• Published 9th Jan 2013
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Guardian Angel - The Mysterious N

Twilight has recently had a devastating break-up. Rainbow Dash hates seeing her friend in pain and decides to comfort her, becoming Twilight's guardian angel. Eventually she begins to realize her own feelings.

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Confessions and Apologies

Guardian Angel

Chapter Five: Confessions and Apologies

Rainbow Dash held Twilight in a tight embrace, the emotion in the normally cool mare clearly visible. She had heard the last verses of Twilight's song, the emotion in her voice noticeable even in the air as she was making her approach. It shook her to the core.

Twilight needed a friend, and Rainbow Dash was going to be a friend.

Rainbow had originally planned to apologize to Twilight, but that could wait. Right now whatever Twilight had to say, if anything, was important.

Quiet sniffles could be heard from Twilight, who for the moment was quiet. When Twilight's eyes met Rainbow Dash's, the realization that Rainbow was here for her was evident in those cherry orbs.

"Thank you Rainbow, thank you for being here." was all Twilight could currently muster.

A small grin formed on Rainbow's face, it was not an egotistical one, but one of reassurance.

"Take your time, I'm here and I'm here to listen."

Slowly, Twilight pulled herself out of the hug, shivering slightly at the loss of contact. She wanted to blurt out everything, but the rational side of her mind kept her from doing so.

Collecting her thoughts, Twilight sat on her haunches, Rainbow mirroring her.

"I just don't know where to start. I just really don't know. I've made some decisions, some I really regret now." Twilight paused, letting Rainbow absorb the impact of the words spoken. The smile on Rainbows face conveyed all that Twilght wanted. Rainbow was here to listen, and she was willing to wait for Twilight.

"This was my first relationship, my first time feeling something for another pony, and I feel like I bungled the whole thing. It all seemed perfect, we both liked books, shared interests and outlooks. It was like a fairy tale. Except this isn't a book, this is life."

Twilight paused to catch her breath, and continued.

"When problems started to surface, I just didn't know what to do. So I just kept pushing the issue back, focusing more and more on work. We barely talked and when we did, it was all about work. Even in my letters to you girls, my best friends I wasn't willing to share my feelings."

Pulling back a sniffle, she looked to Rainbow expectantly. Understanding the feeling, Rainbow reached over and placed a reassuring hoof on Twilight's shoulder.

"At one point in my life I felt just like you Twi, I just didn't know what to do. Eventually I realized something, we always have difficulty in relationships, it's a part of life that allows us to grow and mature as ponies."

Twilight was startled by this revelation, she knew Rainbow Dash was a bit older, but she really hadn't expected her to have experience with relationships. She saw how shallow of a thought that was now. It shone a new light on Rainbow Dash.

"I felt lost after my first love. While not exactly the same circumstances, some things I experienced are just like your situation Twi. Bottling it up and pushing the issue aside is not the best way to deal with it."

Twilight Sparkle nodded. It was a bit blunt, it hurt, but it was the truth.

Rainbow continued "I began to realize, a loving relationship has to be from both sides. Both ponies, be they a mare and a stallion, or a same gender pair, have to be able to trust their partner."

Internally Twilight released a sigh of relief, while not taboo same gender couples were still a bit of a sore spot for some ponies. She was glad to see it wasn't an issue with Rainbow.

"You're right Rainbow, and I see now that we both didn't share our sides and feelings. Dust was always a bit withdrawn, but was never reluctant to just chat. Once we started dating we shared many a things about us. After our first fight, we withdrew. Any real discussion we had was about work. We both changed, for the better or the worse I'm not sure yet. I just wasn't sure how to say it at the time. I still really don't. But I'm willing to try."

Rainbow nodded, Twilight was beginning to learn just what exactly was important in a relationship. She was no expert, but she was willing to offer what she had learned. Twilight needed to realize that books didn't hold all the answers, exploration and action did.

It was beginning to grow dark, Luna's moon already starting to rise. Rainbow Dash was currently helping Twilight pack up her writing utensils. The blanket quickly followed and Twilight pulled her saddlebags onto her back.

The two mares had talked for hours, Twilight discussed her insecurities and Rainbow listened, offering advice when she could or felt it necessary. She knew she still had a lot to work out, but it felt great to let some of it out.

Soon the two had set out, Rainbow electing to walk with Twilight. Rainbow kept a pensive look on her face.

"I'm sorry."

This shook Twilight out of her reverie. What did Rainbow need to apologize for?

"Earlier I discovered something. I didn't consider what your feelings were. I just wanted things to go back to normal. I see now that I was wrong. I was a tad selfish."

"You have nothing to be sorry for Rainbow, I wasn't as forthcoming as I should have been, but I do forgive you."

Relief coursed through Rainbow, along with another feeling. An almost giddy shudder. Rainbow passed this off as just the cool of the night.

Soon enough the two reached the library, Spike was ecstatic to see Twilight in a better mood. Tea and crackers were served and Rainbow stayed over for a little longer. Soon she saw just how late it was and started to leave.

Thanking Spike and Twilight for their hospitality she trotted to the doorway, Twilight following. Spike had gone to get ready for bed so the two were relatively alone.

Twilight spoke up, joy, actual joy evident in her voice. "I just wanted to thank you again Rainbow. It's really helped sort out some of my inner turmoil. Maybe I might even get a good nights sleep this time around." She finished with a giggle.

There were still issues to work out, but those could wait. Right now Twilight wanted to keep these good feelings as her main focus.

Rainbow Dash gave a silly grin to her friend, ecstatic that she was able to help Twilight face some of her demons. "It was my pleasure Twi, I'm willing to help a friend anytime."

Pausing to yawn, she saw just how busy the day was. There was no time for her daily nap. Between a quick breakfast and searching for Twilight she didn't have much time, but it didn't matter. Stifling the thought, she turned to Twilight and pulled her into another hug.

"I'd also be a really lousy element of loyalty if I didn't help." Her trademark grin was back on her face. Twilight couldn't help but to laugh.

Pulling apart the two mares stepped back. With a powerful flap Rainbow flew up, and hovered a few feet off the ground.

"I also loved your singing, you have a beautiful voice."

Just like that Rainbow Dash was gone, a faint trail shimmered in the pale moonlight.

A blushing Twilight closed the door. Yes today was definitely a better day.

Author's Note:

Hey there. Glad to finally get this chapter out. This was a difficult one to write, especially with my inexperience. I'd like to personally thank one of my readers for being a great help. Now that we've had Twilight admit some of her troubles, we can move on to the recovery phase.

Twilight still has some issues to work out, but Rainbows going to be there for her, along with their friends.

I realized that I do a pretty decent job at writing "sad". It's not my preferred theme, but I realized it was necessary. Definitely happy to be moving on to happier days, though expect some sad moments to still show up.

Looking forward to it. Thanks everypony.

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