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The Witch of the Everfree... a tale that has spread among all who live by the ever illustrious forest, to whom the witch truly is, no one knows apart from the one herself... until now. Twilight Sparkle had lived in the Everfree throughout most of her long life, since the corruption she was alone until not long ago when she met few companions. Trained along side her sisters through bond in arcane magic, given true immortality, she continued her studies alone only every now and again seeing how her race fared. Now, forty years after she was dubbed a witch by her race, three little girls stumble through her woods in search of the ever mysterious "witch", what could really happen? read to find out.

FEATURED: 16/03/14

Many have wondered what Twilight looks like and such so to clarify, she does not look like a human female, she retains her fur coat, she is of human height and has hands. The facial structure is more detailed such as where the eyebrows should be there is a darker patch of coat much in the color of her mane.

The story starts a few episodes in, around halfway through season one I would say, some shall stay canon whilst some with alter, I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Twilight is still Twilight in every way, though she has been with little to no contact throughout her life apart from when the Everfree retained people, in such her words would become haggard sometimes so that's why you will probably go "huh" when you first see her talk to the CMC.

That is all for now.

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This story is a sequel to Oh The Choices

This time, Twilight sits in a room. Well, kind of a room. Sort of a room. A room that can be morphed into various other rooms at one's own leisure. And who else is there but Discord, here to teach Twilight another lesson, this time concerning the concept of Chaos itself?

With the Spirit of Disharmony as her teacher, she can at least guarantee that things will get interesting.

While this is the sequel to Oh The Choices, reading that story is not necessary to understand this one. Though, I do encourage you all to give it a read.

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This is the story of a colt, a colt who gets his cutie mark. But, I will warn you, this isn’t like any cutie mark tale. It’s HIS cutie mark tale.
Nopony else will know of this tale.
Nopony else will speak of this tale.
Nopony else can speak of this tale.
Nopony else exists to talk about it. I am not “nopony”: for I am the Wind.
The Eternal Breeze.
The Sand of Storms.
The Sandstorm.
And he is Sandstorm, Tempus-Sandstorm Statue.

This story has a dramatic reading! Follow TheDizzyDan for more dramatic readings.

The current cover art is by JazzyQ, and her DeviantArt can be found here.

The temporary cover image is done by the amazing PrinceCelestia who did this in about an hour. It can be found here.

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This story is a sequel to Five Nights at AJ's

A week after Five Nights at AJ's, Danny begins to learn about the murderer. He learned that their murderer was purple and she was a mare, named "Purple Mare". Deciding to, with any hope, stop Purple Mare from murdering the Mane 6 and Applebloom. However, he is about to discovered that there was more murders than he previously thought. Can he survive Purple Mare's first victim's hell-bent wrath?

Night Security Guard Danny
Manager Fred [Human]
Toy Animatronics:
Vinyl Scratch [Toy Freddy]
Octavia [Toy Bonnie]
Trixie [Toy Chica]
Discord [Toy "Mangle" Foxy]
Balloon Spike "BS" [Balloon Boy "BB"]
Cutie Mark Crusaders "CMC"
Chrysalis [Marionette "Puppet"]

Withered Animatronics:
Twilight Sparkle [Unicorn]
Pinkie Pie

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki!

Home is where my heart is, now I just have to find it. You know in a Void of Infinite realities. This should be "Fun".

After defeating the evil Twilight, Loki now lost in the void. Unable to find his Equestria he is forced to travel though the void itself.

Can he make a difference as the newly titled God of Balance, or would he fail to live up to the name?

All in all with two voices in his head a least he wouldn't go bored.

Co-written with thunderclap

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to So Much Leg . . .

Hoofenmouth has tried to get better at talking to girls. And failed. He's tried to approach Sunset Shimmer. And failed. Now, today, he's gonna try again, prepared to go on with the rest of his day either way.

He's gonna fail.

All because of these three crazy beauties who somehow want his affections just to "reignite their lost powers.” Hoofenmouth doesn't know what it means, or why they're targeting him, but they are relentless enough to hold him hostage and seduce him to make it work, and now Hoof has to keep himself together while hoping someone finds him, trying all the while not to "ignite" too soon.

Will he fail?

Most likely.

Once again rated "Teen" for some naughty thoughts and actions, and heavy, heavy implications of premature ejaculation and masturbating.

Chapters (1)

Hoofenmouth is starting out at a new school. Cool. The students there seem nice. Cool. Typical day for the first day, nothing to write home about. Cool.

But Hoof sees that a large number of girls in the student body—damn near all of them, in fact—are wearing short skirts or dresses. And seeing this makes the troubled boy perpetually horny.

Not cool.

Hopefully, Hoof's problem won't be too bad. Or at least won't come too quickly . . .



Rated "Teen" for some naughty thoughts and heavy, heavy implications of premature ejaculation and masturbating.

Chapters (1)

The Changelings won. After years of regaining their strength and numbers on the outskirts of Equestria, along with reworking their plan, they have managed to invade the country and corner the last remaining free ponies in the Crystal Empire. All the while, three princesses discuss war strategies with what little they have while the other tries to remember when she lost the meaning of friendship...

Edited by KokoLoco.

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This story is a sequel to Wherein the Main Character is an Alicorn OC

Were you guys, like me, watching that new episode and wondering about the lack of Darkness Awesome? This story explains the strange plot hole that was glaringly obvious. This is the actual canon version of the episode Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? because the episode on Discovery Kids was obviously lacking Darkness Awesome.

If you're going to complain about me using the model of Darkness Awesome from the rebooted and forcibly mature-rated story (that I still don't think should be mature-rated) instead of from the original story, I recommend you read my other story about the Darkness Awesome continuity that I haven't written and will never write and that I will condescendingly notify you you ought to read before you claim to know anything about this guy.

(Also 400-follower special.)

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie knows what Rainbow Dash has done, and she has no qualms about letting her know. The problem is, Rainbow Dash has absolutely no idea what she's talking about.

Chapters (1)