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Guardian Angel - The Mysterious N

Twilight has recently had a devastating break-up. Rainbow Dash hates seeing her friend in pain and decides to comfort her, becoming Twilight's guardian angel. Eventually she begins to realize her own feelings.

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Deliberations and Decisions

Guardian Angel

Chapter One: Deliberations and Decisions

Flower of the Season - Bronyfied (Featuring Aviators)

A quiet melody played across a small valley where a cliff was nestled. One lone cloud drifted across the morning sky; the soft strums of a guitar echoed through the valley.

The source of this melody was a mare by the name of Rainbow Dash. A guitar was cradled in her hooves, a small amp resting next to her. Not many ponies played the guitar, even less knew that Rainbow Dash played the instrument.

It wasn't often that Dash played the guitar outside of her home; she only played outdoors when she was troubled, and right now she was very troubled.

Her best friend, Twilight Sparkle, had recently returned to Ponyville after a long trip to Canterlot. While there she had fallen in love with one of her research partners. Dash was happy for her; the bookish mare had never had a relationship before and in Dash's opinion it was one of the best things to experience in life, right behind a sonic rainboom.

If I could only make you smile
Make you happy for a while
But you won't seem to let me

Recently, though, it seemed like Twilight's relationship was spiralling downward, if the tone in her letters spoke anything. It seemed like Twilight and her marefriend were butting heads more often, fighting and speaking only when necessary. Then one day, it all came down to a boil. The two split, and with her work in Canterlot done, Twilight went home to Ponyville.

That was a few days ago.

What happened to your joyful ways
Your smiling face on a sunny day
Is this who you really wanna be?

The Twilight that came home was not the same bubbly, bookish unicorn Dash knew. While Twilight was always a bit quiet, this Twilight was simply distant. A facade was what greeted them at the train station. Short clipped sentences and half answers. Untold sorrow, hidden behind moist eyes.

Dash sighed.

Her hooves moved the strings, the melody continuing to echo as the sun kept to it's daily path.

What happened to the pony I once knew
What's the source of this sadness inside of you

Rainbow just wasn't sure what to do. True she was a bit brash, prone to making bad decisions. She had always hidden some of herself behind boasting and arrogance. She was afraid of what others would think of her then. The amazing Rainbow Dash, a softie?! So she became more "cool", suppressing parts of herself.

That all changed when she met Twilight. With Twilight, she felt like she didn't have to worry about a thing. She could show her softer side, her more subdued personality. Twilight embraced this side of Dash, encouraging her not to hide. It was then Dash realized she was only hurting herself, and began to open up and accept the parts of her personality, subdued for so long.

Thanks to Twilight's help, Dash matured. She still enjoyed playing pranks and sleeping the day away, but she was a lot more thoughtful. She was more considerate for others, especially the weather team. They had to put up with her antics almost daily. Not everyone had her raw flying ability either.

Truth be told, the pony she was now was who she wanted to be, but was too scared to have been before.

You're the flower of the season
Not yet blooming for some reason
Lift your head up from the ground
To the bright light of the sun

Push your way through all the sadness
All the hatred, all the madness
Bloom with beauty once again
There's no reason to run

Rainbow honestly wasn't sure what to do. All of her friends had tried cheering the unicorn up, whether it was a party courtesy of Pinkie, or a trip to the spa from Rarity. Dash herself even created a new trick to try and help cheer up Twilight. It had worked, though only a little.

I wish you could feel hope again
I wish I could be a friend
But I can't seem to get through

This wall you've built around your heart
A barrier tearing you apart
Please, I want to help you

What happened to the pony I once knew
What's the source of this sadness inside of you

Rainbow Dash was a bit older than her group of friends, she had experienced heartbreak before. She knew what Twilight was going through. During her college days, she'd had fallen for a mare. That mare had been one of the best things to happen to Rainbow.

Like most good things, this too had to come to an end. After graduation her marefriend was given a choice: pursue a career in Manehatten away from Rainbow Dash, or stay in Cloudsdale. She chose her career. That was one of the most painful moments of Rainbow's life. She hadn't known where to go. Cloudsdale was too painful, each place bringing unwanted memories to the surface. She drifted from place to place, her guitar her only real possession.

Broken and alone
Falling apart
And so far from home
So far from home

Eventually she settled in Ponyville, and began to recover and come to terms. She hadn't been with anypony since, she just couldn't take another heartbreak. She wasn't going to lie, she was no expert when it came to relationships.

Now Twilight was in her horseshoes.

Dash launched into the solo, her hoof moving along the guitar's neck. Her wing reached over her shoulder, helping press some of the strings.

You're the flower of the season
Not yet blooming for some reason
Lift your head up from the ground
To the bright light of the sun

Push your way through all the sadness
All the hatred, all the madness
Bloom with beauty once again
There's no reason to run

Dash gave a small smile. That solo had always been difficult. Rarely did she manage to correctly hit all the chords.

Slowly the music died down, the song coming to a close.

Dash slipped off the strap, returning the guitar to it's case. The cord followed, and the case was closed with a satisfying snap.

Slinging the case over her shoulder, she wiggled her wings, the case resting between them. It had been difficult to fly at first, but eventually she learned to secure the case so it wouldn't interfere with her flight.

Her amp was cradled in her front hooves. Dash was heading home.

She knew what she had to do.

She was going to help Twilight.

She would be her Guardian Angel.

Author's Note:

So this is obviously my first attempt at writing a story. This is a TwiDash story, I just love the pair, they seem perfect for each other. The song used in this chapter is "Flower of the Season" by Bronified(featuring. Aviators). The emotion, along with an excellent guitar lead just portray a really beautiful meaning.

Some of you may feel like Dash is out of character. I feel like Rainbow in this story is a bit older than her friends, somewhere around the age of 23 or so. She's gone through some life changing events, and has come out a more mature pony than depicted in the show. I personally like this portrayal of Dash.

Until next time, Nuuk.

EDIT: This chapter has been edited and improved. Many thanks go to Red-Dream for looking over this and teaching me some new things.

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