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β€œFluttershy, you stand accused of 31 counts of animal cruelty, 17 counts of animal neglect, and 16 counts of pony endangerment. How do you plead?”

A comedy story I found buried in my Google Drive. Some editing done. Yes, I do recall writing it.
Created: Apr 2, 2020.
Set after Season 5, Episode 18, "She Talks To Angel."

Cover Art: The mugshot by CandyMeow333
Featured June 13-14, 2024.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow's home is a luxurious, big house seemingly separate from any particular town. Twilight finds out why as Rainbow explains what a Cloud Redoubt is and how you win one...in ritual combat. Despite getting her curiosity satisfied, Twilight almost wishes she hadn't.

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When Twilight Sparkles' latest magical test goes wrong, the main six find themselves back at the point where it all began.

Join the mini main 6 as they attempt to live their lives for the second time and work out why things seem so different. Oh, theirs just one problem, they’re all alicorns now, or kinda alicorns.

First off, I'm a huge fan of the MLP Time Loop and Infinite loops, this is my idea of a time travel story.

As for the time event and title, my first thought was Superman flying around the world so fast he turned back time, I threw in 2013's Flash Point Paradox for good measure (no I haven't seen the new movie)

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Rainbow Dash finds... something on her early morning flight over the Everfree Forest. She's not exactly sure what this something is, but she sure will make sure to not only keep him safe, but also away from anypony! She doesn't need the whole town freaking out about him!

After all, who would believe her story that a deformed ghost was wanting to burn down the whole Everfree Forest as retribution?

Chapters (2)

In this story Rainbow Dash learns what it truly means to suffer, when her life turns to the worst. She learns that sometimes you need to move on and let go in life. And that you can't force any pony to change. Rainbow Dash finally turns herself around when a certain newborn colt, Cloud Chaser, enters her life. She is determined to give him the life and family he deserves. The one she wishes so much she could have back! In this story Rainbow Dash learns what it means to be a mother like figure and to support a family, even through the ups and downs. Rainbow Dash learns what it means to make lifelong friends, and maybe even meet some pony who may even end up to be a little something more!

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After evil King Sombra conquers the Crystal Empire, why is Flurry Heart the only pony in her family who thinks something is wrong?

A contest entry for: The Shining Armor Is A Bad Dad And Also A Himbo And Flurry Heart Is A Goth Or You Will Be Penalized And This Is Definitely Not Somebody's Weird Fetish List Contest

briefly featured for part of 2-24-24, somehow

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This story is a sequel to Ghosting

After the events of Ghosting, Soarin's family has settled down into a fairly regular routine. Dash has mellowed out, Haze isn't always so combative with his mother anymore, and Prism is still obsessed with his favorite toys: the Roboknight model kits.

A new movie is coming out for the Roboknights franchise, and unfortunately for Soarin, the rest of his family wants to see it.

Contains spoilers for Gundam Seed: Freedom

Set in my 'Bright Future' universe which diverges from canon after season 4.

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Equestria had fallen into a famine. The crops had failed, the rivers and lakes had dried up, and there were no other food sources. The country was on the brink of starvation, with ponies dying every day.

It appeared hopeless. There was nothing that could be done to save them. But then, Twilight came across an ancient, dark magic spell, a spell that could end the famine once and for all.

And although the spell took away their will to eat, i did not take away their need too...

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