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Princess Cadance, determined to make Hearts and Hooves Day special for her husband Shining Armor, finds herself torn between royal responsibilities and romantic aspirations. In a daring move, she enlists the help of Twilight Sparkle to take on her regal role. As Twilight navigates the intricacies of royal duties her brother decides to surprise his wife, too...

Hearts and Hooves Day writing contest!

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This story is a sequel to Ghosting

After the events of Ghosting, Soarin's family has settled down into a fairly regular routine. Dash has mellowed out, Haze isn't always so combative with his mother anymore, and Prism is still obsessed with his favorite toys: the Roboknight model kits.

A new movie is coming out for the Roboknights franchise, and unfortunately for Soarin, the rest of his family wants to see it.

Contains spoilers for Gundam Seed: Freedom

Set in my 'Bright Future' universe which diverges from canon after season 4.

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This story is a sequel to An Apple Sleep Experiment

It’s been seven years since the great massacre, and ponies are still trying to cope in the aftermath. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, and her friends (minus one obvious apple) are preparing for the annual memorial, when an unexpected castle guest threatens to disrupt the peace in Ponyville forever.

This is the OFFICIAL Sequel to my previous story "An Apple Sleep Experiment", both of which have audio/visual adaptations on Youtube! For the sequel, it will be in four parts, linked here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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After the wedding of Shining Armor and Cadence in Canterlot everyone was having a good time. But I wonder something. What if little Spike had feelings for the loyal Rainbow Dash? Let's see how that turns out.

This was requested by ChazMLPFIM. And credit his friend FireBoltPug for the art that inspired him.


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As she's alright with her normal life, Applejack got a surprise visit from her long lost cousins, The Oranges. But something seemed a little fishy with them and they're interest with her.

And now under they're control, She is now Orangejack, a self absorbed, Snobbish, rich Brat who's a very, VERY Rotten Orange! Can her friends snap her out of it to become they're Sweet loving Applejack, or will she be a Rotten Bratty Orangejack?

Story may include: Brainwashing, Bratification, Snobification.

(Just for record, Chisa Yukizome(Cover Art and from Danganronpa) isn't in this series! It's just funny!)

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Twilight gets a full time job since she is in massive debt, the bank threaten to take her house away, and the Mafia is on her tail, she finds a job on the internet as a cashier in Sugarcube Corner, ran by Pinkie Pie. As the days and nights go by, Twilight notices sinister things happening all the time and notices her co-workers dissapear.

Will Twilight stop who ever is doing these sinister things? Who is behind these sinister things?
Read to find out!

Thanks to God for helping me write this.

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A simple story between Equestria's resident human, and a certain cyan pegasus mare.

I just felt like doing something short, sweet, and simple. :heart:

Art Belong To: iloota

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After no longer being needed as much in the Crystal Empire, Sunburst moved to Ponyville to assist his friend Starlight Glimmer with her work at the School of Friendship. Being the new guy in town, Sunburst understood that he wasn't as familiar with Ponyville or the creatures that live there as most of the locals. Still, a couple of children running around with what is obviously a robot pretending to be a filly is a strange sight no matter where you're from.

However, when he mentioned this robot to Starlight and Rarity, they acted like they had no idea what he was talking about. Surely he wasn't the only pony in town that could tell she's a robot, right?


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Twilight's friends try to matchmake for her to help her handle stress better. They hook her up with Big Macintosh. This won't lead to any problems, will it?

Cover pic by kwark85.

Featured on 7/10/2023! Thank you so much!

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This story is a sequel to Forgiven

Loosely Based on The Fall of Sunset Shimmer

How did Equestria fall? Why did Twilight create the Unity Crystals? Why did the three pony tribes split in the first place after so many years of harmony? It all ties back to that one fatal mistake, the great oversight…the folly of the Princess of Friendship…the fall of her apprentice…the fall of Opaline. Luster Dawn has moved to Ponyville with a new group of friends, leaving Princess Twilight Sparkle alone to rule in her solace. The Council of Friendship have disbanded due the remaining Mane Six having all died in a tragic accident. Closing herself off from the realm she rules, Twilight feels like she no longer has a purpose in life without her friends.

On the fourteenth Festival of the Two Sisters, Twilight is persuaded to take on an apprentice once again and chooses to take on an idealistic, but lonely unicorn mare named Opaline Arcana, who idolizes her. Seeing the opportunity to right what she considers to be her greatest mistake, Twilight takes Opaline under her wing and trains her in the ways of friendship and magic.

However, when a devastating betrayal begins to lead Opaline down a tragic path to darkness, Twilight must make the ultimate sacrifice to save Equestria….

A/N: Part 4 of the Misty Saga. Rated T for frequent uses of strong language, scary sequences, death, gore, and strong violence. This story takes place BEFORE the second chapter of “Can I Go, Mom?”.

Sequel: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/537325/purpose

Edit: Featured on FIMFiction’s List of Stories On The Homepage: June 3, 2023

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