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A quick personal update · 2:42pm Jun 4th, 2020

Black lives matter.

All lives will not matter until black lives matter.

I oppose racism.

I oppose sexism.

I oppose homophobia.

I oppose transphobia.

I especially oppose TERFs.

I oppose classism.

I oppose ablism.

And I oppose fascism.

If you support any of these ideologies, get the fuck out. You will not be missed.

Don't complain because I'm posting about politics. People are not politics.

Don't try and argue with me. Question why people are upset with you instead.

Don't try and comb through my body of work looking for edgy jokes I made ten years ago to try and discredit my words. I suffered through my own phase of being a fucking edgy 'moderate' douchebag creep who enjoyed offending people. Then this stupid cartoon we all supposedly like helped me get better. People change, you moron, so why haven't you?

Toleration of intolerance leads to nothing but intolerance.

Also, I deleted the three chapters of audio I recorded for It's a Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door (twice!) and then didn't touch since like 2015. lol

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Can't upvote a blog so πŸ’―

Minor quibble: "classism" is a BS cultural-studies term that only goes so far as describing snobbery. Class oppression today is capitalism.

Slightly less minor quibble: how can people not be politics if the personal is political?

Otherwise, carry on.

Black lives matter, crush fascism, and go Pride Month :heart:

Also, I deleted the three chapters of audio I recorded for It's a Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door (twice!) and then didn't touch since like 2015. lol

Shoutout to the douchbag posters cheering him on and giving advice for the next time he tries to murder protesters, delete your accounts and fuck off you mouth-breathing fucks.

I don't know what to say, hope you feel better.

Man, I try to use this site to escape politics...

I support this, mind you. I'm just sad it's come to this much of a head.

Giant Meteor 2020: Hit The Fucking Reset Button


I oppose those things as well, but this mindset won't help people who have been brainwashed (either by poor parentage or media) to see the truth. If you tell them to fuck off they will instead try to find a group where the values are the same and their voice will be even bigger. Dialogue is the only thing that will lead to change. Don't lower yourself to their level of communication. Hate breeds hate. Instead (if you know someome with the above beliefs) try to show them the way to a better future. Enlighten them about how lives are not measured by the color of the skin, how different cultures can bring the best out of each others, how sexual orientation does not define a personality. If they still refuse, you can at least rest assured that you've already done more than they did.

Also I have no idea what TERF is so I will go look it up.

Yeah...black lives matter.

Chris #12 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 1 ·

But PP, didn't you know that people who don't like Nazis are the real Nazis? Saying you care about some people is just a fancy way of saying you don't care about anyone who you didn't specifically mention! Why, how dare you be opposed to...

[checks notes]

... um, how dare you be opposed to literally murdering people and, er, denying whole categories of people basic human rights?

[double-checks notes]

[checks notes one more time just to be sure]


"You took an oath to uphold the law and defend the citizens without fear or favour," said Vimes. "And to protect the innocent. Maybe they thought those were the important things... you're an officer of the law, not a soldier of the government."

―Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

DrakeyC #14 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Take notes, everyone. What we have here is called "whataboutism", the practice of responding to accusations of one's own perceived wrongdoings, or the perceived wrongdoings of someone or something they support, by accusing the other side of something. It's an effort to deflect criticism and derail discussion by shifting the topic and putting the other person on the defensive. It can be very effective in a heated argument to trick the other person in losing focus, but it doesn't work at all when examined rationally.

The reason is simple and obvious - the faults and wrongdoings of someone else do not excuse your own faults and wrongdoings. You would not be permitted to steal a candy bar from a convenience store with the justification "hey, everyone steals", and if you were caught and put on trial, pointing out that the cashier at the store steals from the register would not be an effective defense to get your own charges dismissed. The point of whataboutism, intentional or not, is to argue that that everyone is flawed, everyone has made mistakes, so we have no right to point fingers at each other or try to hold one another accountable because we are all culpable of something. Of course, that's not how the world actually works.

The best way to deal with whataboutism is to ignore it and stay on topic, and continue to needle the other party on the point you made that made them attempt such a tactic until they can provide a proper argument or defense that does not abstract down to "no you."

You're the best tense and always have been. :twilightsmile:

R5h #16 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 2 ·

Fuck yeah, Present! Thanks for taking a stand.

Thank you! Black live matter!

Big thumbs up from me, Present. πŸ‘

Huh. A couple of those things I didn't even know were things. Had to look them up.

KMCA #20 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 3 ·

Since you posted this pretty much right after I went full on rant about dealing with protesters I'm going to share something.

Also time for someone with ACTUAL experience dealing with protesters to weigh in here.
You don't stop protesters with force. It DOES NOT WORK!
That's a fact I can back up first hand, second hand, with a fence and probably a few other ways.
You know how I get rid of protesters? I talk and listen.
I come in once things are simmering and I talk to people across from me. I explain the why and how to get their message across without violence, I sympathize or commiserate and LISTEN.
FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM! Because 90% of the time that will calm things right the hell down, you let them yell it out in your face if you have to and don't say a god damn word. You give them as much attention as you can spare while still watching the crowd.
Worst case they yell themselves into exhaustion. When dealing with people in "crisis" you see ebbs and peaks, protesters are often in a state of crisis and if you don't handle it right you push them further into it and create problems and those problems will spread throughout the crowd.
That's why you see riot cops swallow an individual from time to time. They're removing a person who's creating and prolonging a crisis at the cost of creating a (hopefully) momentary peak.
what you don't do is make a show of force. If you do it either needs to be immediate and overwhelming which pushes the crisis higher and can push it into violence or you do it gradually and QUIETLY where those provoking situations realize that suddenly the 5 guys that were there have become 25 or more in the immediate area.
Now, to be fair I'm experienced in this from a location security viewpoint and when an actual riot breaks out my "training" says GTFO. But I've worked security at multiple events dealing with protesters and 2 3 ok, 4 with full on riots.

Maybe 5 although I personally aren't sure if I can call the one a riot... Aggressive protest, maybe? They forced their way into a facility with multiple world leaders and VIP's but other than walking around yelling and waving signs I'm not sure I can call it a riot. No property damage, no physical injuries, no pushing into more restricted areas.

FYI: I'm SECURITY. Not police but security and I know how to deal with protesters better than supposedly fully trained cops? There's a problem... and it's not me.

I don't pretend to understand what cartilage has to snap in someone's head for them to get to the stage where "God wants me to go out and stab people" sounds like a sensible and measured response to any situation - but the people voluntarily cheering on such behaviour or attitudes (on a website dedicated solely to My Little Pony fanfiction, no less) are clearly complete dipshits. And I proudly stand with PP and everyone else in this thread who not only shrugs off but actively seeks the disapproval of dipshits.

Aquaman #22 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 3 ·

Don't try and comb through my body of work looking for edgy jokes I made ten years ago to try and discredit my words. I suffered through my own phase of being a fucking edgy 'moderate' douchebag creep who enjoyed offending people. Then this stupid cartoon we all supposedly like helped me get better. People change, you moron, so why haven't you?

Say it louder for the people in the back!

(It's me. 2008 me is "people in the back.")

I get where you're coming from because I used to be there. Let me explain why I'm not there anymore.

1. Quick, name the last time your personal dialogue changed a mind in a big way. Even one. The answer is zero for the vast majority of people. Human beings are wired to dig into what they already believe, and soft explanation just doesn't work on any reasonable scale. It never has. If they're "brainwashed by poor parentage and the media", you can discuss calmly and throw sources until the cows come home and they'll just dig in. Evidence for this abounds - Lost Causers, anti-vaxers, etc. Pleasant discussion is insufficient and

2. Counter-productive. I remember reading an article noting that colleges haven't become more liberal, the American Right has become so far flung from reality that it just can't exist in an environment that promotes learning and understanding. To debate someone who protests infection control measures with an AR-15 then endorses police-state measures against others does nothing but share the mic with someone who will only use it to endorse such drivel. Perhaps you can make him look like an idiot, but such is not likely to convince him or others.

3. I'm fucking tired. Debating intelligently with an idiot requires time, discussion, and sources that they will ignore. And like, I'm just a salty healthcare worker. Asking black people to calmly explain to AR-15 wielding psychos why they deserve to be treated with basic human dignity is an insulting absurdity.

If you tell them to fuck off they will instead try to find a group where the values are the same and their voice will be even bigger.

I am afraid this is wrong. A fascist who speaks to a small gathering of fascists is a pathetic loser. A fascist who speaks to a nation is Adolf Hitler.

Honestly, despite all above, I don't want you to give up hope for the idea. There are former KKK members who now speak against the group and desperately try to show members a better way. But that's on you. Contemptuously ostracizing authoritarian shitbags lets them know such ideas are unwelcome in decent company, and that I think that is overall the best course of action.


In principle, yes, dialogue with racists can help. You are welcome to do this. But no one is obligated to give racists/sexists/assholes of any kind the time of day. No one is obligated to try to reform these people, and you are not a failure or "breeding hate" by cutting them out of your life.

There's nothing wrong with saying "I don't want to deal with this crap" and then not doing it.

Question: What is TERF?

Don't try and comb through my body of work looking for edgy jokes I made ten years ago to try and discredit my words. I suffered through my own phase of being a fucking edgy 'moderate' douchebag creep who enjoyed offending people. Then this stupid cartoon we all supposedly like helped me get better. People change, you moron, so why haven't you?

I want to change and I'm changing, it's a slow progress, I wish it would be faster. Maybe I can make it go faster. Who knows.

I agree with this blog to the very spacing in between words. Thanks for sharing!

Alright, then. You have an opinion. I am now aware that you have an opinion. I hope you are enjoying the fact that you have an opinion. I have received my lesson of the day: PresentPerfect has an opinion.

Seer #27 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · ·

It means a lot you're posting this mate.
Not got much to add you haven't said better, just wanna say thanks.
Love and solidarity from the UK.
Always and forever, black lives matter.

I don't see any chains holding you down, buddy.

I was quite pleased to see this, PP. This is a good blog. Thanks for taking a clear stand.

To bring something new to the table, since I've already shared my hatred for fascism in other blogs: I appreciate the specificity about TERFS in this, PP. Fuck them big time. So here's a good article on why they're so prevalent in British media in particular, since I'm seeing a lot of people in the comments expressing confusion over what TERFs and SWERFs are, and J K Rowling is probably the most high-profile TERF most people know about.

I cannot believe that 'I hate Nazis' or 'I oppose fascism' is a controversial opinion at this point and yet here we are.

Hear you loud and clear. I'm glad more and more are speaking out against this fascist tide.

Fight on. You're not alone.

Comment posted by Machine deleted Jun 5th, 2020

Well said.


"Trans-exclusionary radical feminist."

Smarter folk might describe this better, but more or less "You don't have a vagina so you're not a real woman" to trans people, with all accompanying denial of rights, appropriate bathrooms, etc. that entails. Often a self-described feminist who is all about female empowerment and is against those icky, icky "men pretending to be women."

Ah, thanks for the information.

What a screwed up world we have. People are people so why can't everyone just acknowledge that?!

Also, not usually particularly radical, or necessarily a comscious adherent to the radical tradition of second wave feminism.

iisaw #36 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 2 ·


You said it better than I ever could have.

Ah, the "Look over there instead" defense, classic.

Oh...thank you ! I was hoping someone would get the bait.

Well...you have a pretty long wall of text right there. But my intention was only to point the hipocrisy of saving lives through killing the aformentioned lives. Or the hipocrisy of rioting due to the murder of one black man...but not the other.

But, please, by all means...you are all doing a great job changing the world. Keep going !

Comment posted by Dreadknight garen deleted Jun 4th, 2020
Comment posted by Dreadknight garen deleted Jun 4th, 2020

Ok... thanks for sharing your opinions that the majority of people also share

Georg #42 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 4 ·

5275886 Preach it. I never want to get into a situation where idiots are trying to discredit me by going all the way back to my high school yearbook. Lets just say everybody was an idiot when they were a teenager and go from there, please.
5275932 I'd take issue with 'divided' in this regard. 99.99% of people want police not to abuse suspects, treat everybody without racist intent, and so on. Then you have the small fraction of twits who think its absolutely fine to burn and loot buildings, and throw rocks at cops, all in the name of a 'cause.'

Author Interviewer

I've been an absolute wreck since I posted this, but thank you everyone who's responded. I'm sorry I doubted you.

To those of you are well-meaning but upset, I apologize, I understand, but this is the one place where I have a voice that matters. I've been silent for too many years because conflict causes me literal physical pain, so if I have a platform, I want to use it. If you'd like to help out quietly, this has a list of resources that could use donations.

Things would be a lot better if we could just fix our broken society so those of us who have the privilege and feel the need to didn't have to hide from this every few years.

As much as I said that people can change, the desire to change has to come from within, and most people don't have it. You can't make people change, and if they can't read the room and think, hmm, maybe I'm on the wrong side here, then they can leave until they get their act together.

It amazes me that things like this have to be said on a My Little Pony website of all places. But they do, and Cynewulf's post reminded me of that.

The hardest part about realizing you have a problem like being a horrible shitbag and trying to change is a lot of people will demand you change faster, and they will make you feel like crap. It's important to continue trying your best and tuning out the angry voices for the ones who will support you. Because the angry ones aren't bad, they're just angry and looking for someone to take it out on. It took me a long time to figure that out.

Hah, and now you've pulled out a term I had to look up. Good article, thank you for sharing.

I had to read this like 3 times before my brain registered that we are indeed on the same page. The world has definately gone to crap, people rioting in the streets. I get it, they are angry, resorting to basic human nature to cause more conflict in response to conflict. I feel that this is not the way we need to go. Protesting is one thing, burning down peoples livelihoods and disrupting the already struggling lives of others is another.

I support all lives as equal, no one man, woman, child, or anything in between, is more important than the next. The sooner the world figures that out the better.

Love and tolerate

Love it. Simple and to the point my dude. Keep being awesome. πŸ‘

I agree that it should not be mandatory on a personal level and everyone has the right to cut these people off, but in the long term that will not solve the problem. Racist parents will raise racists kids. Just because they are shunned by the majority of the populace, they won't change their views (as you suggested it is easier for them to think they are the ones who are right and society is at a fault, so instead of wondering how to change they will blame the world). However if we try to reach them while their minds are still open to change (eg. kids and young adults), then turning then away from those views might be possible.

I also agree that simple "dialogue" is not enough, I was referring to that more as a metaphor. I have a gay cousin who managed to change the views of a lot of people I know. It was as simple as grabbing a few beers together to get to know each other (without them knowing his orientation), then coming out one day and telling them about the atrocities he faces on a daily basis. None of those guys who heard these things have ever returned to gay-slandering - some of them even joined us when we went out to support our friend at the last Pride ceremony.

I highly recommend the movie Jojo Rabbit to everyone - it also displays how a racist worldview can come crushing down as soon as you form an emotional bond with the human you were agitated against. However, it needs a step to be taken from both sides - the racist to listen to you for a moment, and you to be willing to explain. 90% of the time they won't be willing to listen (and we can safely brand them a lost cause), bit the remaining 10% is worth trying for. Thats how we will reduce the number of bad people in society generation by generation, not by alienating them. The above blog will not introduce any changes - we who agree with him of course will have our beliefs strengthened but racist people will not sit down to think about their lives and how to change their ways (mostly because they will never even admit they are racists themselves).

Of course I applaud PP for taking a stand and can understand the frustration I also felt a lot of times recently regarding the current happenings in the world. And I will never fault him for blocking these people as it is his full right - at the same time I will try to fight for a world where his statements will be clear axioms for everyone and repeating them won't be necessary πŸ™‚

You are correct and I apologise if what I was trying to express came down as if it is a moral duty for everyone to try and reach out to them. It is not. Should ideally be done on a society/government level (outreach programs, better education, better example celebrities to be inspired of etc.). At the same time I think the more of us try to combat this crisis without cutting off paths to dialogue, the better results we will have in the long run.

Aroddo #49 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 3 ·

Good post!
I always wondered how racists and other low-lifes could join the mlp fandom without realizing what sad fucks they are.

Regidar #50 · Jun 4th, 2020 · · 3 ·


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