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Tips for Writing History with the theme "Dead dove, do not eat." · 12:58am May 23rd

Hello, Well it sounds weird, but I want to write a story, type "DAAE", and I would really appreciate your advice.

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I need an Editor · 5:48am May 18th

Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on when you see this post, but I need an Editor to help me review my stories, I'm having trying to continue a Primus story, however my mother tongue is Latin Spanish , And my constant flaws in the English grammar are very visible, If you can help with this, please send me a message to give you more details, And to clarify they are Stories +18, so if you have no problem with this we can

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In search of this story "A Gleaming Transformation" · 6:27am April 22nd

Hello, many may not have realized it, but someone has the link to this story clopfic? It was a Shining armor R63 (Gleaming Shield) where he catches a thief Who sets a trap for her and they transform her into a Bimbo, in the end she ends up with a broken mind, someone who has the link of the author or the related work?


"A Wrong Place" · 6:55am March 12th

These days I have been reading many NSFW stories, because in a few days they will have chapter 1 and it will be the first story that NSFW does, lately I really like the writing of the great "Nohen", "Kupla", "DarkGal",

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