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King Sombra returns to Equestria and haunts Twilight Sparkle. Will she fall to the king? Or will she defeat him yet again?

If she falls, who is to blame?

Old foes come back and her friends face their own nightmares. All caused by a certain king and his newly found wife.

Must. Resist!

Join me and my husband. We shall rule the night!

You WILL fall to us, dear Twily. You will join us.

The life Twilight has led is a complete lie. At least that's what she falls to believe, but maybe it's true?

She may have a sister, only time will tell. It'll only tell if she'll give in and corrupt the certain unicorn with a purple mane.


Cover art by Pinkie_Pie_ (me)

-Images used-
Corrupted Twilight Sparkle
Shadowbolts Rainbow Dash
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Nightmare Rarity
Evil Fluttershy
Nightmare Applejack
King Sombra

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In an attempt to raise bits for charity, Princess Twilight begins to offer cuddles to ponies for ten bits each. However, the first pony to request cuddles was unexpected.

We need a cuddle tag! We can't tag this story with really anything, help!

Popular 2-17-18 Thanks, guys!

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia learns that her name is an expression ponies use everyday.

She handles it rather well.

I don't even know anymore.

Popular February 27 2018 WHOA

Now with a Russian version by Hemp Master! You can find it here.

Chapters (2)

In order to get more familiar with human world's customs, Twilight decides to visit once more. In an attempt to practice magic while in the that world, she casts a special spell while entering the portal, which keeps her magic inside her body.

She arrives during the Canterlot Halloween Party, where Sunset Shimmer reveals that they're hosting a contest for the "Best Vampire Costume". She decides to enter with her friends... however when the sun goes down she finds out that casting the spell while going through the portal has a nasty side-effect: more Equestrian magic has started seeping through it and has started turning everyone in the school into their costumed characters!

Twilight and the humane six must now track down anyone affected by the spell before they escape and wreak havoc upon the city… While trying to find a way to reverse the spell, and also fighting off their own thirst for blood...

* * *

Story requested by Alphamon_Ouryuken. I'm so sorry it took so long, dude!

Chapters (1)

What If Twilight was a pegasus?

What if Celestia was mortal?


... I'm not even gonna ask about that one.

Made Popular 1-20-18

Chapters (23)

On one lonely and dull night, Princess Luna finds comfort in the last pony she'd expect to see her.

Her night gets completely turned around.

Story inspired by cover art, which is by MagnaLuna. Check her out, she has a lot of good art.

Made popular 1-28-18 Thanks!

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Every parent knows that one day their filly or colt will wonder where they came from. And then their filly asks it.

Madness ensues.

Filly Twilight Sparkle Art by Elemectric

Popular - 1-7-18 Yay!

Chapters (1)

Ever since Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash met, they always seem to have been the closest. But when they are called to the Canterlot Castle, they wonder what it could be for. As they come back to Ponyville, their friends and their selves decide to temporarily move in to the Canterlot Castle. Alas, before they can even leave, the pair are called back again.

The two are sent to the Crystal Empire, along with Princess Celestia and Luna, to defeat a certain crazed alicorn.

Starry Night.

Seems nice, huh? Guess what, it's not. Forget that old name, and grace her new one.

Starlight Flames, soon to be queen of Equestria. And her sisters and nieces? Ha! No chance.

After a crazy adventure they find themselves in, their lives will never be the same again.

This is my first fic!!!! So please like, comment, and follow!!!!

Chapters (13)

Princess Trixie is the princess of Equestria. She has every single thing served on a golden platter. Who's to think life wasn't always like this if you were her?

Until one day did her majesty discover what life really is, for that day was the day that Lady Sparkle finally managed to have the princess take a stroll outside of the palace walls.

For what she discovers, is that life underneath all of her pampering isn't always the best. Some have it better than others, Princess Trixie herself one that have better lives.

Like this one peasant, who stands out from the others. She's strong, unique, and if Princess Trixie couldn't help herself, maybe even beautiful.

First story set in the Trixie universe in which Luna rules Equestria and Trixie is her daughter, with Sunburst as her son and Twilight is her friend/bodyguard with Starlight as the love of Trixie's life.

Chapters (1)