The Trixie AU 1 stories
  • The Trixie AU 1 stories In which Trixie is the princess and Luna is queen. Starlight is her love of her life and Twilight is her friend/bodyguard.
    Created by PixelMoon
    - December, 2017
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Princess Trixie is the princess of Equestria. She has every single thing served on a golden platter. Who's to think life wasn't always like this if you were her?

Until one day did her majesty discover what life really is, for that day was the day that Lady Sparkle finally managed to have the princess take a stroll outside of the palace walls.

For what she discovers, is that life underneath all of her pampering isn't always the best. Some have it better than others, Princess Trixie herself one that have better lives.

Like this one peasant, who stands out from the others. She's strong, unique, and if Princess Trixie couldn't help herself, maybe even beautiful.

First story set in the Trixie universe in which Luna rules Equestria and Trixie is her daughter, with Sunburst as her son and Twilight is her friend/bodyguard with Starlight as the love of Trixie's life.

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