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Twilight's life has just fallen apart. With basically nothing left, she's forced to move out to Ponyville just to be able to afford rent. It's there that she makes a powerful, but dangerous friend named Rarity.

Rarity is one of those sorts, who lives for indulgence and breaks rules simply for the sake of breaking them, rumors even go as far as to claim she's a vampire. Twilight had always avoided such delinquents, living her life by all the rules up until now. And yet Rarity is different. The things she says makes sense, and the forbidden pleasures she offers Twilight are beautiful.

And slowly Twilight begins to wonder whether Rarity is offering her corruption or enlightenment. She wonders how far she'll let Rarity pull her along. Hopefully not enough to become a vampire.

Popular 5-20-18

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This story is to help me write better.

[This story takes place in The Magic is Friendship, parts one and two]

Though Nightmare Moon is defeated, Twilight is not set free from her wrath unchanged.


Sex tag for some sexual themes for a few scenes throughout the story.

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This story is a sequel to We're Sisters!!!!

After the return of Princess Starry Night, Celestia and Luna couldn't be anymore thrilled.

The whole royal family is happy. Twilight and her friends finally get their stay in Canterlot for a week, plus Rainbow Dash's coronation is coming soon. But there is still one problem; can Twilight and Rainbow learn the ways of true heirs of the throne?

Meanwhile, Starry Night has to learn the ways of modern Equestria with the help of her nieces.

Additional Tags: Rarity, Other, OC

It is requested that you read the prequel first, or you might WILL be confused.

Made popular 1-13-18 YAY.

Rated teen just to be safe for later on.

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Her attempt at a Sonic Rainboom. Failure. Crashes in the Everfree and lands next to the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Well just fly out, you may say. But guess what; her wing is torn.

Dash loses consciousness under the impact, but lastly sees a predator of the night. Guess what, it had fangs. Dash is a goner.

She wakes up though. However, she was not set free unchanged. And her hostage pony is still with her.

* * *

A bloody gore story. You can guess the rest.

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