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If there was one thing that Rainbow Dash knew, it was that everyone loved High Princess Luna. And that, by Proxy, everyone loved her daughter, Princess Twilight, as well.

Too bad she loves said young Princess in a completely different way.

Eh, she'll figure it out.

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Diplomacy has failed. Six years have passed Equestria's crowning of the princess of friendship, ushering in a supposed unprecedented age of peace and harmony. The concept of warfare is, to most ponies, nothing more than an unfathomable legend. They have let their guard down.

An unknown enemy has seized the opportunity to attack Equestria with terrifying new weapons of war, bent on taking the fertile land and restoring an ancient order. The valiant efforts of the Royal Guard have given Princess Twilight and her arcane scientists time to research and develop a response to their attackers, and the time has come for that response to be implemented. Utilizing weapons and tactics borrowed from another world, five squads under the command of Princess Luna will infiltrate the forests of the Equestrian Northwest to destroy a revolutionary magical matrix that Twilight refers to as the "radio" - a tool that allows enemy ponies to communicate across vast distances instantly.

Nightmare Two is comprised of three foalhood friends who, rather than be separated from each other in the draft, volunteer to become one of the five Nightmare squads. With their bodies forever altered to suit the needs of their mission, the three young mares join legions of ponies armed with powerful weapons to partake in a horrifying new breed of warfare - Equestria's first in over one thousand years.


Heads up, folks. If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment alongside the thumbs-down, I'd appreciate it. This is my first foray into fan fiction and although it's a hobby I nonetheless wish to get better. :)

Got some FAQ's for you guys as well!

- Alternate universe in which the events of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" did not occur. (As much as I loved it! :D)

- Numerical age tends to vary with headcanon, but the CMC here were just getting started with their adult lives when the draft went into effect.

- The war is pony v. pony, utilizing firearms and the Equestrian equivalent of a tank. The underlying headcanon is that ponies used firearms similar to muskets and tracked armored vehicles akin to our tanks in times of old, and what the enemy currently employs is essentially the natural progression of these technologies.

- There are no real-world weapons or equipment i.e. "Panzer IV," or "M16 assault rifle." Particularly acute details such as the caliber of weapons are also absent.

- Technology is based on that of WWI with some WWII elements. Firearms are primarily bolt-action.

- The "radio" spell matrix functions as what we know to be a radio, but is not identical.

- All four of a Night Mare's legs are permanently replaced by the augments.

- Night Mares are female. Stallions proved unable to properly animate the limbs.


Hold up, now - fanart? You guys rock. Like, for real. Thanks a lot!

1. A great YouTube video coming from The_Pegasus_Box. Thanks, bud!
Check it out!

2. Click here for the collection on DArt.

3. https://derpibooru.org/740375?scope=scpeac921b191f688d04521575f31608785cbc3bbaa1

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Stuck in bed with nothing else to do, Scootaloo gets a visit from her 'big sister' Rainbow Dash, bringing with her a book of adventure and high fantasy. A story contianing swords, magic, demons, monsters, kingdoms, and fighting for freedom. Lets listen with Scootaloo shall we as the little filly listens to a story containing some familar faces while Rainbow reads to her and helps her feel better

Based on the cover image, reading the princess bride novel, and a story that my mother used to tell me when I was a child.

Image belonging to Johnjoseco

Chapters (7)

After having her first relationship end on a sour note, a dejected and emotionally confused Twilight returns to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash soon realizes something is wrong and comforts Twilight. Helping deal with Twilight's problems, Rainbow becomes a shoulder to cry on, a Guardian Angel of sorts. As Twilight recovers, the two mares find themselves learning more about themselves and each other.

A TwiDash "song-fic" with an interesting take on Rainbow Dash.

Inspired by various songs, including some really amazing community creations.

Chapters (16)

As it turns out, Rainbow isn't as good at skipping stones as she thought she was. Luckily for her, she'll end up getting help from a place that she didn't expect.

Maybe there will be more to this that she didn't expect either.

(An uncomplicated shipping story. Proof-read by Desol starting at Chapter 2.)

Chapters (7)

Rainbow Dash walks through the deserted, snowed streets of Ponyville, looking for a place to get warm and finds herself at the door of the local library. Even in the coldest of winter days, warmth can be found, and, as she soon figures out, there are many ways to share your warmth with another.

Some more special and meaningful than others.

A heartwarming story during the cold winter months. Contains feel-good TwiDash shipping

Credit for the picture goes to NyuuChanDiannePie on DeviantART

Edited by: Inumaniac & Shumiry

Chapters (3)

A living meteor has fallen, bringing the threat of Equestria's destruction. The Elements of Harmony have broken, following Rainbow Dash's ultimate sacrifice to protect her friends, and they scramble to solve the mystery while the world prepares for war. Moving forward is hard with Rainbow Dash dead.

But peace in the world beyond proves elusive to Rainbow, and she'll never let her friends down when they need her. Not even death will stop her from coming back.

Currently undergoing rewrites, no I don't know when or if I'm going to get to them, stop asking me about it

Editing for remastered version by Formerly Committed and Shellsh0cker.

Chapters (13)

The Equestrian Industrial Revolution is in full swing. Rainbow Dash returns to a drastically changed Ponyville and to Twilight Sparkle, her last friend in the city. She must rekindle the bonds of love and friendship before the winds of change render the Elements of Harmony irrelevant. Even in a world of steel, fire and glass, loyalty is needed more than ever.

Chapters (19)

Twilight wakes up with a serious head-ache caused by her horn spontaneously growing due to a sudden increase in her magical power. Nopony seems to have an answer for it, but it has attracted the attention of an unusually powerful militant foreign nation intent on her capture and execution. When a string of events lands Twilight before Celestia's father himself he tasks her and her newfound magic with tying up some loose ends he'd left behind long ago, ultimately connecting with this foreign nation's goals. With their powerful enemy baring down on Equestria, intent on taking it in a stranglehold, Twilight and her friends have little other choice than to travel the world and hunt for the rest of Celestia's family and end several thousands of years worth of feuding to prevent the war coming to Equestria before they themselves are caught.

Image Picture by Lostzilla of DeviantArt.
(find him yourselves)

Ech is a whiny bitch, but he helped edit a little I guess. (you too bats)

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