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Princess Twilight has contracted a severe case of Rainbow Dash.

The following is an excerpt from the journal of Sickle Cell of the Night Guard, detailing his experience with the Princess within the confines of her laboratory, which involved complete temporal isolation from the rest of the world.

An entry for The Twilight Files contest organised by Bicyclette.

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It's been many years since Twilight took the throne as Equestria's sole ruler. Running a country is hard, especially now, but she has little choice in the matter. The trip to the wasteland was required though, her friend went not too long ago in order to investigate.

Hopefully she'll reunite with them so they can go back to taking care of Equestria, after all, who else will?

Written for the 3rd Annual Cozy Glow Short Story Contest. And was written in a single evening, with editing done later.

This is a spoiler of sorts, but the prompt used was: Cozy Glow vs Twilight Sparkle.

Cover art by: Artistincproductions, I'd link their DA but it seems to be deactivated.

Special thanks to Perfectly Insane for pre-reading and helping!

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This story is a sequel to Vanilla Twilight

Rainbow Dash has a problem.

She might be in love with Twilight Sparkle and has yet to admit it to anypony, least of all Twilight herself. After the events of Vanilla Twilight, the two have grown much closer together, spending more time together and sharing their interests. Unfortunately for Dash, Twilight hasn't caught on to her feelings yet, and she could be content with just letting things progress as they are...

If only she hadn't sent that blasted letter admitting it.

Now, thanks to a pair of meddling princesses, Rainbow Dash finds herself on a globe-trotting journey with the subject of her affections. On the surface, it might just seem like a simple task for the Princess, but for Rainbow Dash, it might be the very thing that forces her to come clean with her feelings, or forever face her doubts. For her, in the world of life and love, sometimes it's best to take it one dream and disaster at a time.

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This story is a sequel to Dreams and Disasters

Rainbow Dash has a new problem.

It isn’t that her relationship with Twilight Sparkle has diminished in the year that they have been together, even despite Twilight’s new position as an Equestrian Princess. If anything, the past year has brought them closer together than before. As far as Rainbow Dash is concerned, her life is pretty much perfect. That is, until she notices that her colors are fading.

In a panic to discover what is happening to her, she stumbles headfirst into an ancient secret dating back to long before the formation of Equestria, with her family in the middle. With Twilight and her friends, both old and new, at her side, she will once again venture out into the wide world of Equus, not for love, but for answers. About her family, her heritage, and the theft of the oldest artifact known to pony kind: The Celestial Prism.

Takes place canonically shortly after the Season 3 finale and well before the Season 4 Premier

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This story is a sequel to Legends Never Die

Zipp Storm has only ever been truly loyal to herself and what she believes, but now she must decide if loyalty to others is more important than to herself.

Other parallel stories:
Legends Never Die: Over the Moon
Legends Never Die: Kindness Not Wasted
Legends Never Die: More Than Petals
Legends Never Die: Honest Sprouts

WARNING: Contains no relation to My Little Pony: Make Your Mark or My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. This is strictly related to events that happened after My Little Pony: A New Generation.

Chapters (1)

Set in a time when all three pony kinds became friends without magic returning, Pipp is happily engaged to a famous unicorn pop singer named Presto Tetrachord. Ponies all over Equestria come together to watch the royal wedding. But seconds before the ceremony, Pipp, and Zipp find out via social media that Presto is having an affair. In her distress, Pipp sees earth pony, Sherrif Hitch, holding a sign reading "Marry Me" and impulsively decides to marry him. With Hitch on the spot with ponies watching in person or online he goes onstage and marries Pipp.

How will Hitch and Pipp handle their spontaneous marriage? Will they stay married, or will they develop sincere feelings for each other? Could this affect the union between all three pony races? And what happens if any pony learns the royal family has tricked everyone into believing only they can fly?

Based on the 2022 romantic comedy, Marry Me.

The cover is my own artwork: Pitch Flirting by HAKDurbin on DeviantArt

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Following the events of The Last Problem many years later...

Her last friend leaves her...

Twilight Sparkle mourns...

Then she learns that King Sombra still lives with her friends in the stars...

In a world where light and darkness can not exist without each other and the living become one with either the stars or the blackness in the sky upon their passing, one must wonder what happens when Twilight Sparkle's friends pass away from the world and meet King Sombra. As the two begin to question their destinies, they begin to wonder what would happen if their roles were reversed...

The cover art, as you can tell, was done by the wondrous Enigmadoodles/MayhemMoth. MayhemMoth also gave me advice on what to edit for the premiere chapter, so extra kudos to her, check out her work!

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Things have changed.

When Rainbow Dash unexpectedly arrives at the Badlands Hive, her open displays of hostility leave Princess Twilight Sparkle and Queen Chrysalis perplexed. The situation only devolves from there as differences in this Rainbow Dash are discovered, and it soon becomes apparent that two worlds have collided that were never meant to meet.

Twilight and Rainbow, each with scars both physical and mental, have to find common ground before time runs out. If they can’t, then the pegasus may become stranded in this world of changelings forever.

A crossover between the Little Flashes series and the Change series.

Cowritten with Skijarama.
Featured on: 04/11/2019.

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Twilight Sparkle has too much magic, and it will take her decades to learn to control it. Her spectacular loss of control during her entrance exam only proves that fact. She is a danger to herself and others.

After Sunset Shimmer’s disappearance, Princess Celestia needs a new student to bear The Element of Magic to defeat Nightmare Moon. With all of Equestria at stake, Twilight Sparkle…is not the pony she needs.

Princess Celestia seals Twilight Sparkle’s magic with the distant promise of one day teaching her.

But there are two diarchs of Equestria. Amidst a lucid dream, an offer is made.

“Hello, Twilight. Would you like to be my student?”

Cover art provided by Lafiir.

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Everyone has a secret self they don’t show to other people. Not to friends, not to lovers, not even to family. They hide who they are and what they want behind lies and painted smiles. Thus the world maintains its thin veneer of peace.

The problems crop up when someone scratches that veneer while trying to do a 720 front flip on her scooter.

An entry in Bicyclette’s Lofty and Holiday contest. Not actually a crossover with Spy x Family. Kindly preread by EileenSaysHi and Krack-Fic Kai

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