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>>sees picture

I'd love to hear the thoughts of the mod who approved a fic about train-rape.
"Well the 1295-word story is all about Thomas the Tank Engine coming to Equestria and physically assaulting, sexually-violating, and ultimately killing a few ponies... but it doesn't break any rules, so it gets approved!"

Regardless, this was... strange.

I now have something unique to describe you with.
"Lunarx? The guy who wrote that rape train story? No, the one with LITERAL TRAIN RAPE."
Premise alone is hilarious. People getting butthurt over something obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

Is there a word for people who are sexually attracted to trains? Locomotophile?
:rainbowhuh: I'm gonna ask him right now.
Lel. People talking about me to another person. I feel appreciated.

Holy cupcakes raining from the sky.

My boner is infinite.

2447057 no idea.

Just for the record: I had a boner when I got the notification for the story, so meh.

well done sir i read this for a dare and now I'm gonna go use my entire stockpile of brain bleach.
nice story though.

Ok vinyl really a train fetish, but the rest was funny.

No need to discriminate on ponies with train fetishes.

2451143 I did not just saying.

when i saw the description i just had to read it.
and it was worth it.


Thunderhead (AWACS): Wardog-2, you are cleared hot.

Metro: Will do! Guns guns guns on the tank engine.

No one kills my ponies.

Why do I have a boner? That's not healthy.

Seriously though wtf was going through your head as you wrote that?

2447057 Oh gawd please accept another dare. We'll be waiting O_O

"Why are there no Thomas the tank engine clops?" The rest kinda came natural. :rainbowlaugh:

If you are reading this... I don't... I don't even... just why? WHY are you reading this?

If you didn't want us reading this obvious trollfic then why did you post it? then again this is a trollfic its made purely to piss everyone off. like the guy who made Its a Fun Day he said he was drunk when writing it. So i guess you were high on acid when you wrote this?:rainbowlaugh:

I was overdosed on friendship.

Damn! well there are people who say they get high on life so why not?:rainbowlaugh:

I haven't even read the story yet and i'm already laughing in tears.

This is gonna be one of the bloopers for season 4. :twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops:

Bloopers? This is gonna be one of the episodes in season 4!

2463776 Funny how right after i finished reading that comment, the little interactive rainbow dash came out of nowhere saying, "Awesome!".

2463776 Jesus Christ, i just realized how awkward the letter to Celestia will be,

Dear Princess Celestia,
Today, a fucking train came in and raped the living shit out of Rarity. After that, he ripped Diamond Tiara a new one. Then after that, i went over to Sugar Cube Corner just to find Vinyl Scratch bleeding to death with a her face full of drool and oil. This wouldn't have happened if we all just rode bikes to work. Just sayin'.
Your faithful retard, Twilight Sparkle

diamond tiara is dead :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Err.... Please don't slap me.

This story can only be properly enjoyed when this is played in the background

Da fuq did i just read....

Is it bad I find this hilarious?

Next time my mind says, "DON'T READ IT!" I'm gonna listen. :pinkiesick:

I saw the title, I saw the picture and I though "no! :pinkiesick: " but then I read it :raritydespair:

Well..that was grim...

soooo, that was.......... interesting? no..... strange? not quite..........
I, like many others are now traumatized for life. :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by mca0004 deleted Feb 23rd, 2014

I have four thing to say to you

1. Oww right in the childhood

2. Well there goes my trust in humanity




*Burns Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway collectibles*

is this really he children train ? I don´t go further then the thing with Rarity bye that´s even to weird for me.

MY CHILDHOOD!!!! so much better when you play the theme song with B smalls rapping in the background.

Welp! There goes my childhood down the drain! please don't slap me because i definitely did not get a boner from this and definitely did not fap to this. Definitely. :trollestia:

I laughed so hard pee'd a little

I regret reading this @_@

The worst thing is, someone had to write this, using conscious effort and valuable time.

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