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Guardian Angel - The Mysterious N

Twilight has recently had a devastating break-up. Rainbow Dash hates seeing her friend in pain and decides to comfort her, becoming Twilight's guardian angel. Eventually she begins to realize her own feelings.

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Restless Thoughts

Guardian Angel

Chapter Two: Restless Thoughts.

A beam of sunlight slowly crept over a sleeping mare. This mare looked like she had seen better days. Truth is she had been through a lot. The past few nights had been terrible. Sleep rarely came to her, and when it did, it wasn't very fulfilling. Faint trails of tears could be seen on her cheeks.

A pile of crumpled papers lay near a wastebasket. Twilight had been trying to compose a letter to Princess Celestia, to ask her for advice on how to deal with her situation. All those attempts had ended in failure. She just couldn't seem to find the right words to describe her problems.

Oh how she wished that she'd never accepted the Princess' offer to join that study on magical theory. Maybe then this all wouldn't have happened.

Groaning, Twilight pulled herself out of bed, and careful not to wake Spike, she trotted to the bathroom. She stumbled a bit, but quickly straightened herself out.

Stepping into the bathroom, she flipped the shower on with a wave of her horn. The water soon heated to a warm temperature, steam already starting to form. She stepped under the spray, letting the hot water cascade down her body. She simply stood there and contemplated her situation.

Yes it was her first relationship. She was bound to make a mistake or two. It seemed to be going well at first. She had quickly taken a liking to her lab partner, a mare by the name of Dusty Scroll. Dust was a tad older than Twilight, having finished school a year before Twilight. The two had a lot in common. Both of them liked to read, the pursuit of knowledge was their passion in life.

Soon enough, she found herself feeling different around Dust. She seemed to stutter, her heart racing. Sometimes a blush forming on her cheeks, especially when a compliment was passed her way.

Having read a few romance novels during her fillyhood, Twilight realized she may have a crush. She wrote to her friends in Ponyville, getting quick replies from all of her friends. The most surprising one was from Rainbow.

Rainbows response had been encouraging, but with a thoughtfulness that she was not expecting. She knew Dash was a bit older than the rest of her friends, but to Twilight she didn't seem to be a pony that was interested in a relationship. With confidence borne of her friends support, she asked Dust out on a date.

Their first date had gone well, they had gone to see a play. Both of the mares enjoyed it immensely, and quickly planned another one soon.

The second date was followed by another and another. That's when the problems started to manifest.
No relationship was without it's pains.

Twilight had started feeling more and more nervous. Were they moving too fast? Was she moving too slow? What were Dust's feelings on the matter?

The pair was slowly drifting apart.

They found themselves making excuses, something had come up, that night wouldn't work.

Eventually the two had found the time to sit down and discuss "Us".

Things had not gone well. Tempers flared, and the two had left, each one absorbed in their own thoughts.
They had reconvened, hasty apologies were made, but all was not better. Twilight felt like Dust was losing interest in the relationship they had. Dust thought that Twilight was over-thinking the whole thing.

Was she?

For that Twilight still didn't have an answer.

The project they were working on for the Princesses was coming to a close, the final report being drafted.
That's when things reached the breaking point.

With no more requirements, the two mares wondered if it was worth it. To stay together in Canterlot, constantly questioning themselves, or to return to their homes and friends. Neither mare was willing to just simply abandon their friends either.

Friends. A few months ago, Twilight hadn't really cared for making friends.

Now she just couldn't forget her friends. All the adventures, the laughter, the pain, the memories and the lessons she had learned.

She couldn't give that up. Neither could Dust.

Dust left for Germaneigh the next morning. No sorrow, just a simple goodbye and she was gone.

With no more obligations in Canterlot, Twilight made her own way home.

The long ride on the train gave her time to think.

Twilight shook her head, the water had long since gone cold. Turning off the shower, she stepped out, a towel shrouded in a magical field immediately wrapped around her. She finished drying off and made her way to the kitchen.

While her eating habits were always picky, right now she found it hard to do almost anything. She knew she was different from before. When greeted by her friends she had passed off her sadness as just being tired from the trip.

Her friends had soon noticed her distance. Everypony except Dash and Rarity didn't know about her split from Dust. Applejack was suspicious, Twilight was not a pony to get sad easily.

Eventually they worked out what happened. Not even Pinkie's exuberance could bring a smile to Twilight's face for long anymore. While she appreciated her friends efforts to cheer her up, it just wasn't what she wanted.

Truth be told Twilight didn't know herself what she wanted herself.

She needed to vent. The feelings inside kept churning like a sea, sometimes manifesting in extreme sadness, other times in anger and even dark sarcasm.

She just didn't know which friend she was willing to trust with this.

Placing her plate in the sink, she slowly made her way to her study. Passing Spike on the way, she received a meek smile from him. She returned an awkward smile back.

Spike let her have her space, he was more mature than most ponies realized, she was thankful for that.
In her study, a few books lay on her desk, notes scattered around almost no organization present. The old Twilight would have freaked by now. Right now she couldn't care less.

She had tried losing herself in research, but she couldn't keep her focus for long. With a huff of anger, she slammed the old book closed, and put it away on a spare shelf.

She needed a change of scenery. Grabbing her saddlebags, Twilight set off into the town of Ponyville.

Her destination: a valley near the other side of town, recently vacated by a cyan mare.

Author's Note:

Well here's another chapter for your reading pleasure. Hopefully I've portrayed the relationship in a realistic sense. While the relationship IS important to the story, I want the real focus to be on Twilight and how she's reacting to the whole thing. First time love is difficult. Especially for somepony of Twilight's experience.

Next chapter we'll see some more of Dash and some actual interaction between the two.

Thanks for reading, Nuuk.

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