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Salty Milk

the only milk carton on the site

i have a couple of libraries titled different things, so if you're curious in what each means you can read more below.

'you have my attention'.
obvious reading list is obvious. if i personally enjoy the story, i'll add it to one or more of the following lists.

'Gold star!'
my paticipation award for interesting stories. if it's alright, you get this.

'2nd upvote list'
these stories are pretty classy. they might have an intriguing OC or a creative plot element. maybe i just find it funny.

these are like, the best. i have honest excitement whenever i see new updates from these stories. alternatively, i fondly remember reading completed works. check these out if you want, i certainly recommend.

might add more lists one day. that is, if i could be bothered of course.

These works have literally Ascended to another plane of existance- i.e. you've gone and given me a migrane from how stupidly good these works are (then again, it could always be sleep deprivation catching up on me).

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Thank you for adding War Mages and False Prophets to your collection :twilightsmile:

honestly it was a mix of both a long way from home and that i noticed the current follower count and thought 'why not?'.

thanks for some great stories.

Thanks so much for being my 400th follower! Thank you for helping me reach this milestone! What story in particular prompted this follow? :yay:

Thanks bud. I try to make it suck as little as possible.

no problemo! love reading really long stories, and it just to happens that yours in particular is a very smooth and fucking terrific read.

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