Gala every year.”

“Don’t mention her.” Vinyl turned away quickly. Her mouth had lingered on that last word almost as if it physically pained her to speak on that topic.

“If you so wish.” Luna said as she caught up with Vinyl. “So am I to assume we are friends?”

“Yeah. If we weren’t when I figured out you were Winter Gale we sure are after whatever that just was.” Vinyl chuckled again.

Luna joined in the merriment as they approached the entrance to The Private Dining Room of The Royal Sisters “So do you know who it is you will be meeting next?”

“I think it’s Shining and Princess Cadance.” Vinyl remarked

Author's Note:

An we'll never be royals.
You can call me queen bee.

Admit you had that song stuck in your head upon reading the title.

Thankyou for sticking around to see this continue. I'm proud to announce that this seems to be the most successful thing I've written. Next chapter will be The March of Romance. So look out for it.

Till then Thankyou for following the development of Centre Stage Romance.

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