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Even though she may help ponies in their dreams and their nightmares, doesn't mean she doesn't have nightmares herself. Luna actually has nightmares constantly that she may be abandoned by her sister sooner or later. Luna confesses these fears to the only pony who will listen, her sister's faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

Art by Ellen124

For Luna is Best Pone Contest
Subject: Even Luna (The Princess of the Night) has Nightmares

Chapters (14)

After countless efforts, Celestia and Luna have been pushed into a deal from a foreign leader. Trial by combat, each leader chooses a champion to fight to the death. Should Celestia and Luna win the land across the sea will cease their invasion attempts, should they win half of Equestria will be theirs.

This story was inspired and created for the "The Luna (is BEST pone) Contest.". The prompt I used was Luna, the combatant.

Cover art belong to NivRozs.

Chapters (1)

Luna had been banished, the Nightmare has left her, and she is left to suffer for a millennia for her crimes.

Cover art credit goes to the rightful artist.

Chapters (1)